Adhaalath Party to hold elections to appoint leader and deputy leader

The Adhaalath Party has announced plans to hold its leadership elections on May 27, to elect its new Leader and Deputy leader. Currently only one candidate is running for each post.

Vying for the party’s Presidency is Sheikh Imran Abdulla, from Kolhufushi on Meemu Atoll, after incumbent Sheikh Hussein Rasheed did not put his name forward. The only candidate running for the position of Deputy leader is Dr Mauroof Hussein, a well-know religious scholar in the country.

Sheikh Rasheed confirmed he was not running for the party’s leadership, but said he did not have any particular reason.

The party said that any island with more than 15 members in the party is allowed to hold elections on that island.

”Time for voting is morning 8:30am-11am and afternoon 2:00-6:00pm,” said the party on its official website.

The Party also said that the two candidates appointed in the elections will hold the position for the next five years.

Current Leader of Adhaalath Party Shiekh Hussein Rasheed, who is also the State Islamic Minister, did not respond to Minivan News.

The Adhaalath Party – the third largest in the Maldives – is the sole remaining party in coalition with the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), and members of the party fill senior posts at the Islamic Ministry. Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari, the current Minister for Islamic Affairs, is also a member of the Adhaalath Party.

The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) also held party elections and appointed a new leader and deputy leader of the Party.


8 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party to hold elections to appoint leader and deputy leader”

  1. A party that has sold its soul to the the name of Islam...Why don't they just admit that they are like any other party hiding behind a facade of religious righteousness while actually they don't give a damn about promoting Islam...power hungry idiots..Cozy with a government that actively works to make alcohol legal.

  2. @Nars

    "idiots..Cozy with a government that actively works to make alcohol legal."

    Alcohol is legal, beverage sales accounts for a big percentage of resort revenues, which in turn account for 70% or more of foreign exchange.

    The computer which you use to comment here was paid partly by alcohol revenue, the food you ate today is tainted by revenue from alcohol.

    Speaking of food, do you know the wonderful smell of freshly baked bread? Ethanol- a very potent alcohol.

    I'll let you sleep on that.

  3. Adhaalaath party is changing tactics since they realized that strict religious platform didn't secure them significant support base.

  4. All these doctors, well versed scholars, infallible imams...etc could not really agree to basics

    1) Burugaa is mandatory for women?
    2) Television, pictures : must be banned?
    3) Dogs can be used as guards at home? Every arabian country uses...

    Let alone the core ideas
    1) Why should we enforce Gods laws on non-believers, when He can easily fry them?
    2) Why are we here?

  5. Exactly. I thought Dr.Mauroof was a physician...not a religious scholar. Well, considering the number of "scholars" in Adhaalath, I guess any random person can claim that position these days.

  6. The founders of Adhalath party claim that they are an Ultra conservative Islamic party with conservative Islamic thinking and ideas.
    But the way they dress is very un-Islamic; their dress code is like modern heathens (white man).
    These bunch Mullahs do not understand the meaning of tie when they wear it!
    The idea of tie has something to do with Jesus Christ and it is symbol cross where Christ was crucified.


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