2012 budget passed with opposition MPs’ amendments

A state budget of Rf14.6 billion (US$946.8 million) for 2012 was passed by parliament today with Rf3.5 million (US$226,977) added through amendments proposed by opposition MPs.

The budget was approved with 70 votes in favour, two against and one abstention.

Among the amendments passed today included proposals by the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) to shift Rf300 million (US$19 million) from other items to local councils, increase funds for political parties from Rf11 million (US$713,000) to Rf14.5 million (US$940,337) and raise state benefits to the elderly from Rf2,000 (US$130) to Rf2,300 (US$148) to adjust for inflation.

The additional spending on political parties was proposed by Kelaa MP Dr Abdulla Mausoom in reference to the regulation on political parties, which stipulates that 0.01 percent of the state budget must be allocated for party finance.

An amendment proposed by Fares-Maathoda MP Ibrahim Muttalib to prevent privatisation of the Maldives Post Limited (MPL), State Electricity Company (STELCO), Island Aviation and the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) was passed after Speaker Abdulla Shahid cast the tie-breaking vote.

Of the five public companies proposed by the government, Muttalib’s amendment stated that the government could privatise only Maldives In-flight Catering (MIC).

A total of Rf750 million (US$49 million) was projected as revenue from privatising the state-owned enterprises.

Seven amendments proposed yesterday by Jumhooree Party Leader and Maamigili MP Gasim Ibrahim to scrap the privatisation plans on the grounds that it violated the Public Finance Act were not put for a vote after parliament’s newly-appointed Counselor-General Fathmath Filza advised that the government’s proposals were not unlawful.

Other amendments included proposals for the Ministry of Finance to provide detailed information of development programmes including selected islands, funding plans and schedules before next year’s budget debate commences.

Meanwhile over 50 new development projects were added by the budget committee, which also increased funding for independent institutions by Rf192 million (US$12.4 million) and included Rf100 million (US$6 million) as fisheries subsidies.


6 thoughts on “2012 budget passed with opposition MPs’ amendments”

  1. These MP's have proposed both good and bad amendments. But MP Qasim Ibrahim (DQP leader) is unbelievable. Me or anyone with similar ideology will not vote for him in the 2013 presidential election..

    Spending money he earns from forbidden sales to our Maldivian Muslim brothers and sisters for education, health care and many other purposes proves his stand in Islam i.e. Worse than moderate but lied in the face of the public. Wallah Aulam. I wonder if he knows that there is a day of judgment and the time may grow shorter before repentence.

    How could he misuse the great blessings of Allah (s.w.t) which is bestowed upon him with wealth for wrong intended political purposes. Wallah Aulam. It does not make sense that he participated and demanded the government in a protest calling for the protection of Islam - to prohibit alcohol sale, removal of idols, closing down the massage parlors/spas and disallowing Israeli flights into the Maldives when he commits all 3 demands in the present day and directly generate millions of dollars as revenue from those forbidden.

    I wish just the way he expressed his extreme islamic believes at the protest held on December 23 at Tsunami Raalhugan'du area in the name of protecting Islam, he will instruct the management of the resorts in Maldives which he owns to discontinue offerring massage/spa services, to remove idols kept for decorations and to get rid of all the booze with immediate effect..

    I wonder if President Nasheed forced him to commit all 3 out of 4 which is the maximum he can amongst the list of demands.

    May Allah (swt) guide him to the right path!

  2. Now Anni will spend this money on his cronies and wasteful trips!! It's a shame that very few hard working people's effort goes totally wasted!! Just becoz Anni doesn't know to control his mob and alcohol drunks like MP Moosa Manik and Mp Mariya!!

  3. I think we should stop supporting political with less than 3000 members. Some of these guys are living off with these (our money) funds

  4. Survival of the Majority of Politicos depends on 90% lies and 10% truth,thats the bottomline.

  5. It would be good to amend party regulations so that funds can be allocated for productive political parties ONLY instead of spending it on parties with just 2,000 or 3,000 members.

    Furthermore, it would be great if budget could be allocated to parties with members exceeding 8,000 only (this will enable political parties to be more productive in the political arena.

  6. That funding for political parties is increased is just preposterous!! They have done absolutely no good to the public except given us more reason to incite violence and hatred.

    I'm surprised that this article doesn't mention whether or not the MP's Mrf.20 million allowance was included in the budget. I read several days ago on Haveeru that it was, but I'm unsure if the amendment was accepted.


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