Adhaalath Party raises alarm over visiting agricultural delegation from Israel

Deputy Leader of the Adhaalath Party Dr Mauroof Hussein has called for alarm after alleging that a delegation from an Israeli company, Teshuva Agricultural Products, was due to arrive in the Maldives to assess the country’s agricultural potential.

The  delegation was scheduled to visit Fihladhoo and Maafahi in Haa Alifu Atoll and Addu City, and would be hosted by the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture. On its website the company claims its advanced agricultural methods “allow for fresh culinary herbs to be grown in soil-less hydroponic systems.”

Dr Hussein said the relationship between the Maldives and Israel “is dangerous” and that it was “a threat to the national security of the Maldives”.

“Due to the close relationship with Israel, this delegation is not required to have a work visa, which is usually necessary for these type of delegations to have,” Dr Hussein claimed.

Dr Hussein called on island councilors to “be aware” of “this kind of delegation”, claiming Israel had been “cutting down olive trees in Palestine, setting fire to the crops and trying to bring down Masjid Al-Aqsa.”

He further alleged that citizens should be alert about “a rumor that the government is trying to enact a law that would enable foreigners to have land plots in the Maldives, on request of the Zionists.”

Dr Hussein said that Adhaalath Party had “always revealed the secret relationship between the Maldives and the Israeli government”, but said that the government had responded by “humiliating the Adhaalath Party by saying we talk about nothing else.”

In his statement Dr Hussein claimed the recently leaked diplomatic cables “revealed that what the Adhaalath Party was saying was true”, and that the Maldives “has been voting in the UN in favor of Israel.”

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

The last time an Israeli delegation visited the Maldives – a team of volunteer eye surgeons – protests erupted across Male’ that saw the burning of Israeli flags and calls to “ban all Israeli medical teams” from practicing in the Maldives.

Protesters burned several Israeli flags in Republic Square and demanded the deportation of the seven visiting eye surgeons, who were holding free eye camps in Male’ and island hospitals.

Religious NGO Jamiyyathusalaf at the time called on the government to provide citizens with military training “before Jews take over the country”.


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  1. "Religious NGO Jamiyyathusalaf at the time called on the government to provide citizens with military training “before Jews take over the country”. - maybe its the NGO people that wants to take on the country.Extremism whether islamic, hindu, christian or jew is destroying the world.

  2. government had responded by “humiliating the Adhaalath Party by saying we talk about nothing else.”

    That is an appropriate response to all this whining by Adaalath.

    Another area which the Israelis have expertise in is renewable energy and water management.

    We don't see the same uproar and a call to boycott Dhiraagu over Bristish invasion of Iraq or the boycott of MWSC over the Danish cartoons, various American investments over innumerable American wrongs in Muslim lands etc.

    Any technology transfer from Israel to Maldives and close relations would be greatly beneficial. They are also the closest OECD country with a European population, many potential tourists.

    If the treatment of Palestinians is a concern (which I doubt it really is) we can take the same steps as many other countries have in refusing to deal with companies setup in the occupied West Bank.

    Collective punishment and intolerance is what Muslims complain of in many countries, yet we are all too eager to mete out the same treatment to others.

  3. It is so true that ADHAALATH has got nothing substantial to talk about. Why are they mixing religion in to this and creating unnecessary tension. Israelis are not fighting for a religion and neither do Palestinians. Both sides are fighting over a land. Both sides claim it is there ancestral land. This is in fact true as, this was a holy land for people of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
    I believe there are more Muslims in Israel holding Israeli citizenship, than in the Maldives. So its a shame that we are humiliating all these Muslims in Israel by doing this too.

  4. Brilliant idea, Salaf. Buy everyone a Kalashnikov with the tax money and send us all to Kandahar.

  5. Most of the Maldivians are of opinions that Dr Hussein, Adhaalath, Jamiyyathusalaf and the Mullahs are a threat to our peaceful country. Maldivian lived with religious harmony for centuries and now because of Bedouin ideology there is no religious harmony in Maldives and it is turning like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  6. Palestinian Authority is going to UN on 20th September to declare their independence. Israle and US fiercely oppose the movement and say will do whatever they can to stop this move by Palestinians. Israeli army has started giving military training and arms to illegal jewish settlers in westbank in preparation for this. So why is it wrong for the maldivians to take arms against jewish take over of this country? Adhaalath is right. The current governments relations with israel will bring nothing good to Maldives, but future problems and destruction to this country. Jews are not the kind of people who offers friendship hands without any other clever and dirty reasons behind it. Its a shame that adhaalath who is still with this coalition government cannot do anything to stop this israeli infiltration into our country.

  7. why are our fellow zionists at minivan so agitated by the slightest mention of Israel? Have we exhausted all other countries of the world to establish links with this depraved illegitimate state? remember you don't have to be a Muslim or an adhaalath person to hate war criminals. Israel was created by war criminals and maintained by war crimes. you only need a conscience to hate injustice. if you don't have it then you are no better then the scum the Zionists are.

  8. And every word Dr. Mauroof said was the truth, even those who are blind and those who chose to be blind can't see that. Minivan may try hard to show the Western "God" that there are such "terrorists as Dr. Mauroof" in this country. But we say to you all this - "Do your best and worst, for we will do ours".

  9. To me it's much dangerous Jamiyyathussalaf tolerating an equal number of unskilled illegal workers as our total population moving around many of our women now admiring those young expatriate boys for their better private services as we all are busy hunting money, money, money

  10. Its really sad that Adhaalath party is so ignorant. Don't use electricity and don't use the phone and don't fly too. Made by Jews or alcholics or pork eating infidels.

  11. hassan ahmed on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 8:50 PM

    "Most of the Maldivians are of opinions that Dr Hussein, Adhaalath, Jamiyyathusalaf and the Mullahs are a threat to our peaceful country."

    wonder where this data came from? Also, other than (by a handful) on minivan i havent heard hate words about either of those. What are Mullah's?

  12. why is the recent revelations of wiki leaks about the secret relations of top maldivian government people and israel not mentioned in this minivan news report.
    talk about being biased.

  13. @dud
    In his dictionary (check his other comments re other articles), it means any person who has the slightest inclination towards Islam and who must de facto bear responsibility for all the social ills of the Maldives.

  14. here are some other news from wiki leaks cables. these are about the oil arab kingdom of saudi arabia the country that both finances/promotes the wahhabi cult /other forms of islamist (not islamic!)hate and terrorism AND is at the same time the biggest US ally in middle east that gives em most oil revenues and purchases largest numbers of arms from the US. Ironic aint it? the same US that backs Israeli atrocities against Palestinian people (muslim AND non-muslim!).

    Saudi king urged U.S. to attack Iran >>

    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia 'wanted Guantánamo Bay detainees microchipped'>>

    Wikileaks: Saudi princes engage in sex, drug parties >>

    Saudi imported Wahhabism teaching Ethiopian Muslims to hate Orthodox >>

    WikiLeaks exposes Saudi-Israeli ties >>

    ....and so on!

    so my dear holy warriors of dhivehistan, open your eyes and know that you are just pawns in a global economics. you are being used to sustain wars, to control masses for exploiting them and their resources for economic benefits of a few. its not about the religions,no. it is about oil, arms deal, drug trafficking, racism, hate, power and control. your religion islam have been hijacked, you brains too! wake up! stand up against the Church of Islamism and its high priests.

  15. We need to educate the mullah community about technology so they would boycott it all and take their rants to their designated caves.

  16. well, we don't care if anyone hates anyone for war crimes. Our stand is this has nothing to do with religion. Do not undermine Islam as a peaceful religion and do not keep instigating hate mongering in the name of Islam. Palestinians are not fighting for Islam but for a Land.

  17. Even the Palestinians I have spoken, do not believe in violence, hate and war. They believe in peace and love. So why do we have to declare war on them. We should not demonize a people or a country or a religion. If ALLAH hates them so much, ALLAH almighty would have cursed them and perished them. So why should we curse them.

  18. Are we Muslims brain dead, we always love misery and slavery. I see that in reality we are the one who are cursed by almighty. We are the one who are suffering, Israelis are prospering. But still we go and praise Allah for the entire curse he has thrown at us. We always like the dictators and support them and we love Allah despite all the miseries. Something is defiantly wrong with us. Can something happen to us so we can see the light.

  19. Adhaalath Idiots Party members very afraid carrots and cabbages from Israel?How about Jaffa juce than also from Izrail and using in Maldives for a long period?What is the problem?
    The problem in total idiotism of Adhalath ideology/Such donkey as member of Adhalath Beard Santa Claus party -shame for Maldives/

  20. Oh my god!!!, what is is that Israeli's going to do to us? Gut us? I think its the hearts and kidneys this time!

    Can someone please please please get rid of these Adhaalath dumbos and ban them for good.

  21. The Mist,
    We are giving money and buying what ever their products is. It is not free of charge. That is business. That dose not meant that they are allowed to come and sleep in our bedrooms to throw us out in the morning. Where ever they go they spread their master mind disease to that community. Look at America. Obama cant even breath without them. They are ruining Americans life. We are talking about some people who says that they are blessed by god, others are monkeys, pigs and even god discuss the world affairs with them.

  22. Sad to see so many pro zionist comments from our brothers in Maldives. Help Palestine. Boycott Israel.

  23. to Dhondheenaaa
    It is a big mistake mixing some nationalism idea from some zionist organisation with all Izrail peoples!I know many peoples from Izrail and they are very good peoples/ it is the same if all world will think that all Maldivian peoples have such terrible behavior and zero morality level as Adhalath Santa Klaus Party members//It is wrong right?
    so no need to spread some fanatic idiots idea and phobia about Israil agression for all peoples of Izrail/I can say ,that with Izrail help ,many terrorist around the globe was erased/ And Vara Bodhu Shukuria for that/Such animals that killing childrens and say we are true muslims must be eliminated/I am sure if you give weapon to Addalath Nuts Party members you will see river of blood and it is because they are fanatics and cannot understand nothing, just like a zombi
    Problem not in religion and peoples of East or West but problem in stupid religion fanatic idea and manipulations that absolutely unacceptable in 21 century/

  24. @Mist
    So Adhaalath has zero morality level and is santa klaus party? And adhaalath ppl are nuts? And you are what?

    you are basically a very ignorant nut. do you know that israelis are hated not only by us but by a a very sizeable percentage of the world's population? Do you realize that they control the world through media and that no public figure in any developed nation can publicly criticize israel and surivive his/her position? Thats' influence. They have it but it doesn't mean that they are saints. Remember this. israel is the only country in the world that will demolish a person's house just because one member of that house was a terrorist. Other countries may hang or shoot the terrorist but they will let the house stand because the house is not criminal. only this jewish state does this. the brits know this, the japs, yankees, everyone knows this except ignorant nuts like you dear sir!

  25. i bet we wont be reading about the wikileaks cables regarding secret deals made by the maldives government people and Israel, here in minivan news.

  26. to demistify
    OMG you are victim of anti Israel propaganda /many country specially arabs very jealous to the high tech culture of Izrail/ Tell me what Israil doing bad for you?Nothing! and you use many technologys that was created in Izrail/So if you have some problems with phobia it is good to visit psychiatrist but please do not mix your personal opinion created from Tv with real thing that happend in politics and international relations/
    unfortunately your paranoia and phobia about Israel blocked in your mind understanding of realism and true situation what happening in the world
    If you for example, live in Izrail you will be protect your land in the same way as Israil doing now/specially when some idiots from Palestine organise missile launch direct to your house/in Israil many citizens muslims too and they a very different from bearded terrorist because they very educated and do not play in political games that is why problem not in religion but problems in political speculation//and do not beleve information from tv/
    and one more things look how locals in Male some time humiliate workers from Bangladesh like a slaves without any respect to them so don't say about aggression from Izrail look just what happening in your own country or such low morality level also because Izrail ?

  27. When most of the world including ordinary citizens of the West are criticising and boycotting Israeli products in solidarity with the Palestinians, we are inviting and accepting their business in Maldives. The government needs to wake up and assess its priorities - a newly won seat at the UN Human Rights Council should be put to good use to condemn violations of human rights everywhere regardless of whether it is committed by the US or the State of Israel. Stop doing the bidding of the West!!! I have just returned home about an hour ago from a BDS Campaign against Israel in Australia..and it shames me to know that our country is welcoming Israel with open arms. People its time to separate the issue of Israel from religion if you want to take a stand against them - this is our drawback, society should focus on the violations of the rights of the Palestinians - use the language of politics and rights - not religion!

  28. Badr,

    You clearly do not know what BDS is, it does not represent anti-semitism and boycott of every thing Israeli. This anti-Isreal campaign is just that.

    Your ignorance goes to show being in a place and involved in something doesn't necessary make one an informed person. If injustice to fellow human beings is your concern, could have used your time better in Australia pondering over its treatment of aborigines and asylum seekers.

    I have no respect for any person who cannot respect fellow human beings just based on their beliefs. I have no special love for the Jews, I would say you are being equally ridiculous if you were ganging up on sun worshippers.

    The backlash by Adalath is based on religion and religion alone. Nothing political.

    I'm not saying BDS is a bad thing, I'm disappointed that the only reason we care about the Palestinians is not they are Muslim or that they are persecuted, it's because their enemies are Jews. There would not be a peep from Adaalath or most Maldivians if the Palestinians were occupied by another Muslim country. You know it, I know it, everyone does. The only question is are you ready to get your head out of the sand?

    If fellow Muslims were a concern Somalia comes to mind, Al Shabab is a Muslim organization hindering aid for famine victims. But starving Muslim children can't be news can it? Not when they don't have the evil Zionist enemy.

    You're ashamed? I am too, for a different reason.

  29. @ Mist.

    So your Izrail created all high tech we use huh? And the Japs, Yankees, Germans, French, Spaniards, these guys didn't invent any high-tech. only israel creates them dho? Now i see your how well informed you are my brother!

    Want to give you a point to reflect.
    Think how much high-tech we can invent if the US pours money and infrastructure to our country like they give to your Izrail? Think brother think... Your problem is you don't do it often. Read (if you can) about the missile shield technology US helped them develop which they are using now. Arrive also at the part where the Uncle Sam's handwork in this high tech weaponry technology were stolen (espionage) by their only real ally Izrail...

  30. @ Mist
    I did not say Israelis are Zionists but for sure their leader and businessmen are Zionists. These Zionist control America and Israel.
    And Mist you know better than me how corrupted and selfish are our so called respected MPs and politician. Our MPs and politician do not really care about us. They only care about them self. You want to bring these Zionist to our country so then they could sleep in our MP's, politicians, businessmen bedrooms to dream and make sweet deals. Hell NO!!!! Are you crazy. These politician are willing to kill each other for money. As we have seen how they are working in Parliament. These are no secrets mist. Everybody know this.
    About terrorist you want me to believe what the Zionists media says. As if we make a research on these so called Muslims terrorist attack most of it dose not make any sense. I mean what will they possibly get by attacking innocent people in America and Europe. Only what they are getting is hate. Is that what Muslims wants. I do not think so. Most of these attacks are by Zionist to create hate and fear in their peoples hearts towards Muslims and to gain control of Middle east, etc blaa blaaaa.
    And mist i think you do not know about what they did to Turkish activist recently. Look at the plastine people. look what they are doing to them. Norway attack is a clear evidence how they media criticize Muslims. There is a lot more but this is few.
    What technology you are talking about. What these Zionist know is how to corrupt societies to gain the power. Form morning till they go to bed they think and plan how to get power.
    I beg who ever is trying to bring these Zionist here not bring them. They will ruin our life. Right now we are begging but when the time comes we will not beg. We will throw them by our self.
    Money is not only the key for happiness. Do not be a slave of money.

  31. Why DO we have to choose a side in this ugly protracted fight for American dominance over the Eastern hemisphere?

    Why can't we just try and foster economic links with other states and get us out of the mire we're bogged down in?

    I for one do not want to turn my country into an ideological/geopolitical/plain-ass-crazy battlefield. Both Adalat and the MDP are in the wrong. Both sides are trying to exploit our dependence on donor aid to make us participate in one of the world's most messed up conflicts. At least Malaysia kick-started an economic revolution before commenting on such issues. Shame on us and our megalomania.

    Our President truly is a reflection and magnification of who we are. Truly disgusted at the comments and the sheer pretentiousness that inflicts us all.

  32. Holy Hell!!!when i have such discussion i understood that many opponent is just mental sick zombi who following crazy idea about zionist agression and cannot make peaceful life in they own country
    so good luck and visit your personal psychiatrist maybe he will help to give basic understanding of real situation in the world

  33. @ peasant – you seem to have misunderstood or misinterpreted my comment. Where have I said that the BDS campaign is anti-Semitic? And for your information injustice is a personal concern for me, be it injustice on Muslims or otherwise.. and yes I have participated in campaigns for the aborigines and the asylum seekers, as well as in the awareness campaigns for human trafficking…that is what I am here for. I do not know how you have formed an opinion about someone who you do not know. And yes I support your views that if Palestine was occupied by a Muslim power, most Maldivians would not bother about it, and that is exactly the reason why we should stop using religion as the slogan to attack Israel or any other state for that matter, rights as human beings is what matters. Just as much as I criticize Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians, the US injustices in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and the Indian government’s injustices in Kashmir as well as the Assam region, I deplore acts of cruel and inhumane treatment in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the rest of the world. In the case of Palestine, had it not been for the corrupt, greedy and indifference of our Muslim communities (including the Arabs and Asians), the Palestinians would not have had to suffer like that for more than sixty years now. Just to make my point clear – being a western nation does not mean that they provide equal rights and protections to everyone; similarly Muslim nations have not been able to stand up to the principles of equality and humane treatment that Islam calls for, had it been the case we would not see Muslims killing each other in countries like Iraq and Pakistan.
    @ peasant, I hope in future you would refrain from personally attacking other commenters here. Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion without attacking the opinion of others.

  34. Badr,

    Please accept my apologies, after re reading my comment, and yours, I realize I was unfair and in fact our views aren't that different.

    My beef with you was that BDS itself calls for a selective boycott and sanctions, and the article itself talks about a company looking to see opportunities in agriculture here in Maldives. You seem to make a oppose this in a broad sweeping way.

    We have many human rights violators including Arabs, if you advocate taking religion out of the equation, we must be boycotting many more countries. Or we must drop all pretense a select Israel because they are Jews persecuting Muslims- this boycott would not be based on solidarity with the oppressed but our hatred of the Jews (anti-semitism).


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