Sheikh Nasrulla signs with MDP

The Secretary General of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Ahmed Shah has confirmed that Sheikh Nasrulla Mustafa has signed to join the party.

Shah said Sheikh Nasrulla was “a well educated and very capable person”, and that his decision to sign with MDP was a major progression for the party.

”He signed the application form last week and it has now been sent to Elections Commission (EC) for approval,” Shah said. ”Then he will officially be a member of MDP.”

Sheikh Nasrulla declined to comment on this story, instead recommending that Minivan News clarify his application with the EC.

”If I applied and if the EC approved [my application] then I will be a member of MDP,” said Sheikh Nasrulla, when asked to confirm his application.

Religious website Raajjeislam reported that Sheikh Nasrulla had recently declared that the purpose of forming political parties and NGOs was to create splits in a society, and these institutions were therefore against the principles of the as-salaf as-saliheen (the earliest converts to Islam).

The website also said that Sheikh Nasrulla has in his sermons claimed that voting was not allowed in Islam, and that it was an ‘enmity’.

Raajjeislam’s report claimed that the government was attempting to trying to displace the Islamic Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari  and State Islamic Minister Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed from their posts.

According to daily newspaper Haveeru, the Islamic Ministry has recently restricted Sheikh Nasrulla from using microphones inside mosques to deliver sermons, which Sheikh Nasrulla claimed was preventing him from preaching.

Haveeru reported that the restriction was put in place by the Islamic Ministry because of “numerous complaints” the Ministry had received.

Sheikh Nasrulla  has reportedly disputed the lectures of other prominent Islamic scholars during his sermons, including Dr Zakir Naik, who recently visited the Maldives.


21 thoughts on “Sheikh Nasrulla signs with MDP”

  1. This Sheikh is an extremists with a twists version of Islam. Nobody should allow him to preach in Maldives.

  2. IF people like Hilath and Aniya are allowed to express their views-- and express their version of Islam, why should anyone try to stop Sheikh Nasrullah. Let him speak. I thought democracy ensures freedom even to renounce Allah!

  3. Very true Hameed.

    How can anybody express what is in Quruan and Hadith? The meanings of the verses and the words and actions of Prophet Mohamed is beyond anyone's interpretation to be definite on its meaning. People can only present their interpretation based on their own experience, ability to think, their wants and needs, etc.

    Isn't raajjeislam a website run by Salaf?

    And why would this Nasrulla sign for MDP? What's his motive? Definitely not promoting democracy or any such thing.

  4. Hilath and others does not preach to kill...this man is very dangerous because everything hes teaching he says is according to islam...his twisted version of islam is extremly dangerous.....

  5. @Hameed

    Hilath and Ania does not express their views in public, Hilath does express it in cyberspace.

  6. Bloody hell! MDP is running out of progressive people to join. Shame. I wonder how many people ill turn up to vote...

  7. Say, hameed. Are you SURE you spoke teh truth?. Because when Hilath rendered a great service to our Nation, he was threatened with things that would strike you deaf if you heard half of them.

    All is going to plan. What better way for them to legalize and enforce their backward ideals than to join with the ruling party?

  8. Hehe.. who helped you translate as-salaf as-saliheen?! If you speak arabic even a little bit, you'd know it doesn't mean "the earliest converts to Islam"!!
    Check it up. It means "the righteous early Islamic generations". Big difference, if you consider the implications. It signifies those who had witnessed the way the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions lived and inspired an entire civilization. How he started up this movement that carries on, for the 15th century to date, inspiring billions of people around the world to worship One God. The God of Prophets Abraham, Ishmael, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

  9. Is this some kind of joke?

    How is the inclusion of an anti-democratic, radical Islamist nutjob a 'major progression' for the Maldivian Democratic Party?

  10. If a Western secular democracy like Netherlands can accommodate Geert Wilders why cannot we accommodate Sheikh Nasrullah

  11. .....this is great news for DRP ..mdp is soon going to go down the drain with these kinda people around it......

  12. If Minivan News insists on making news out of such proclamations from the MDP I wish a few questions that come to mind had at least been researched and answered. Such as;

    1) What exactly IS/ARE "Sheikh" Nasrulla's academic qualification(s)?

    2) How old is he?

    3) Who are the orthodox Salafs in truth and how are they perceived and received in international society.

    4) How constitutional are Sheikh Nasrulla's viewpoints as written in this particular article.

    I sincerely feel that a well-rounded article would have tackled this "issue" from a lot more angles than are covered here.

  13. MDP is becoming the biggest joke of the country. Already we have clowns like Reeko and another joins who even don’t believe in democracy.

    Way to go MDP.

  14. we are diving into madness.. this country should change it's name to Mad-dives sometimes soon..

    slogan, come dive in our madness.

    what if one day when the world realize that Maldives tourism industry assisted some to travel overseas and get education in fundamentalism, extremism and intolerance? i know how i will if i in good intention unknowingly contributed to some immoral and unethical or to something which is totally against my moral and ethical values.

    and sadly, those who got such opportunities to get radicalise overseas return to maldives and preach against tourism and years of Maldives culture and tradition.

    In one way or the other, directly and indirectly tourism did generate income to facilitate such people to travel overseas.

    I hope Maldivians will realise about these con artist soon, so that we do not have to change it name to Mad-dives.

  15. MDP is a lovely party which is increasingly controlled by Salafi fanatics. Where is Anni the liberal? The affairs of this country has long become a bloody joke.

  16. what has the picture (a mosque, especially in a foreign country) to do with shaikh nasrullah? and its amazing the word "saaliheen" which actually mean the righteous was translated wrongly.

  17. nasrulla, is also a muslim no matter, but he should do wat only islam dheen says, that ok


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