“We must stop spending beyond our means”: Dr Hassan Saeed

“As I said two years ago and repeat today, we must stop spending beyond our means,” explains Dr Hassan Saeed, Special Advisor to the President and leader of the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP), writing for Haveeru.

“We need to redefine the role of government. Its core purpose should be to provide efficient services to the public not job creation for a privileged few. Instead we need the government to be supporting entrepreneurship amongst our people and the creation of small and medium sized businesses which are able to innovate and foster efficiencies in our economy.”

“Population consolidation needs to start so we can deliver public services fairly to all people as well realising economies of scale in delivery. This cannot be just an aspiration; action has to start now.”

“If nothing is done, there will, very soon, be an abrupt turn-off of the spending tap, with a vast deficit to deal with, leading to many unpredictable consequences.”

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