Vice President inaugurates Counter Terrorism workshop

Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed yesterday inaugurated a Counter Terrorism Workshop organised by the government and the British High Commission.

The President’s Office said that it was a two day workshop that began in Aarah yesterday, and aimed to develop a counter terrorism strategy for the Maldives and share experiences on the topic between the Maldives and the United Kingdom.

”There is nothing more important than creating and maintaining a peaceful environment for the people in our country,” said Dr Waheed. ”The Maldives is not exempt from the risks associated with international terrorism.”

He also said the threat of terrorism was affected every country in the world and highlighted the importance of making counter terrorism strategy an integral part of the national security policy.


One thought on “Vice President inaugurates Counter Terrorism workshop”

  1. This is hilarious and a very welcome initiative

    What a nicely veiled attempt to scoop up beardees and keep them at bay. Its not only the beardees who can organize workshops.


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