Waheed Deen nominated as Vice President

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has nominated philanthropist and owner of Bandos Island Resort Mohamed Waheed Deen as his Vice President.

Parliament approval is required to make the appointment official.

“I have looked around and decided that Deen is the best choice who can work with me closely,” Dr Waheed said. “There may be better qualified people but I want to work with someone close to me and with whom I have full confidence in. I delighted that Mr Deen has agreed to work with me.”

Deen said he had been educated at the state’s expense and that this was an opportunity for him to repay the favor to the nation.

“In 1969, at the age of 16, I was sentenced to jail on charges of a coup. That day I decided to show that I am not a conspirator to a coup. And [decided] to serve the nation,” he said.

He said that he would work sincerely to fulfill the duties tasked to him by President Waheed, and  support his efforts to develop the nation.

“My reason for accepting is that as a person who has been working all these years in different government posts, as well as a businessmen and human rights council member, it is time to serve the nation,” he said.

“When the nation is going in this direction – violence and destruction, innocent people losing their jobs – including Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). I do not want to see that. I want to see everybody treated equally. That is why I accept the post – because I believe the President [Waheed] and I have similar ideas, and that it is possible for me to work with him. As the President reiterated, we would like MDP to join the cabinet. I think there are great leaders among them. I hope to serve the nation and not a party.”

Former President Mohamed Nasheed’s party has challenged the legitimacy of the new government, following Nasheed’s resignation allegedly “under duress” on February 7.

Asked for his response to these allegations, Deen responded that it would be “very difficult to make decision [on the government’s legitimacy] 10 minutes after being nominated, as I am not yet the Vice President. I will be the Vice President when the Majlis (Parliament) accepts me, so that is a question I cannot answer.”

Dr Waheed said he would forward Deen’s name for a parliament vote tomorrow morning: “I hope parliament would approve him as the Vice President.”

The President said that he would work closely with the new VP, making a reference to Nasheed’s resignation  as a “bitter result” of not working like that.

Dr Waheed also said that he will support an independent investigation into the reasons surrounding the resignation of his predecessor, adding that he is awaiting legal advice on how to proceed from the newly-appointed Attorney General and opposition-linked lawyer Aishath Azima Shakoor.

During Wednesday’s press conference, Dr Waheed also announced that he was developing a “roadmap” that he would propose to all parties “towards reaching peaceful resolution of the issues we are facing today.”

Dr Waheed also reiterated his desire for the MDP to participate in the cabinet, stating that he was “willing to restructure the cabinet” to accommodate the MDP if required.

The MDP has so far refused to participate in a national unity government as proposed by Dr Waheed, challenging its legitimacy and observing that the majority of the new cabinet appointments are key supporters of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, who ruled the country for 30 years. Only two of the new appointments (the tourism and and health portfolios) have previously undeclared political affiliations.

In today’s press conference Dr Waheed insisted that he had reserved the decision to nominate the Vice President himself, despite pressure from opposition parties.

Deen’s Background

Deen is well known for his philanthropic works and is praised as “the founding father of local government in the Maldives” for spearheading efforts to introduce local governance through elected councils, before resigning as Atolls Minister in August, 2008.

Following the council elections, Deen established The Institute of Local Governance and Development, a private initiative to support the decentralisation process and promote good governance by providing training programmes, consultation and information to councilors.

Deen continues to support various non government organisations.

Last year, Deen joined in line with several tourism magnates to endorse the Nasheed’s economic reform program criticised by the then-opposition.

The government’s economic reform programme was necessary because “we do not want to keep the gap between rich and poor in this country anymore,” Deen asserted.

“What is the main reason a country becomes impoverished?” he asked. “I believe that one of the main reasons is refusal to tell the people the truth by many successive governments, many kings, until we have come to this point.”

In the Maldives’ long history, Deen continued, the public were indoctrinated to not criticise the government and given to understand that “only a particular group, from a particular family, could rule.”

Deen speculated that “the biggest challenge” the government’s economic reform agenda would face will be “changing people’s mentality.”

“This is the biggest problem facing our country today: [one side says] ‘everything is going right’ [while the other says] ‘nothing is going right,’” he explained. “So we have to educate our people, especially the councils.”

Deen also cautioned against unprincipled opposition to the government: “We could stay angry, hateful and disapproving and say ‘go on, run the government’ but sadly – remember this well – any harm this government suffers, the people will suffer many times over.”

Meanwhile, leader of Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) Dr Hassan Saeed has been appointed as the Special Advisor to the President , a post he held during Nasheed’s administration before resigning on the 100th day.

Saeed was the former Attorney General during Gayoom’s administration, and was the first person to file complaints against Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed in 2005, the detention of whom led to protests and ultimately the dramatic events of last week.


42 thoughts on “Waheed Deen nominated as Vice President”

  1. Congratulations Vice President Deen, you have decided to reverse 40 years of not being a conspirator in a coup. Well done!

  2. I remember Waheed Deen from Sosun Villa days. I also remember Dr Waheed's father from the same days. Sosun Villa lives. Long live Sosun Villa. Waheed Deen will be the next president.

  3. We all know that these two men are those who want nothing but the best for our nation. That they are here to serve our nation. Not Gayoom, not Yameen, not Thasmeen. But if you want a UNITY government with everyone involved, then they have to be too. These are the best two men to lead us in this time of struggle.

  4. tourism minister previously called to abate taxes to the government, and hence showed his endorsement for the opposition views.

  5. It's your chance Mr.Deen. Bring down Waheed and take Mr. Mohamed Nasheed as your vice president

  6. I support Dr. Waheed and Waheed-deen as VP. The best people for Maldives at this very difficult time. EX-president Nasheed please stop all this nonsense you're creating. If you want the presidency so badly, start campaigning for the next election (but you will not be elected. ONLY 'some' MDP supports you)

    Cheers 🙂

  7. Waheed your own brother is not willing to work with you. You have no choice you must resign. Even your brother agrees that it was coup.
    I believe your brother is one who follows rule of law.
    Mr Deen, you better stay away from the regime, we as people sort it out from a fair election so we will accept whoever wins the game. We will accept the result no matter which party or which color it becomes.
    The current regime is most brutal regime we have seen for the last 38 so years!!!!
    Deen, my message for you is your approach is not fruitful and better to stay away and re think of different approach!

  8. Oh Default Waheed, guess what. Deen is going to meet with MDP around 2am and a couple of days later we are going to have another coup...lol

  9. Finally picture is so very clear.

    When I saw this Baagee Waheedeen with 22 Zahir in his Bandos Resort few months ago I had no suspicion this is the man who is behind this coup attempt.

    I am absolutely certain this is the man behind the coup

  10. Baagee Waheed, when you can't unify your own family only thing you can unify is Golha boa Gayoom and his family.

    Baagee Waheed Dheen so finally you have become a Baagee.

    Allah's permission, These two shall and will be tried for Treason

  11. He was the Atolls minister and youth & sports minister under the strong man Gayoom. He is the same old, same old

  12. I always had high regards for this Man Waheedheen, it just went out of the door in to rubbish bin.

    I have no doubt in my mind this man is one of the coup plotters.

    Now Baagee Waheed and Baagee Waheed Dheen, "STEP DOWN"

  13. Lets write the achievements of this Baagee Govesrnment on its first 24 hours.

    1. Batton Charges
    2. Batton Charges, Pepper Spreay and spilling Blood of its citizens.
    3. More Human Blood, blood, blood all over maldives.
    4 and 5 More Blood.
    6. Whole country is Bleeding.
    7. His Excellency Gaagee Waheed has painted his country red with the blood of his own citizens.

    I recommend this Judas Waheed for Nobel Peace Price.

  14. People Baagee Dr. Judas Waheed is Waheedheen's n'th wife.

    I wouldn't call the marriage a marriage of convenience, I don't care what rest of the world says.

  15. Apparently Baaghee leader Waheedheen has been conscious for just ten minutes in this world hence he can't answer many questions.

  16. These are two people I respected a lot. In one stroke I have lost all respect. Waheedeen used to be a good man but why now Deen?

    How can you even think of joining a government that has taken over by a coup?
    Think of what your loving Aunt would have said if she was alive? She would be turning in her grave now when you join a government that has removed a legally elected government by the people.
    Deen, do you know that a lady has died today in a hospital in Colombo, from the beatings she got from the Police in Male?
    I feel so bad that now you have got blood on your hands. How on Earth can you sleep at night knowing that this lady was killed because she did not accept the removal of a legally elected Government.

  17. Astonishing that Deen refused to answer the question on the legality of the regime claiming he has only been in the post for 10 minutes.

    Well, he must have been on the moon for the last week or so, so he can't possibly know what's been happening in the Maldives. When he stepped off his Lunar Module, he was invited to become the Vice President. Can't fault the fella, can we?

    This is part of a cunning plan by Waheed. He is trying to make his regime look like a "government of unity" by bringing in people like Deen. He knows that the people he brought in to the cabinet so far lack any credibility with the public regarding their ability to "unify" the country.

    Bringing in Deen is an attempt by Waheed to cleverly deflect attention from the illegal toppling of the government. Be prepared for more of these stunts.

  18. "In 1969, at the age of 16, I was sentenced to jail on charges of a coup. That day I decided to show that I am not a conspirator to a coup. And [decided] to serve the nation,” he said.

    Above is the quote from Deen. I am astonished that he decided to become a conspirator after all these years.
    I mean why now Deen?
    You could have been a conspirator all these years and yet at your old age, you decided to become one.I think it is better to join these things when you are young and fit and not when you need to retire.

  19. “Government of the TRAITORS, by the TRAITORS, for the TRAITORS shall not perish from the earth.”
    – Dicktator GaY-yoom (Maldives)

    “Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” – Abraham Lincoln (USA)

  20. An election must be held and let the people of the Maldives make a decision. Dr Waheen & now Deen is not doing the right by the nation.

    I hear about deaths but no news on this issue. How many deaths have occoured due to the police violence? Anybody have facts?

  21. Pieces of the jigsaw are falling in place!
    Waheeddeen, you worked to empower people (decentralization) and now you are working to violate the power and rights of the Maldivian people. The right of the Maldivian people to vote in a Government. Disgusting!

  22. i wished someone upload the BANDOS STRIKE VIDEO I got this version and there was a short version too if anyone has it please upload that too thanks



  23. Deen is not who he says.
    Fili Waheed govt is illegitimate.
    So is Deen..A simple DNA test will prove this. And he duped Maldives govt that he was a prince, and usurped state money for his education. This government reeks of illegitimacy..Tks.

  24. Deen and Waheed, both decent and kind hearted personalities being put as face for the devious and cunning criminals of democracy lurking behind the new government - Yamin, Gasim and godfather maumoon.

  25. I have watched this video

    Wahihdeen why would you want to tarnish your good name now huh.......

  26. Amei, she died yesterday in Navaloka in Colombo. The family and MDP are keeping this hushed since they know what happened during the Evan Naseem case.
    We should give credit to the family and MDP for this. She died after the Police beatings. She was airlifted to Colombo but unfortunately she succumbed to her injuries. I wonder if Ilyas calls this murder, a Jihad against the Infidels?

  27. Decadent who cannot steer his resort to success, rowdy and grumpy oldie from ancient time with the attitude of being someone special. This guy is just another show off who is nothing without Singapore Business tycoon. Probably, he paid some money to this illegitimate child of Maldivian presidency to become VP, so at least he can boast of being the vice president of this banana republic and go in to history before he becomes history in a short time. Even no one knows how sane this man is. However, good option for the uncivilized people who go and lick the back of someone who has little money from jugglery to show off

  28. Mr. Deen, Please please please. Do not get involved in politics. These are all crooks and your good name will get tarnished as well. Of course if you are looking at getting more Islands, then go ahead. But my advise s stay miles off politics.

  29. Deen and Waheed may have made a very good partnership with the funding of the tourism industry and most probably would have won an election in 2013.
    But not now. How could they be party to remove a legally elected government by a coup?
    This is my issue with this whole thing. I do not know what and why this is happening in Maldives? Who would save us from this madness?

  30. waheed and waheeddeen like thomson and thompson. one with p and the other with deen. hehe

  31. maumoon had given him both both bodu kuda bandos near male for life... deen in return protected Maumoon being charged with the death of evan naseem and several other civilians who were shot in jail to gayyoom's ordrers.. no wits again to pay back golhaa for deen


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