State Islamic Minister dismisses party’s demand he resign

State Islamic Minister and former President of the Adhaalath Party, Sheikh Hussain Rasheed Ahmed, has dismissed demands from the party’s council that he resign.

“You will know very well that I did not accept this position with the consent or with an approval of the consultation council, and therefore I do believe that there is a policy that allows the council to ask me to resign,” State Minister for Islamic Affairs Sheikh Hussain told the current President of the Adhaalath Sheikh Imran Abdulla, in a letter he send yesterday in response to the one demanding his resignation.

The Adhaalath Party decided this week to break off its coalition agreement with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), after the party’s consultation council voted 32 to 2 to approve a resolution to leave the government.

In the letter Sheikh Hussein said that normally when a coalition agreement is terminated, the President withdraws the positions shared with the party, and President himself would ask the members of that political party to resign from their positions.

“Every citizen has a national responsibility, and the only time he should stop fulfilling those responsibilities are when they are inconsistent with the principles of Islam,” he told the Adhaalath Party president in the letter.

He said that the greatest responsibility of a citizen was to serve the nation and to carry on the duties the he was assigned, adding that the work he was doing “fulfills both a religious and national duty.”

Following in the footsteps of now-opposition Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) and the Jumhooree Party (JP), Adhaalath is the third major party of the ‘Watan Edhey’ coalition – formed to rally against former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in the second round run-off of the 2008 presidential election – to leave the MDP-led coalition.

Sheikh Imran last night told Villa TV (VTV) that he had asked Islamic Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari and the State Islamic Minister to resign following the party’s split with the government.

Meanwhile, MDP Chairperson and MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik said the MDP regrets the Adhaalath Party’s decision to leave “like a husband regrets for a while when a stubborn wife leaves him.”

Islamic Minister Dr Bari has not said anything on the matter. The media today reported that he had departed to Haa Alifu Atoll with the President.


26 thoughts on “State Islamic Minister dismisses party’s demand he resign”

  1. The Sheikh doesn't wanna loose his highly paid job. After all who will feed his kids when he resign?. Sounds understandable.

  2. The problem is that Sheikh know very well what is going on. Unfortunately Adaalath has no clues about how a democracy works. MDP was the main party in the coalition and they had a Manifesto which they must adhere to when they govern. The other parties must follow this manifesto. Sheihk Hussein Rasheed seems to be more educated and have more knowledge about how a democracy works and is absolutely right in refusing to resign. He was appointed by the President and he would resign when he feels like it or asked by the President.
    I am confident that Dr.Bari would also not resign as they could do much better work being in the Government where at least they have a say in religious matters than outside where they have no say at all. It is obvious that you cannot throw the same barb at Dr.Bari since he does not need his Government salary to survive.

  3. I don't think Anni will dismiss any of these ministers because there is no one in MDP to replace them.

  4. Sheik Rasheed, Doktoor Majeed, Sheik Fareed are simply tools used by MDP to divert attention from the real problems like their failed health care system, failed waste management system, failed economic policies.

  5. I'm of the opinion that the Ministry of Islamic Affairs serves no purpose, and needs to be disbanded completely.

    But if we're going to continue to have one, then at least make sure the thing remains under the mandate of the democratically-elected government - not the political fiefdom of one pseudo-religious party to further their divisive agenda.

    Baree has always come across as being a bit more academic and reasonable sounding than the rest of the Adhaalath mullahs.

    While the man remains a conservative, it is heartening to see Hussein Rasheed openly state the fact that those in his party who're opposing the Israeli airline have mere political motives. (Something even otherwise "liberal" mullahs do not dare to admit in our country)

    If Anni doesn't get rid of the pointless Ministry, he might as well ensure it doesn't go to the dogs.

  6. What a mess...!!??
    As i have told before adhaalath is trying to take a sprint at the beginning of a 1000m race. It seems Sheih Hussain knows it is stupidity to take a sprint at the beginning of a 1000m race.
    I don't know about Dr. Bari. Maybe he knows it too.
    Adhaalath what are you going to do next...!?

  7. sad to see adhaalath being hijacked by conspiracy theorists.dr mauroof went from nobody to deputy head just talking about israel and its policies.adhaalath could have done so much more good thing for the sake of islam and we are going to see adhaalath in the hands of buruma(who get israel tourists to his resorts while backing anti semitic adhaalath party)and maumoon(after all it was maumoon who adhaalath blamed on all the religious problems in maldives)lot can happen in maldive in five years.peace

  8. The public can comment about the quality of moans and groans while passing by a pleasure house.

    However one may mistake pleasure for pain if one is not privy to the actual goings on inside.

    Comment all you will. Hussein Rasheed left Adalat for his own political reasons. Adalat discarded Hussein Rasheed for their own. Political parties are living breathing creatures and no amount of proselytizing from preachers like Yaamyn and Minivan-funded trolls will regulate the opposition into behaving as the MDP wishes.

  9. @ the real analyst
    You are right.
    Is that the guy who went with a bottle of water to an Indian film star.
    What to do. Being a Sheih Maumoon did this to Maldives. For me he is worse than Anni. Atleast he gave the sheih the freedom to do what ever they want. Why arnt they using this opportunity.

  10. This guy will do anything for money. now he is openly supporting Israel, next he will who knows...

  11. Sheikh Hussain Rasheed has a better understanding of how to act in a democracy. He did the right thing by remaining in his post despite calls for his resignation from AP.

  12. tsk tsk,

    " no amount of proselytizing from preachers like Yaamyn ... will regulate the opposition into behaving as the MDP wishes."

    But hey, I can try? 😉

  13. Its time to get rid of the Islamic Ministry.

    Its time Adaalath Party acknowledged that its a failed party, with all your religious e sermons and dheenee nasey hai, no behavior of ordinary Maldivian seem to improve on the religious side, if anything more bottles are being served in dinning rooms, more adultery more fornication what not, if these Adaalath Junkies are successful I believe it would be other way around.

    I remember when earlier batch of religious scholars came from Egypt, Former President His Excellency Ibrahim Nasir made them Religious knowledge or RK teachers but no they wanted power and they got it and see what a mess those people like Fathulla Jameel, Zahir Hussein and Former President Maumoon, has created in Maldives.

    and this lot is making us believe they can do better.

  14. Adaalath Party is a Good and a Service which can be bought over the counter, Party has been bought by Drill Gasim after paying GST in advance.

  15. @ yaamyn

    "I’m of the opinion that the Ministry of Islamic Affairs serves no purpose, and needs to be disbanded completely."

    Here I am thinking that yaamyn promotes "a more intellectual Islam that looks forward and embraces the Sciences – much like our ancestors did."
    It is not without a reason that I thought so.
    I was told that I will be "hard pressed to find a sentence [he] wrote that is “against belief or religion” in general."

    Well, before you tell me: I must have misread your coment.
    But, which one?

  16. Yamyn,

    "Baree has always come across as being a bit more academic and reasonable sounding than the rest of the Adhaalath mullahs."

    Where have to mentioned Dr.Majeed (Or rather DJ Majeed as you've made it popular in your own blog) as being academic and reasonably sounding ever in the past? You call everyone else hypocrites while you are no different either.

  17. Maumoon Lost DRP to Thasmeen
    Sheikh Hussein Rasheed may be loosing Adhaalath to Shaheem.
    ADK Nashid lost Jumhooree Party to Gaasim
    Yaamin has given up PA to go to PP party
    Umar Naseer gave up IDP to go to DRP
    Ibra gave up Socialist Party to move to MDP.

    MDP still going strong.

  18. @party founder
    u missed some details
    *Ibra was the president of MDP and later made his own party after declaring Anni as a dictator.
    *Munavvaru was the president of MDP and later made his won party after declaring Anni as a dictator
    *Dr did in the same situation who know what he will do.

  19. al,

    "Where have to mentioned Dr.Majeed (Or rather DJ Majeed as you’ve made it popular in your own blog) as being academic and reasonably sounding ever in the past? "

    I haven't. I continue to disagree with much of what he stands for - and did in the past - like blocking websites, banning DJs, etc etc.

    That doesn't mean I don't consider him "more" academic and reasonable sounding than his counterparts.

    I do not see him yell and intimidate others the way, say, Illiyaas does.

    I'm not the biggest fan of Hussein Rasheed either. But I think his remarks (with whatever intentions) that his party's opposition to Israeli airline is politically motivated is reasonable - and correct.

  20. Rocket,

    I cannot help it if you think Islam is a Ministry run by a political party with its own divisive agenda.

    Criticizing anything with the word "Islam" in it doesn't make it a statement against religion.

    This is precisely we need enlightened Muslims who can think before they rage over the mere mention of the religion.

    What purpose does the MoIA serve - that an independent council or civil society cannot?

    What protection does it grant to 'Islam' that the constitution and the judiciary already doesn't?

    Instead, with the executive powers granted to them, the crowning moment of this MoIA was the first draft of the Religious Unity regulations that very nearly doomed us to an Adhaalath-run theocracy.

    I stand by my comments. MoIA is a pointless institution that serves no purpose to the citizens.

  21. Please somebody tell me what this Yameen does for living.. Me thinks this guy is job-less. wanna help him somehow.. The guy is commenting in every story like permanently anchored on Minivan!

  22. paid Adhaalath troll,

    I'm paid by American/Israeli lobbies for furthering MDP propaganda, according to sources far more knowledgeable than me.

    This may or may not be due to my low self-esteem, inferiority complex and total subservience to the West, of course.

  23. I agree with young Yaamyn this time around.

    A coalition government has done more harm than good. Political realities forced this beast into being but a Presidential system of governance makes such the basis of the coalition disappear once the President comes to power.

    MDP should be handed over administration of the executive altogether.

    The problem lies in the fact that the party does not command enough support and does not possess enough capacity to run a government by itself.

    PPM should try not to repeat the MDPs mistakes and base their links on something much stronger than a desire to replace a regime.


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