Vice president continues search for investors during China visit

President Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has attended the 9th China-South Asia Business Forum during his official visit to China, reiterating the government’s focus on increasing foreign investments and strengthening the economy.

Speaking at the event, Jameel stated that his government prioritised economic transformation, youth empowerment, and domestic security, read a statement on the official President’s Office website.

He further spoke of the government’s aim to encourage foreign investment and capital in order to implement the Yameen administration’s economic development programmes and projects.

President Abdulla Yameen has promised a number of ‘mega projects’ during his term, pledging legislation to create a more welcoming investor climate, and organising a landmark investment forum in Singapore in April in order to find potential foreign investors.

The vice president further stated that corporate China has shown interest in engaging in infrastructure development projects in the Maldives. He assured Chinese investors that the government would do all possible to ensure a “flexible and efficient investment climate”.

To this end, the government last week introduced legislation to create special economic zones (SEZ) in strategic locations, with Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed – also present on the China trip – suggesting that the move might help the country end its reliance on tourism.

Jameel noted that China has been the number one tourism market for the Maldives since 2010, predicting that the number of Chinese arrivals – accounting for one in every four tourists in 2014 – will continue to grow.

During the trip, Jameel has also attended the 2nd China-South Asia Expo, where he repeated his belief that foreign investment is crucial for economic growth, private sector development and wealth creation.

“Our government firmly believes that broad based, private sector-led growth is essential to achieving faster development progress and to transform the economy from where it is today,” he is quoted as saying.

The details of some of the ‘mega projects’ were explained to the Chinese audience, with Jameel discussing the  ‘iHavan’ project – a regional development project in the northern atolls, potential oil and gas exploration projects, and plans to redevelop the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

Last month, the Maldives Airports Company (MACL) signed an agreement with China’s state-owned engineering and construction company, Synohydro, to build a US$9 million parking apron at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

In addition to the forums, Jameel also paid a visit to the Governor of Yunnan Province, H E Mr Li Jiheng.

At the meeting, discussions were held with regard to areas where the countries could increase cooperation, with the governor pledging to work with the Maldives to strengthen cooperation in a number of fields including renewable energy, science and technology, tourism, connectivity, economy and trade.

He further discussed the strengthening of bilateral ties with Vice Premier of China H E Wang Yang.


6 thoughts on “Vice president continues search for investors during China visit”

  1. It's a wise move to seek investments from a country that has a worse human rights record than the Maldives. Most democracies and western nations want nothing to do with investing in Maldives as this government have demonstrated that their investments can be terminated whenever they want, however they want, as long as it benefits the PPM coalition politically.

    If you sincerely want this country to prosper you wouldn't cater to the barbarism of fanatical religious extremists in the government. But you do, so you don't.

  2. Most investors are not like GMR and most investors do not want to rob the country like GMR.

    GMR people are one of biggest crook and corrupt people who had landed in Maldives as an investors.

    Black stone, one of the largest venture capitalist group in the world, had physically invested over 350 million dollars after GMR was kicked out from Maldives. They knew that GMR deal was not done legally right and it does not reflect what was like investors environment in Maldives.

    GMR had not even invested much and they have only invested 25 million dollars and rest of the money that they paid as advance was also earned by Male' inter nation airport.

    GMR had invested million of dollars to retain and bring back Anni back to power but it does not really count here.

    What ever the money that they have invested ion Anni is a waste and it can not be recovered.

    Nasheed and GMR had robbed this country.

  3. He studied for his Bachelors degree, Masters degree and Ph.D in English medium. But he cannot even pronounce the word S-I-N-I-F-I-C-A-N-T-L-Y, properly. I have grave doubts about his education. Not to mention his negotitiating skills.

  4. I call upon the accredited board and the CID to check with the universities to check the authencity of his certificates.

    Reason: the other day, he was pronouncing Maldives as Moradisu.

    During Maumoon days, all the certificates brought from abroad were checked by Maumoon. There was no accredited board. If you are in the good books of Abdulla Hameed, then the authencity of your certificates are not checked.

  5. I hope your VP isn't planning a trip to India anytime soon. After the illegal termination of GMR's airport contract, you will be struggling to attract any new investment from India.
    Before you start droning on about your wonderful standard of living, remember that we have a booming economy and you are.....oh dear me.....bankrupt!!
    With the new hindu nationalist government in India, it is time for us to develop ties with civilised secular countries and sideline backward non secular countries stuck in a seventh century time warp.
    Good luck to the Chinese.....they will need a lot of it.

  6. Yes, Mareena! He is a Maumoon and Abdulla Hameed choice. Yaameen would not have chosen such a slow moving uneducated tortoise. Yaameen knows who is who.

    Mareena, and you know how people get the blessings of Addulla Hameed!!! Hah Hah Hah....


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