Victory Day celebrations to be held this month

Victory Day celebrations are to take place this month in Male’, the Maldivian National Defence Force (MNDF) has confirmed.

The MNDF said that celebrations will be held in Republican Square, beginning at 8:30pm on November 14.

According to the MNDF, there will be three different events to celebrate the occasion, including a music show featuring famous Maldivian artists accompanied by the MNDF brass band.

The MNDF have said that speeches will be given by senior orators and school students on the subject of Victory Day.

A video presentation on the events of 3 November 1988 will also be screened, followed by fireworks, the MNDF have said.

The celebrations will commemorate the national tragedy of 3 November, when a group of mercenaries from Sri Lanka attacked the capital killing 19 Maldivians.