Yameen and Nasheed to meet over election

Presidential candidate of the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) Abdulla Yameen has requested a meeting with Maldivian Democratic Party candidate and former President Mohamed Nasheed over the upcoming presidential election scheduled for November 9, local media has reported.

Speaking to the press outside the People’s Majlis, Yameen’s Spokesperson Abdulla Muaz said the MDP had accepted the request and that the meeting would take place soon.

“PPM presidential candidate Yameen Abdul Gayoom will meet MDP’s presidential candidate Mohamed Nasheed. They are meeting about supporting each other during the presidential election,” Muaz said.

The revote of the first round of presidential elections was cancelled at the eleventh hour on October  19 after police prevented Elections Commission (EC) officials from leaving EC HQ with election related documents. Police said they would not support the election after PPM and Jumhooree Party (JP) refused to approve the voter registry.

The Supreme Court, in its verdict annulling the September 7 election, delineated 16 guidelines including obtaining candidates’ signatures on the voter registry. However, the guidelines did not say what the EC must do should candidates refuse to sign the registry.


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  1. These two guys can really make this country to be stable and free from violence.

    Nasheed is mastermind of everything and yameen follows gnashed tactics to some extend but Nasheed control majority of Thugs.


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