“You are my brother and I will always love you”: Dr Waheed’s brother resigns from UK post, calls for President to follow

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s brother, the Deputy High Commissioner of the Maldives to the UK, has announced his resignation and called for his brother to follow suit.

“I have resigned from my post of Deputy High Commissioner as of now. I have resigned because I cannot serve a regime that has brought down the democratically elected government of my country in a coup d’état,” said Naushad Waheed Hassan to media assembled on the steps of the High Commission in London.

“Some of you may question why I have not resigned before. When the coup was unfolding in the early hours of February 7, my initial reaction was to resign immediately. However, as you all know, the leader of the current regime, Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan, is my own brother. So I decided to take time to make my own enquiries before I came to a conclusion. And it is with a heavy heart that I have to say that this is indeed an illegitimate government and I cannot be party to it.”

Minivan News spoke to Naushad this evening, seeking to confirm the report.

“This is not something I have discussed with my brother,” Naushad told Minivan News. “This is my own personal decision. I stood by him. But I after I saw the videos of the torturing, the police brutality, and saw what happened in the atolls, I decided it was not good for me to stay [in the government].”

Naushad said he did not know why his brother had taken the actions that he had.

“From our childhood days, I know he is a nice person. I still believe this. I don’t know why he is favouring Maumoon [Abdul Gayoom]. At this moment I don’t have the details. But I will find out why he took this step. He is someone who has been loved by people for so many years,” he said.

“And I say this to my brother – you are my brother and I will always love you. Do not rob our people of our right to choose our government. Do not be party to this police brutality that is ongoing in the country. Do not join with the people of the autocratic ruler (former) President Gayoom. Do the right thing – resign and hold fresh elections. Let the people of the Maldives decide.”

A staff member in the High Commission described Naushad as “quietly spoken and very friendly. His artwork was up in the commission until this morning so we should have seen it coming. I always noticed that he was happy to talk about his past incarceration [under Gayoom], but he never came across as too bitter.”

The staff member noted that the atmosphere in the High Commission had been a “little terse”, with “differences of opinion between staff that have stronger political, MDP affiliations than others, who see their role in a more purely diplomatic, apolitical sense.”

Maldives Ambassador to UN resigns live on Al Jazeera

Maldives Ambassador to the United Nations, Abdul Ghafoor Mohamed, has meanwhile resigned live on Al Jazeera, reading a statement in which he said he was unable to continue his duties due to “certain moral and ethical concerns I had that surrounded the departure of the former President [Nasheed].”

“I listened with much sadness and great pride to the resignation of [President Nasheed] and his decision to step down in the greater interest of the Maldives, bringing to a premature end the maiden term of the first democratically elected leader of the Maldives,” said Ghafoor, one of the Maldives top career diplomats who has also served as defacto non-resident Ambassador to the US.

“The Maldives had yet again shown the world it was able to handle peaceful transfers of power smoothly. I was proud of my President and my country. However the subsequent allegations by the former president – that he was forced to resign – have cast a shadow of doubt on events preceding his announcement,” he stated.

Ghafoor said he accepted Dr Waheed’s government as a legal and legitimate constitutional authority, but said he found himself “in a position that makes it difficult to execute my responsibilities without equivocation based on certain moral and ethical concerns I had that surrounded the departure of the former president.”

“I believe the new president should have the opportunity to have his views and policies served by representatives without reservations or equivocation,” Ghafoor said. “I have therefore conveyed my intention to step down from all my diplomatic postings so that the new president may be better served.”

Ghafoor said that Dr Waheed had accepted his resignation, and had agreed to stay on until a replacement arrived.

“He has also given me leave to speak my conscience in the meantime, and I thank him for that,” Ghafoor said.

Asked by Al Jazeera as to the nature of his “moral and ethical concerns”, Ghafoor reiterated that he had “no reservations about the legitimacy of the current administration.”

“But what has made my conscience troubled is the allegations made by the former President and subsequent events. One concern was the appointment of the current defense minister and police commissioner , who I believe were involved in the negotiations [surrounding Nasheed’s resignation]. This was a troubling event for me.”

Maldives High Commissioner to the UK resigns

Maldives High Commissioner to the UK Dr Farahanaz Faizal also announced her resignation earlier this week.

“They robbed the people of the vote and when I saw the brutality of the police last week, that was the final straw,” she said.

In a letter to the Foreign Minister, Dr Faizal resigned as High Commissioner of the Maldives to the UK and as Ambassador of the Maldives to France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Palestine.

“I regret to let you know that I cannot serve in a government that has toppled the
democratically elected government of Maldives, in a coup d’etat,” she said.

Honorary Consul to the Maldives, David Hardingham, also announced his resignation.

Minivan News sought to contact both Dr Waheed but he had not responded at time of press. Dr Waheed’s acting spokesperson Musood Imad said the President would be holding a press conference on Thursday at 4:30pm.


48 thoughts on ““You are my brother and I will always love you”: Dr Waheed’s brother resigns from UK post, calls for President to follow”

  1. Kudos to Naushad or Naube as he is popularly known. He was brutally tortured under Gayoom and his mother was banished under Gayoom too and how could Dr. Waheed do this to his family?
    Naushad has shown courage and the right ethics and I hope that more people would take a stand against this coup.

  2. Naube you are a true hero. A true son of the Maldivian people. You could have been the High Commissioner or whatever you want in your brother's government but you choose to stand with the people. You are simply awesome. I hope your brother will see the truth sooner rather than later.

  3. There's not a shadow of doubt that the democratically elected government of Nasheed was toppled illegally. There's no spin that Waheed can put on this, to make it look otherwise.

    In the last couple of days, he seem to have been trying to smooth talk his way out of this. This is not going to hide the fact that he shouldn't be in that job in the first place!

    I also noticed that MDP have not really learnt a lesson from all this either. Their hardliners are making headline speeches at their gatherings which are only going to excerbate their problems.

    People like Mustafa (who incidentally is on trial for financial fraud), should have no place in a party that claims to uphold democracy. At a time when most people who love democracy are looking for a leadership that can restore democracy, MDP will do more harm to itself than good, by examples like Mustafa.

    Despite the fact that Nasheed's administration was brought down illegally, his party contributed to a lot of his troubles. He better grasp that now, before he's got a cat in hells chance of political survival.

    We desperately need to restore democracy in our country. I don't care who it is that rises to the job. MDP may or may not be the right group for the job. Until they clean up their top brass of ill educated and ill tempered hooligans, I don't think they'll fit the job!

  4. Nice drama! You guys have always been good at this.But guess what...we aint buyin it no more...alright!
    From egypt to libya, from tunisia ,yemen and now syria...all this democratic change crap....nuhthing more than a slow change to islamist government.And we will deal with it, in our own way and time....so keep selling this incompetent Nasheed guy who couldnt control his own security forces to us, in the hopes were gonna back you retards...as if we dont know the story since we LAST backed you (namley for the past friggin 3 years!!!)

  5. by the way..I check your local news for more updates of your country..and guess what I find:


    BBC taking legal action against RAJE TV,
    And this is the station funded by MDP according to available information we have....so...what next..u guys gonna claim MDP station shut down due to oppression...former dictator payin BBC to kill democracy in Maldives!!!
    Y'know..this "naive innocent maldivian local" demanding his rights thing...this story has its limits...its been played..sort out your own mess yourselves!!!

  6. Ahmed, this time if this happens I can guarantee you that MDP members themselves would throw out Anni. I have spoken to a lot of people in the MDP and they agree with what you are saying.
    The government has to be separate from the Party and the Majlis.
    As for people like Mustapha and Sarangu, MDP cannot at this moment in time, isolate them but need to keep them on board too but I am confident that the leadership has learned their lesson and this would not happen again.
    And if this happens the "coup" would be from inside the MDP and not from outside.

  7. Dear Mr. Naushad Waheed Hassan. I haven`t seen since long such a brave and honest behavior. In Europe we are very sensitive to honor, despite our history of nepotism and our problems, and you prove to be a good example and a great role model to your country. You have my greatest and enormous respect. Long life to you and long life to the Democracy in Maldives that will not take long to be established again. People like you deserve the admiration of all. Old ghosts cannot come back.

  8. Dr. Waheed, please stop husting your own people and family. Don't make yours what si not yours. You know gayoom killed people and jailed many. Please give back to the Maldicians what belongs to them. call for fair elections. Please honor your position in Goverment and as a true Maldivian.

  9. Mr Naushad and Dr Farahanaz Faizal are setting examples. True Maldivians stand for what is right and not blindly follow influential leaders.

  10. Dear Mr. Naushad Waheed Hassan. I haven`t seen since long such a brave and honest behavior. In Europe we are very sensitive to honor, despite our history of nepotism and our problems, and you prove to be a good example and a great role model to your country. You have my greatest and enormous respect. Long life to you and long life to the Democracy in Maldives that will not take long to be established again.

  11. Disgusting. An activist for the highest bidder. First he sold himself to Gasim, then to Anni, now that he thinks this government will only last 20 months, he decided to sell himself again.

  12. dear Mr Manik
    Sarangu is the one who single handedly funded mdp during the 2nd round. Also on Feb 7th early morning he was the only on tv asking public not to go for a confrontation when the rest of the ministers were sleeping. We need people like him. Dont compare him with musthafa. We need lots of changes within the party. And i am v sure the party needs more people like sarangey who dosent take no for an answer and get the job done!

  13. Those of you who think Naushad is brave to leave his post you guys are deluded. Naushad is one of the key political figures of MDP. Naushad was placed in the UK High commission for a number of political reasons. This is a well planned act of the former dictatorial regime of Nasheed to undermine the current Maldivian government. Not every one is as galhi as Naushad...we know this kasauti drama too well dear Naushad. Please go back to painting...at which you have some talent 🙂

  14. What nuabe did was what any shrewd political minded person would do. He is just getting ready for asking for a ministerial position when Anni could become president again. In some jobs there is no way straight way up except via detours or short cuts. So he just did that. Adil Saleem did the same when he was sure that Maumoon's position was not tenable. So this is not about brother to brother relationship or the legality of Dr. Waheed's job. This is called self interest.

  15. We don’t believe the sincerity of these guys who claimed they have resigned due to some moral values they hold. Probably so called illegitimate president would have asked them to resign otherwise there is no way these selfish people would ever want leave the posh life they are living in abroad doing nothing that has anything to do with average Maldivian’s life. If they are so sincere they would have not accepted this position on first place to be paid by a country like Maldives for a position for the name sake only.

  16. Good for his brother, and pave for less nepotism and much capable people are there to fill the job

  17. Naushad, why don't you just admit that the fact you haven't spoken to your brother after a week is coz you both hardly ever speak. Yes, you may have grown up together as kids but since reaching adulthood you were never close.

    Farahanaz resigned after a tantrum when she heard she was being given the boot and left rushedly so that it would seem like she did genuinely resign out of having morals. What a laugh!

    Naushad, admit that you did not resign earlier coz you wanted to remain on the inside while trying to stage a protest outside the high commission but then realised you will be given the boot coz everyone knows mdp friends lend you money. I guess you, farahanaz, david hardingham and possibly sarah mahir, will stage the protest outside the high commission tomorrow (friday). Mdp is so predictable.

    Even when you guys were in power all mdp political appointees work as if they're in the opposition. That's all you all know: no morals, constant complaining and then talk of freedom, human rights, freedom of speech but then have slogans like 'thiheneh nukiyeyne' (you can't say it like that) or fear monger staff in the ministries. I'm ashamed I signed up for mdp now; my vote was used for you all to benefit while citizens suffered.

    Thank Allah that mdp is no longer in power. Maakumbe bondibaiy ethi aruvaaleema vaa goiy yah vee goi vefa thiyothee.

  18. Only "sick ppl" will join this illegal goverment!! they are too hunger for laari...laari...yes sir!!!

    I hope mr. waheed will follow like his brother decision...
    use ur heart, dont use laari weapon!!!

  19. What is the legal basis that Ghafoor accepted the present regime a legitimate government? Actually, it's not a smooth transfer of power. There was no doubt that it was a coup induced by the police backed by the military. They have thereby demonstrated that they are not capable of fighting anything like a war, God forbid, if the country faces one. They were worn out by 21 days of opposition demonstration and wanted to get rid of it by staging a coup that brought the legitimate and popular government of Mr Nasheed.

  20. I am sure unlike Mr. Nasushad, the civilized world understands that this is the 21st century and nepotism cannot be marketed as a virtue.

    Aren't MDP members ashamed that the Maldives diplomatic service under MDP is from one or two families. The ambassadors to UK, India, and UAE and the counselor New York are from the same house - Athireege. That covers the entire foreign service of the Maldives.

    Mr. Naushad should not have been part of if the nepotism ring in the first place. The Europeans and the civilized are not unaware of this comedy.

  21. Thanks to Minivan for glamorizing nepotism.

    Also tell us how many of these my 'brothers and sisters' are in Maldives foreign service as Ambassadors. Lets see how impartial and ethical you are.

    Don't we all love the good old British royalty values..

  22. I bet this Naube or whatever he calls himself was asked to resign coz he was involed in that lame protest they held in London yesterday.

    Goes to whoever gives him money. Criticises Qasim all the while getting Qasim to pay for own child's education. Where's the shame!

  23. A very commendable move by

    The illegality of this brutal police regime, that has been forcefully shoved down our throats is now becoming increasingly apparent to the international community.

    How long will they stand behind this regime when ordinary citizens and activists are being senselessly, and viciously attacked by regime forces while they consolidate power?

    Waheed should abandon his ill-attained seat, and call for fresh elections.

  24. Dr.Waheed has no room now to throw a nation in to a ditch, when his predecessor couldn't handle his emotions and trapped in psychological trauma that he couldn't handle and resign for what he was elected to lead a nation. This in not a family matter, this is to up hod constitution of Maldives. Its good you have resigned, so keep quite, we don't want in capable leadership to destroy this nation for their political gains only.

  25. @Dystopia, possible protest tomorrow? Oooh, maybe this time we'll get to see Miss Farahanaz Faisal (telegraph uk wrote so) chained to the railings 😀

    @safemaldives, I hope naushad is still not living in house in london paid with our money.

  26. Is it not mind boggling when the People who took part in the Sedition and Treason to over the legitimately elected Government of Maldives by its citizens to come out and say, we are forming a Unity Government. what on earth are these people uniting one wonder.

    When this Judas Waheed can't unite his own family.

    Traitor Waheed and Waheedheen, hold election, we want a legitimate government. Simply get off.

  27. Farahnaz thinks no end of herself I agree but she has served Maldives very well as High Commissioner in the UK. It was entirely due to her that still Maldivians are able to go to UK without visas, get all the development aid from UK(teachers etc) and would have probably got Schengen Visa too if the bearded idiots did not have a huge demonstration in December.
    Furthermore, as the First Maldivian woman to get a PHD and also in International Relations, she is the most qualified to get that job.

    As for the Athireege, side, I know them fairly well and since when did Ahmed Rasheed become Athireege? He was fairly senior in the Foreign Ministry before he came to Athireege. Marrying into a family does not make him a part of the family. He is a very professional Diplomat even under Gayoom and this should not discriminate him for getting his due recognition.
    Naushad, has got morals. Maybe his children are being taught by Gasim. does it mean that he should sell his soul to Gasim? No he has not. He has kept his morals and he resigned. Do anyone of you know how badly he was tortured during Gayoom's time and the current Police Chief was in the Police when this happened?
    Waheed made a huge mistake. Waheed should have gone for the Presidency in 2013 and with this resort backing. He would have won the election without a doubt. Anni would have lost. Most people, me included, would probably would have voted for him then. The problem now is that he has removed a legally elected government by a military or should I say a Police coup.
    This is the issue here and the only issue.

  28. @cleo
    Your fired up my imagination. An 'exotic' blonde in boots chained to the railing. 🙂

  29. I admire these 2 guys and the lady who resigned. It is an example to the hole world. This shows they love the Maldivian people and our country than positions. Dr. Waheed, you too should learn from these. They have the guts and the love of their Nation. You are in love with Gayoom. You are disgrace to us Maldivians.

  30. An enormous relief to see that there are some DIGNIFIED PEOPLE left who do THE RIGHT THING for the one good reason: TRUTH!!!

  31. @Manik
    On arrival visa was done for UK during Gayoom's time, way before Farahanaz went there as high commissioner. Since end of 2002. Farahanaz was appointed after 2008 only. Get your facts right or next you're bound to say that the sun rises out of Anni's you know where.

    😉 don't put it past her though!she would love to self-whore like that

  32. Cleo I am in this field and I know for a fact that UK was going to ask Maldivians to get visas to UK. Ali Didi, the then HC in Colombo knows about it too as he was the HC in Colombo at that time.
    No it was due to her that they did not bring about visitor visa to UK for Maldivians.
    Actually the only times Maldivians needed visas was in the 90s for a short time before the Schengen thing came into effect. It used to be Benelux and then Schenegen. It is due to her that UK did not include Maldives in their Visa scheme.
    I know more about Visas than you would ever know.

  33. Naube, we the GOOD people of the Maldives love you so much for your courageous decision to resign from the Coup Government of your brother Dr Waheed...we believe it was only for the GOOD of the GOOD people....your decision does certify that you are quite different from your brother....

  34. @manik

    My my, seems I touched quite a nerve. I may not be in the 'field' as you out it but how can you say you know more than me when you don't even know me? And the Schenegen visa you mentioned is for which country again? Never heard of such a visa. I do know Schengen visa though.

    Moreover, I know people who worked on the "on arrival uk visa status" for Maldivians during the time it was done. And, FYI, it is not a visa in effect. It's actually referred to as an entry permit. Visa is the one that Maldivians still require if travelling to UK for non touristic purposes, and is specific to each purpose.

    Call border agency if you want further clarification.

  35. I'll never forget naushad's powerful art work, pictures of some kind of dragons as symbols of pain, pictures of ppl being tortured. I have never met this guy, but through his pictures I can tell he is a soul man, that is... a man of moral courage, hatred of corruption and full of self sacrificial love, WELL DONE NAUSHAD

  36. Naushad, Ghafoor and Farhanaaz, where were you all during the last three years when Nasheed was running this country like a dictator? Where was all this emotional sentimental drama when Nasheed was removing civil servants from jobs, hiking cost of living, assigning all his party and friends to government posts, arresting opposition politicians unlawfully, arresting judges in this country, letting loose all the criminals in the prisons making maldives so undafe, creating violence fear and terrorism in this country, burning down public properties and vandalising the nation... tell me where were you all then. Your emotionally attached Nasheed was doing all this. Everyone knows Nasheed was not the democratically elected president of the peoples choice, he didn't win this country's first ever held decmocratic elections. He came to power because of a deal he made with hsi party adn the rest of the opposition parties indorder to block from Qayyoom gaining power again. Soon all hsi coalition partners left Nasheed because of his dictatorial behaviour. One person with a brain would imagine what made all those coalition partners leave NAsheed and go against him? If he was that democratic he would still be in power with all those parties with him. You guys are resigning with emotional statements not to face an embarassement for been evited soon or later anyway. At the end of the day you all know you and your MDP partners are not sincere with this country. You are all selfish and think of yourselves only. We wont let MDP come back. The people of this country now know how evil and violent MDP is. MDP works with terrorist intentions and its a criminal party. Now even the rest of the world has started realised how big of a fat liar is Nasheed. They has begun to see the true colours of Nasheed. RaajjeTV , how are you going to pay back to BBC News for the mess you have doen in support of MDP and Nasheed... What a laugh 🙂

  37. Ben Plewright,

    Yes, Mr. Naushad waheed is simply a small time artist with just basic 10th grade education. Thats all. Its good that he resigned from the high post of deputy high commissioner to UK. He is simply not qualified for the job.

  38. Naushad is not qualified to be a diplomat. He should never have got such a job. He should do what he can do best: paint.

  39. Really ., wow. .,that would really make it illegitimate. I mean if it’s a cousin or uncle perhaps only cast some doubt, but own brother surely means process was totally illegal. That’s a well established principle in recognition of governments worldwide. Why can’t people understand such a basic thing dho?? Frustrating.,

  40. And I will always love you..,
    Will always love you ..
    Will always love you...
    I will always love you ...oooh hoo hoo..

    (do I look like someone who'd do that ? ;))

  41. Several people also resigned when Anni violated many laws. What about them?
    He started with the arrest of Sandhaanu Ahmed Didi(Honorary English Pen Member) who was exercising freedom of expression just like Maumoon did. Is this not destroying Democracy?

  42. What ensued on the 7th Feb 2012 can only be the culmination of a truly democratic environment. At the beginning of the famous democratically elected presidency, the country was taken hostage by a collection of minorities that manged to over ride the majority through the so called democratic process. The actual stand of the Maldivians was very clear from the results of the first round. Very clearly the majority was a 40% with the closest contestant at a mere 25%. With a very undemocratic twist, the minorities ganged up on the majority through a second round which was supposed to have been between the two highest scorers. The result was the three year plus struggle to remain in power by hook or by crook. Sooner or later this was bound to happen. I think there is no valid reason for this bitterness among the Maldivians. If anything there should be an inquiry on the last election that left too many unanswered questions and no recount in spite of a very close contest. The events of 8th Feb could have come to pass on a much larger scale some three years ago. It appears that democracy is just another political tool for the minorities to overcome the majority. My advice is to get on with life with the little self respect we have left.

  43. For all I know, if you love Dr Waheed, you would not have brought such shame by saying that his government is illegitimate.

    I am okay with your resignation. But why do you have to be so outspoken and call Dr Waheed's government illegitimate?

    If you think Waheed's government is illegitimate, you could have at least waited until the indepedent investigators finished their work before you lash at him.

    Yo are no diplomat, Naushad.
    You are an idiot.

  44. @kareemuddeen: you're right when you say naushad is an idiot. An idiot without any talent really. This man googles internet and pick bits and pieces from pictures there to come up with plan to paint. No soul therefore no inspiration. Gets people he have around him to paint them for him and lifts brush only to add a pathetic bit of a dhoani (boat) on his paintings only.

    Too violent and crude personality to have been treated brutally while in jail as he alleges. One who is treated that badly will have respect for the rest of humans.


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