Wikileaks founder remains imprisoned despite UK bail decision

Julian Assange, the founder of the controversial Wikileaks service that has seen the contents of thousands of confidential US diplomatic cables involving frank discussion on international affairs of nations like the Maldives being leaked, remains in UK custody despite having been granted bail.

The UK-based Guardian newspaper reported that the City of Westminster magistrates court in London awarded Assange bail over allegations he sexually assaulted two women in Sweden, yet the defendant must still remain in Wandsworth prison pending an appeal by Swedish authorities.

The report added that Sweden, which is seeking the extradition of Assange over the sexual assault allegations, was contesting the English court’s bail verdict on claims that “a judge could not guarantee that he would not flee.”

Wikileaks is a “whistle-blowing” website that has made headlines all over the world by leaking the contents of US diplomatic communications, such as 3325 missives from the US Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

These cables have included Maldivian diplomatic concerns such as allegations of possible government interest in “climate bribery”, where there were reportedly considerations of seeking monetary assistance from the US in exchange for backing the Copenhagen Accord.

The government has fervently denied the accusations.