Uligamu islanders allege PA party registration fraud

Islanders of Uligamu in Haa Alif Atoll have alleged that more than 60 islanders that filled application forms for a computer course offered by Focus Education have been registered in the minority opposition People’s Alliance (PA) without their knowledge.

“It is believed that the person who ran the program on this island used the information of all persons that signed up for the course and filled application forms to sign up for PA,” an Uligamu Councillor, Ahmed Muiz, told Minivan News.

“The course was held early last year and people working in different sectors signed up for the course,” he said. “The reason why people allege that it was the person who ran the course on this island that has done this is because in all the forms filled to join PA, he has written his name as the witness.”

Muiz said that islanders have informed the PA and the Elections Commission (EC) about the fraud, but have not received an official reply so far.

“All the forms were fingerprinted too, but all the information except for the applicant’s named and some other basic information were wrong,” he said. “Like the mother’s name or father’s name was wrong in almost all of the forms that the Elections Commission has received.”

The People’s Alliance media coordinator did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

Former PA Secretary General Ahmed Shareef, now Secretary General of the Elections Commission, told Minivan News that he had no information on the matter.

“There have been many similar cases filed in the commission. When dealing with such matters, we first inform the political party that this has happened and ask them to clarify how it has happened,” Shareef said.

If anyone has been registered to a political party without their knowledge, Shareef said, the person should inform the commission in writing or contact the political party in which the person was registered.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the matter had not yet been reported to police.


3 thoughts on “Uligamu islanders allege PA party registration fraud”

  1. The Progressive Party of Maldives will also use similar methods to increase their membership.

  2. we Maldivians are committed to poll and line fishing and considers netting illegal ........ same applies to political party member ships ... but then Yante's a labeled crook ... no surprise n it would have pulled off has Mr. Abulho Hameed was in charge of Uligamu affairs ...

  3. Dear Minivan,

    Apart from your success in catering to the international community, it is my sincere concern that, regarding local readership, your articles of late have only pandered to members of the MDP.

    Propaganda is not propaganda when it merely reinforces party lines. Try and reach the greater masses instead of creating a forum for half-wit web-soldiers from within your ranks to spew mindless hate-speech and baseless accusations.

    Thank you,
    Tsk Tsk


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