DRP MPs pay Vice President “a courtesy call”

Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan last night met with senior members of the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) at his residence, Hilaaleege.

The meeting sparked a demonstration outside of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) supporters, protesting against what they viewed as a political betrayal and calling for the VP’s resignation.

The visit by DRP MPs Ali Waheed, Ilham Ahmed, Ahmed Nihan and Ahmed Mahlouf, as well as party Vice President Umar Naseer, was described by DRP spokesman Ibrahim Shareef as “a courtesy call.”

“They discussed national issues,” he said, but would not reveal further details of the discussion. None of the MPs who participated in the meeting had responded to calls at time of press.

“I think there are issues that of national importance facing the country, but there’s been a breakdown of communication between the government and the opposition,” Shareef suggested. “I think the VP believes the temperature is rising too much at the moment.”

Shareef described Dr Waheed as “cool headed”, and able to create “meaningful dialogue between the government and the DRP. He has no power to decide anything, but he is willing to talk,” he said.

“At the moment MDP’s leaders are not able to even talk to the opposition, and I think the President is trying to find a way forward.”

Mahloof told Minivan News today that President Mohamed Nasheed “was the person who planned the protest outside VPs house.”

However a highly placed source within the government said the president appeared “very unhappy” about the gathering, and dismissed the possibility of such peace talks as “utter tosh”.

“If that was the case other senior people in the government would know about it. I think he wants to join DRP; maybe not sign with the party, but rather use it as a bargaining chip. His intentions are clearly malevolent,” the source said, adding that the VP was also observed last week meeting Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) leader Dr Hassan Saeed.

“He is clearly angry at the dismissal of [fellow party GIP party member] former Economic Minister Mohamed Rasheed. The fact is now that the core MDP supporters are convinced that Waheed is going to run for president in 2013, and are keeping a fair degree of distance.”

The Vice President was not responding to calls today, and Minivan News understands he was not in the office because of illness.

In a previous interview with Minivan News Dr Waheed said be believed there should be “a mechanism for dialogue between the opposition and the government. There is too much polarisation. There are things, of course, we want from the opposition. We want their support to pass the bills in Parliament, and there may be things they want from the government. And that is also to address some of their own concerns. I believe we should be able to engage with all parties.”

Following the meeting the DRP MPs who attended told the press that they would lobby to give the Vice President more powers and a greater role in government.

MDP Spokesman Ahmed Haleem said that Dr Waheed initiated the meeting “because he wants to pass a bill [in parliament] giving himself more power. He thinks he is a president – I think he is totally sick. Twenty years ago he was the first PhD holder in the Maldives and he thinks he is one of the best; now the VP is very close to Nasheed but he cannot digest this.”

Haleem added that “there are a lot of people sick for power in this country – Gasim is also sick for power, but Dr Waheed is one of the best.”

MDP MP Mohamed Mustafa said he doubted Dr Waheed had the popular support to become president, and had accepted the role of Vice President “without bringing a single seat with him. He has become a liability to [MDP] – there is no reason to hold such secret meetings.”


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  1. Here we go again. More fun and games. We seriously need some other avenues of entertainment and excitement in the country. How about one of the stations organise a 'Survivor' type reality TV programme for participation by MPs and senior officials of government and the various parties? Could kill two birds with one stone – easy way of identifying our next leadership while providing regular entertainment in the meantime.

  2. His son Jeff must be burying his face in shame and embarrassment becoz of this show of political immaturity by waheed...

  3. So called Dr Waheed does it again! Where is his son Salim Waheed to justify his father? My God! What a drama played by Waheed and DRP thugs (Umar, Ali Waheed and gang)!!! Lets see what happens to Waheed..does Waheed seriously think he can discuss on various policy issues with DRP thugs? I am now seriouly doubting on Dr.Waheed capacity! I wonder from where he is thinking?

  4. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading this word 'utter tosh'. I am assume this is a a very British translation of what the President said..

    I enjoyed the word.

  5. Aww, I'm flattered ya'll want an excuse to attack me too, so sweet. Well here goes:

    I have absolutely no shame towards my Father. In fact, I'm very proud that he's finally sticking to his guns.

    But once again, we see a complete over reaction from MDP.

    The Vice President has absolutely NO INTENTION at this time of running for President in 2013. There are many reasons he would choose not to, but among them is the fact that unlike other "contenders" he just doesnt have money like that. He cannot and will not be able to afford a campaign without HEAVY endorsement from the Business Community. And it is unlikely that the community will support him when he supports center left policies that are against their interests. Can every one just calm down and stop blowing every little thing out of proportion.

    Now, Mahloof is a good, decent man whom I like quite a bit - However, I refuse to believe that the President had anything to do with that demonstration. I believe (and this is a belief reaffirmed by Haleem's statements) that people in MDP's leadership are actively exploiting what should have been only a minor disagreement between the President and the Vice President. These people are salivating at the prospect of the Vice President resigning, with hungry eyes being directed towards that office.

    Ahmed Haleem - I really liked you. I considered you a smart intelligent young MP who wouldn't descend to Moosa's kind of low-brow politics. Vice President Dr. Waheed is still supports the President. He still supports the development framework that we campaigned for. And he still wants to work together to get programs implemented. It is folly to neglect his many years of developmental experience.

    Haleem, he also has absolutely no intention of advocating for a Bill that will give the Vice President more power! How in the world did you come up with that? And didn't you think that DRP might put forward such a bill JUST BECAUSE YOU SAID IT.

    Mustafa, We met this summer and I liked you too. But he is not a liability to MDP because he is not in MDP. He has always been a conciliatory person and will try to be so till the day he dies. His family blood was spilt by the previous administration but he was still willing to talk with them first before demonstrating.

    Today he is representative of this government, and he should still continue to extend a reaching, conciliatory hand towards all parties.

    I have no love of Umar Naseer, nor his politics, nor his polices, nor his often brash and unthoughtful out words. I think it is an abomination that he constantly calls for the overthrow of the President. But the man is a leader of the Opposition and I believe that it is the President and Vice President's obligation and duty to meet with them when possible.

    And why they are so tight-lipped about these "national issues" is beyond me. From my understanding, most of their meeting revolved around discussions on the economic situation in the country.

    Politics in our country is a mess. There are brash politicians in every corner ready to unleash the dogs of war upon one another. Nothing is getting done because Parliament is simply not with the government. The government in turn is also being confrontational. With so much hostility, anger, and rash action - the Vice President is being who he is. Conciliatory with all parties. Ready to engage in dialog and willing to help. His only disagreement with the President is that he is not being utilized (as was agreed when MDP Itthihaad was formed).

    Peace and advocating for peace is never a bad thing. He has NO intention of doing anything in 2013. Why don't we all just focus on here and now. Peace is never a bad thing.

  6. I dont think it is such a big issue VP having a discussion with opposition unless it does not produce a bad result for the nations future. Maldivian politics need to change. It needs an environment that can be conducive for beneficial discussions. If there is a fierce political debate in the TVM, MDP thugs are gathered outside TVM to taunt the participant of opposition. This is not how we can go to Anneh dhivehi rajje and I am confident that this is not what our incumbent president wants. We Maldivians need to learn to accept constructive crticism. We need to be mature and we also need to learn to compromise for the sake of our nations future. And it is by having these means developed nations enjoys the success. We all Maldivians have so many issues in our land to sort to make our future better for our children and to get a good taste of our constitution. I am perceived that our political leaders can play an integral role in it.

  7. Judging by the reaction of MDP spokeman, I will stand by VP this time. Although a VP cannot hold secret talks with the opposition, Ahmed Haleem's comments are completely rediculous and very divisive and shows the kind of atmosphere VP now has to work in. Unless MDP can show some tolerence and a willingness to reconcile their differences rather than escalate it, I can no longer continue my support to them.

    Does not matter how bad opposition is, MDP must keep thier cool and manage their affairs with a high degree of integrity and civility.

  8. If Dr. Waheed met with the Leader of DRP or of any other Political Party we may pretend it is for the benefit of the Country.

  9. I am of the opinion that the power-sharing structure put in place to secure the Presidency for the MDP was never meant to be more than superficial - at least as far as the rank-and-file as well as key contributors and other influential people inside the party were concerned.

    Dr. Hassan Manik should and I am sure DOES know this all too well. He is a softspoken man and Salim's comments about his father seem to be true from what I have seen and heard.

    During the Presidential election in 2008 Dr. Hassan Manik was willing to speak with Poorna Rodrigo - a hired journalist for the then DRP mouthpiece called "Hamaroalhi" which I also had the unfortunate experience of representing. He also engaged me in conversation on one ocassion and appeared to be less confrontational than most members of the MDP.

    The MDP's emotional response towards seeking the support of and working in alignment with the DRP is understandable. Yet, as controversial as this sounds, the Maldivian masses were NOT as palpably wronged by the autocratic regime of Abdul Gayyoom as MDP leaders were and therefore do not understand nor wish to accept the animosity that MDP leaders feel towards those of the DRP.

    For this very reason, it would be extremely wise for the MDP to seek bipartisan support. President Nasheed has successfully hidden his tremendous intellect from the Maldivian masses in order to escape the labelling and insecurity of the masses. I am more than convinced that he can play the role of mediator and conciliator if he so wished.

    The VP's intentions are however unclear. The people he met are hardly diplomats.

  10. What is the big ruckus MDP and the "mentally deranged paranoids" trying to do. On the one hand they advocate all the fancy and essential philosophies of democracy and then go on against all that. What Dr. Waheed has done is something that is long overdue. When the line of communication is no longer there between the government and the opposition, he at least had the audacity to have a meeting with the opposition. But gathering from Mr. Haleem's comments about the meeting, it is all too apparent that the demonstrations was well planned against Dr. Waheed. Anyways, I am not surprised by the "over reaction" of the deranged megalomaniacs. One more observation is that H.E. the "peeved" Pres. is so obsessed with the Presidency, that he is ready to "jump into the kill" of any possible opponent with his ludicrous one liners. The attitude of the "mentally deranged paranoids" is the same as a "parsitic infestation".

  11. What can we say, The Democratic Change continues to be at its very infant stage. Opporsition is slowly taking the right path. They should refrain from hardcore demonstration to a more dialoge stand. The ruling should have tolerance and should be in a position to digest such unfavorable situations. If MDP activist continue to behave like this it will only harm the support from people. People are loosing trust of both DRP & MDP. Eventually they would care less for political arena. This is not so good for the long term economy of our country. We need an immediate political situation to calm. It is now in a mess. No matter how many MOU's are signed investors will play a watch and wait game. It is very cruicial for our economy to have investors confidence and goverment should stop GITMO issue at least now and focus more on domestic issues

  12. Salim,
    Ahmed Haleem "a smart intelligent young MP". This has to be the biggest joke in the history of big jokes. He is no MP. And for your information he graduated from MES grade 5. He has the balls to call Vice president 'sick'. That says a lot about his smartness and intelligence.

  13. It is an utter disgrace to have an "Islahiyya" dropout as the spokesperson of the ruling party - the same person commented on the educational background of DRP leadership. What a joke?
    This same guy was on the press weeks back commenting on the wisdom of THE GREAT YAMEEN and how MDP could work with him.
    Salim : If you had liked Dhonbleiy then, you have not seen the true colours of this idiot - now you are seeing. He played football at the highest caliber for Victory SC for long enough and couldn't beat Mahloof in the parliamentary elections speaks for itself.

  14. Rushdi,

    My apologies. Haleem is still one of new leaders of MDP. And while I deplore his lack of sense in this instance, I still have some hope for him.

  15. This is the first i'm hearing of this Ahmed Haleem... He sounds highly biased and very unprofessional.

    I don't see anything wrong with these talks, infact it's been long due and I fully support Dr. Waheed's actions. Hopefully this will pave the way forward to build/improve the non-existent communication gap between the Govt and the opposition.

  16. I think HEP is playing a sick twisted game. He appears all conciliatory and forgiving towards Gayoom and his cronies in public, but then he goes back to the MDP haruge and in secret meetings probably just calls DRP MPs anf Gayoom "utter tosh" "foolish thugs" "uneducated barbarians" and takes an incredibly unbelievable elitist position, WTH.
    Dear HEP. Remember what happened in Chile. A government full of technocrats cannot be the be-all and end-all of all problems. You need to start talking, cutting deals. You need to exercise real politics and politicking and not be an utter douche-bag. If you are already talking and cutting deals, we do not know about it and we do not see the results.
    HEP and his confused party, stop this utter nonsense and get back to business. Stop bashing the VP. As far as I know, he is the only sane, level-headed person in you administration, don't lose him.

  17. No idea what the VP is upto.

    Talking with the opposition is no problem, but talking to them in the evening at his residence, and doing so a few days after criticizing the government just doesn't sound right. Specially when those he met are DRP thugs and not seasoned leaders like Thasmeen.
    If it was peace talks, how come no one else in the government knew about it?
    Well if VP is willing to side with and sign up for or make a pact with those who spilled his families blood, we will all know what he is made up of.

    VP seems to be trying to keep a leg on each 'odi'.

    Hope he will do justice to his post of VP instead of playing these games.

  18. Salim, This is the problem with President Nasheed. He is a highly intelligent and educated man. But Im completely dumbfounded as to why he sorrounds himself with complete idiots with terrible criminal records like this Ahmed Haleemmmaniac. President Nasheed's bunch of good for nothing criminal minded activists he picked up among the cocaine sniffing 'gaanagaa' crowds have ruined whatever little hope we had left for him. This country is being given away as 'ghanemaa mudhaa' to President Nasheed's cocaine sniffing good for nothing activists. He can get people like Ahmed Haleem dressed in suits but he cant change them. They will always be criminals. period. Here we have a grade 5 dropout with countless criminal records dressed by Anni is a suit and now he is calling Dr. Waheed a 'sick' man. Wow! how lovely!

  19. Dr. Waheed is the most selfish man this country has ever seen...i used to hate that song 'waheed come waheed go" ...but thats right..waheed can never work within a setting..always finding ways to escape..if anything failed in the government waheed is responsible and whatever areas he is asked to takecare of in this government, i dont see any improvements in those...politically failed!! now waheed has failed..20 years of talk and no show!!

  20. I think MDP is too insecure. They therefore cannot see anyone from the government having anything to do with the opposition irrespective of what it is.

    What does Dhonbiley expect?
    MDP thinks running the Maldivian government is something they have inherited and so they can do as they please. The so-called coalition is a coalition only on paper. But that obviously will not work. I think it would be foolish to expect everything to be tip top when one party is dominating over the rest.

    And when someone does something even slightly sensible, it will be beyond MDP's comprehension.

  21. Dr. Waheed and MDP relationship is getting from bad to worse and I blame Dr. Waheed for this. Look at what he just did. Its one thing to be not happy with how the coalition is functioning but to secretly hold meetings with the devil? The very people who harmed his own family ant not just the MDP? The very people who created this economic mess we are in today??

  22. In the present political climate Vice President meeting the opposition behind the President's back is just childish. The public voted for him to support the President not to undermine him. I take my coment back if the President was informed of the meeting by Waheed befor it happened.

  23. Dhonbiley Haleem, You think Yameen is OK, so why not VP also? I think he is more OK.... LOL, This Dhonbiley guy must be a retard

  24. Yes, Hassan Raha. Dhonbileh is retarded. This is what I dont understand. We have a man with a doctorate from Stanford with extensive international experience as the vice president of this country. Yet the president is refusing to utilize him. He is effectively nobody in this Govt. Instead President wants to dress up criminal grade 5 drop-outs like Dhonbileh in suits and send them to terrorize the vice president. People like Dhonbileh Ahmed, Reeko Moosa, Jesus Afeef has a bigger say in the Govt than the Vice president.

  25. Hassab
    Dr.Waheed and Mahmoud Raazey are the only sane, level-headed people in the govt.

  26. Mohammed Waheed Hassan Manik is still bakajahanee after the Presidency that has eluded him these 30 yrs?
    His time is past and he should move on to other things.

  27. “In fact, I’m very proud that he’s finally sticking to his guns.”

    Hey – Muhammad Waheed Hassan Manik asked us to elect him and we elected him to represent the people of Male’.
    Then he ran away.
    When it seemed like Golhaabo could be toppled, he came back and joined MDP.
    When he found that he could not be the leader of MDP he went away again.
    Then he comes back and makes his own party. But the party is just a skeleton. So he joined the MDP in a coalition.
    The he starts complaining that he wants the flag with the star etc etc… These grumblings and complaints are getting louder and that is why people are talking about it.
    They are only reacting to the smoke Muhammad Waheed Hassan Manik is spewing!
    The complaints and grumblings are actually an appeal for MDP rivals to invest in his political aspirations. However most people have come to the conclusion that his time is past. If he could not do anything significant in all the time from when the people elected him, I for one, am convinced that his time is past and we should look for new and more creative leaders

    And Jeffrey Salim Waheed – I think blowing more smoke about your Dad is not going to help your own political career!!!!!!

    maybe MWHM should have stuck to his guns a little earlier?

  28. DRP has a total of five Naib Raeesun now.

    Ali Waheed the Gunda
    Nihan the joker & paatey
    Ilham the Mr. Reality
    Molla Omar the striker or Muzaahiraaa
    Waheed the opportunist and ambidhashu

  29. can someone please define me parliamentary system and presidential system.......

  30. Gayyoom was right all along. We are not ready for democracy. We don't have the intelligence for it, yet!

    We're at a total stalemate. We need a new direction. This democracy isn't going to work for us.

  31. Its funny a graduate from MES Grade 5 criticizing the ability and experience of a Harvard PhD graduate with over 20 years of experience. That shows the ability of MDP to sell its brand.

  32. I am confused.

    1. Our VP is not supposed to say he is dissatisfied with the way the government is run.
    2. He is not supposed to meet anyone from DRP or any other opposition.
    3. His education and expertise is not utilised for the running of this government.
    4. His Stanford PhD and 20 years of international experience is not valued by MDP any better than an MES grade 5.
    5. MDP thinks Waheed should realise he already has more than he can ask for.

    What do they expect him to do?
    Wear an Armani suit and hang around the President's Office every day?
    Doing what?

  33. Even a Harvard PhD graduate with over 20 years of experience can be wrong and have been wrong. Sometimes people who don't go to school can do and have done great things.

  34. "Even a Harvard PhD graduate with over 20 years of experience can be wrong and have been wrong. Sometimes people who don’t go to school can do and have done great things."

    I agree.
    We cannot consider your statements as what is the norm. Otherwise we will not have the best and the most brilliant of human beings dreaming of getting into Harvard. What you said is the exception.

    So, I think without giving a chance to prove, it would be extremely foolish to assume that a Havard PhD is wrong.

  35. Perhaps.........The Peeved prefers the VP to roll up weed like the "Tag-along" xi ad, too often seen accompanying the HEP wherever he goes. After all it was bluntly advocted, " one need not be in his senses all the time". Pathetic.

  36. It is not confusing!

    Dr. Waheed, as a gentleman, undoubtedly is an educated, experienced and trustworthy person!

    But this meeting is highly questionable!

    Even level headed, educated,intelligent and experienced people can be hooked to cheap political tricks!

    When Maumoon was President and Umar Zahir (under whose tutelage Dr. Waheed ended his school days) entered politics, the people of Male' gave him the opportunity to represent them in the parliament!

    But when pressure (undoubtedly cooked up by the then all powerful Maumoon, Fathuhulla, Hameed, Umar Zahir), Dr. Waheed did "run away"!

    It is doubtful that Maldivians (whose heads are more level than before)now can accept a "runaway" to be leading their nation especially with a bunch of stinking DRP scumbags behind him!

    It would not be surprising Dr. Waheed is being duped and could be going back to his Mr. Zahir's "boy" days and tag behind his "mentor lord" Mr. Zahir, where ever he goes!

    But if it would boil down to a breakaway, it would and could be quiet disturbing!

  37. @ bohalaaku

    PARLIAMENTARY system = Standing on chairs!

    PRESIDENTIAL system - Sitting on tables!

  38. These people need to get a life. They degrade themselves so much, man. IMO they are even lowlier then the junkies that roam the streets of Male'. And these morons are the leaders of this beautiful country.


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