Murder suspect blames earlier confession on police brutality, denies charges

Mohamed Samah, who is accused of murdering a police officer on the island of Kaashidhoo in July, has claimed during the second court hearing in the case that the confession he made during the previous hearing was a result of police torture while in custody.

The presiding judge asked if Samah could prove the allegation to the court, but Samah said he could not.

The judge then inquired as to whether he was kept in a separate cell and if he had met with other inmates. Samah replied that at at first he was kept in a separate cell and now he was with other inmates.

However, the judge said that during the trial one could not change what he had said earlier, and reminded Samah that today’s hearing was to hear his response to the statements of the heirs of the deceased.

During the hearing, Samah told the judge that executing him under Islamic Sharia would better for him that the torture he had to faced in prison.

The judge revealed that four of the three heirs of Lance Corporal Adam Haleem wanted to have Samah executed if the court found him guilty of the crime.

The fourth heir of Haleem was a minor, and the judge said he will determine the view of scholars of the four sects of Islam make a decision on how to deal with this particular case concerning taking the statement from the minor.

Before concluding today’s hearing the judge said that a verdict would be delivered next week.

On July 23 Lance Corporal Adam Haleem was stabbed to death on Kaashidhoo island in Kaafu Atoll.

Haleem was attacked while he was on his way to Kaashidhoo police station to report to duty.

While he was on the way to the police station police alleged he saw Mohamed Samah on the road, who was supposed to be under house arrest. Haleem followed Samah to his house and asked him to get himself ready to come with him to the police station.

Samah refused to go to the police station and became angry, police alleged, claiming that he entered his house and took an eight inch knife from the kitchen, which he used to stab Haleem in the left side of the chest.


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  2. Agree with nix

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  3. This judge is a sicko, aint he - using islam to get rid people who knows too much.


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