JP MP Alhan Fahmy to initiate no-confidence vote against President and Vice President

Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Alhan Fahmy has said today that he is in discussions with MPs from other parties to submit a motion to take a no confidence vote against both President Mohamed Waheed Hassan and Vice President Mohamed Waheed Deen.

Fahmy was initially elected to parliament as an MP representing the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP). He then transferred to the Maldivain Democratic Party (MDP), before signing with JP earlier this year. He was elected as Vice President of MDP during his time in the party.

Fahmy told local media today that he was initiating this vote for two specific reasons:  the first being Waheed’s negative remarks about the Majlis in his last trip to Sri Lanka, and secondly, that in Fahmy’s view neither Waheed nor Deen were fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities.

“[Waheed] has said that MPs just stay home without doing any work. That we take our salary and yet are always on leave. Waheed cannot make a statement like that,” Fahmy told Haveeru.

“That is encroachment on the privileges of MPs. This is a very worrying matter. What is going to happen if while staying as the highest authority in the state, he treats the parliament like sh*t?” Fahmy was quoted as saying.

He furthermore stated that both Waheed and Waheed Deen had failed to perform up to the responsibilities of the post detailed in article 100(a) of the Constitution of the Maldives.

Article 100(a) states the Majlis can remove a President or Vice President on grounds of violating a tenet of Islam or the constitution, conduct unsuited to the office, or an inability to carry out the office’s duties.

Removal of both President and Vice President simultaneously would trigger constitutional clauses requiring the Speaker of the Majlis Abdulla Shahid to assume office and to organise elections within 60 days.

According to Fahmy, his initiative was getting support from the opposition MDP, and he specifically noted the work of the party’s Chairperson ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik.

Fahmy said he is now in the process of drafting the motion, expressing confidence that he would be able to obtain signatures from 25 MPs to submit the motion as per the regulations.

According to article 100 (e) of the constitution, a no confidence vote can be passed with votes from two-thirds of the total numbers of MPs in parliament, which amounts to 52 votes.

The constitution also requires 14 days notice to be given before the matter is voted upon, as well as providing both the President and Vice President with the opportunity to defend themselves against their respective charges.

Meanwhile, President of Jumhoree Party Ibrahim Didi, who formerly served in the same position at MDP, expressed concern over Fahmy’s statement.

Didi told local media that being part of the coalition, JP would offer full support to the coalition government. He said Fahmy had made the statement of his own accord, and that the party had no knowledge of the matter.

However, Didi has said that the party has not yet decided if it would take action against Fahmy for speaking against the party’s stance.

During Wednesday’s parliament session, Fahmy also called for the resignation of the Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz and Minister of Home Affairs Dr Mohamed Jameel.

MDP Chairperson ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik confirmed to Minivan News today that he supported Fahmy’s initiative to take the no-confidence vote.

“Since Alhan has taken the initiative, I will support him. I will do what needs to be done to bring the MDP Parliamentary Group on board,” Manik said.


17 thoughts on “JP MP Alhan Fahmy to initiate no-confidence vote against President and Vice President”

  1. Good luck and stay safe Alhan. Waheed and Deen are still in the good books of Sheikhs Shaheem, Imran, Nazim & Riyaz. It can be very dangerous.

  2. MP Alhan Fahmy has a take home message from this article in MN – that is judging from the flood of comments this article has attracted. What is there to be said except that we have every right to expect the birth pangs of our nascent democracy to be long drawn painful and eventful?

    The young MP is enjoying the ride tangoing from one party to the other and the indications are that very soon he would be running out of partners. I predict that his dreams will take run the plot of another “ICON” of Maldivian politics the inimitable purring guru of Maldivian politics – none other than Ibra who had a thimble full of votes at the presidential polls. Time is the great healer and enough time to inflate his ego. My prediction is that the young novice and the peoples rejected bard would fashion a marriage of convenience to form the next big thing in Maldivian politics – A brand new party.

    The jokes/jokers aside any democrat or any anything would not fault the MP for exercising his rights. How could the President possibly put into words what the bosses of the privileged servant members of the house are doing for their paid for time. As servants who are pocketing 65,000 shiners, and being the whole time on leave one would expect a little bit humility. But what can one expect? Without a decent education, with limited political mentoring, with an ego the size of Mt. Everest and clogged up ears letting in no sound waves and a disposition not to listen to good advice - what do we have? The second pea in the pod, to the first that’s every sane persons prayer that it rots ?

    Someone, pls tell the “Mr. MP,” we are drowning in trouble bleeding shocked with grief thanks to the father of violence in this land unleashing, discord, vile language, violence, blood and gory in this once beautiful peaceful land. Talk about the Scum of the earth!

  3. What Waheed said was what everyone in the country has been saying apart from all the dis-honourable members of the monkey house, otherwise known as Majlis.

    Of course, it's not a surprise that MDP will support Mr Fahmy. After all, the enemy's enemy is one's friend!

  4. I wonder what kind of headline news is this. A man who is very isolated needed some media attention. A stupid MP and a big Joker.

  5. And this makes headline news?

    My heart goes out to Alhan Fahmy. His desperate bid to remain relevant is at least supported by Minivan.

    I believe however this his political career is at an-all time low. The constant party-hopping and inconsistency points towards an early exit from politics.

  6. As a person having written some articles myself; it is really disconcerting when persons are referred to with their last name. This is a thing of not our culture (or religion).

    This is especially odd when referring to the fairer gender.

    Maldivians are first namers, IMO. Regardless, I think for a middle ground, we can use both the first name and surname, if not the first name only.

    Writing should be targetted to the audience.

  7. good , lets get rid of the garbage president and vice one.

  8. Waheed Deen was right. Parliment really is a s**t . Anybody who had common sense know that.

  9. yes its true that parliament guys are bunch of rogues. You guys do nothing concrete or benefit to the country after taking a huge amount of money from the public .

    You guys attend the parliament and then try to show off there and then will go and sit under the umbrella in the garden.

    Then you guys takes three months break in a year where as other civil servant who are working much harder get only 30 days leave.

    You guys are costing huge amount of money in the insurance and where as other are getting much smaller coverage.

    You guys whether attend the meeting or not, you are being paid where as other are not.

    You are making the legislation and you guys did this and non of you want to amend the constitution which affect your payroll .

    You guys takes huge amount on OT and also you take huge amount of money in doing your work as OT . What i am referring here in that each sitting you have in the sub comities you are taking money as OT which should not have been the case.

    These things will never be able change since you are so greedy and you only want to drain the public money for your own benefit.

  10. What? what waheed said was the truth. by all means go ahead with no-confidence vote or with rest of all the usless nonesense that you guys do at our expense. i dont support waheed but this whole fiasco by alhan is just rediculous.

  11. “[Waheed] has said that MPs just stay home without doing any work. That we take our salary and yet are always on leave. Waheed cannot make a statement like that,” Fahmy told Haveeru.

    I am with waheed on this one...

  12. Hello fellows: This country has become the spaghetti junction of everything that has gone politically rotten. Who is responsible? It goes far beyond just three years.

  13. Good move were a real leader when you were in MDP. Even president hopeful as per many friends.
    Show us the same skill when you were in MDP...... instead of defending a dictatorship and the coup show us your old self, you have to defend your reputation, indignity and political future. Please serve the Maldivian public and not the crooks who won power thought the coup.
    We all have to return to our Make, and you are given an opportunity, a test use it well. We do not know the future hold for us and when will our time come. Late Dr. Afrasheen was given the same opportunity, but when you think now he use it to mess up the judiciary.

  14. Does that mean Alhan does not like Chinese style of democracy that Deen promotes?

  15. I think all round we enjoyed this joke:-)) what wouldn't one do to hog the lime light. Sir Gassim I feel is becoming an expert judge of character. One can't certainly put into question his sincerity. In spite of the great losses of recent days life goes on. Let's take a moment to pray for that lovely teacher and his grieving family.


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