Vice president inaugurates harbour reconstruction projects

Vice President Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has yesterday (March 17) inaugurated the harbour reconstruction project on Gulhi island in Malé atoll.

The vice president said that the initiation of the island’s harbor project would in turn lead to a better life for the people.

He went on to say that this government would determine the difficulties being faced by the people in carrying out its developmental projects. He also said that the government would not exclude anyone in delivering its services.

Prior to his visit to Gulhi Island, Jameel inaugurated the Kaafu Guraidhoo harbour construction project.

According to a President’s Office press statement, during his speech the vice president reiterated the government’s commitment to fulfil its pledges to the people. He remarked that the developmental endeavors of the administration ‎would ‎completely transform the country by the end of its five-year term.