Vice President to seek investors during China visit

Vice President Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed left on an official trip to China yesterday evening (June 4).

During the visit, Jameel will attend the 2nd China-South Asia Expo and the 9th China-South Asia Business Forum, revealed the President’s Office. Jameel is also scheduled to meet Vice Premier of China, H.E Wang Yang. ‎

Prior to his departure, Jameel told press that he would meet with members of the Chinese business community in order to find potential investors for his government’s proposed development projects.

President Abdulla Yameen has promised a number of ‘mega-projects’ during his term, pledging legislation to create a more welcoming investor climate, and organising a landmark investment forum in Singapore in April in order to find potential foreign investors.

The projects showcased in Singapore included the Ihavandhippolhu Integrated Development Project, the expansion of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, the relocation and expansion of the existing central port, and exploration for oil and gas.

During his state visit to Japan in April, Yameen also met with prominent businessmen, economists, and industrialists.

Jameel will discuss the government’s plans with the Chinese Government, which was said to be keen to hear about the plans.


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  1. Here's some advice to bring in investments. Start killing jihadis. The Chinese love that.


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