Villa air to commence domestic flights next Saturday

Media have reported that Villa Air will commence domestic flights to Male’-Maamigili and Maamigili-Male’ next Saturday.

Until next year, the flights will operate from Male’ to Maamigili in South Ari Atoll and Maamigli to Male’ and next year the company is planning to operate flights to Laamu Atoll and Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

Villa is owned by Jumhoory Party leader and MP ‘Burma’ Gasim Ibrahim and Maamigili is his motherland.

The airport in Maamigili was constructed by Villa.


2 thoughts on “Villa air to commence domestic flights next Saturday”

  1. Congratulations Mr. Gasim.
    As a loyal guest of Sun Island the past
    five years, I am eager to fly to Maamigili
    on the Villa Aircraft! This huge investment will contribute enormously to the further development of the area.
    Although a foreigner, you make me feel proud like a Maldivian, or rather a


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