Airport opposition seeks injunction over GMR deal

The opposition parties campaigning against the awarding of Male’ International Airport on Monday took the issue to the civil court, requesting a court order delaying the implementation of the agreement signed between the government and the GMR-Malaysia Airport Holdings consortium.

The case was filed hours before President Mohamed Nasheed announced that his entire cabinet was resigning due to the “scorched earth” tactics of opposition MPs.

Spokesperson for the joint opposition committee, Imad Solih, said on Monday that the parties had sought an injunction against the agreement proceeding “because it contains suspicious [elements] and issues relating to corruption.”

”When the People’s Alliance (PA)  presented the issue to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) they replied that many of their members were away at the moment, and that they would investigate the case as soon as they return,” said Imad.

”That’s why we felt it might take some time, so we decided to request the court give out an order to hold the transaction till ACC finishes their investigation.”

Former Minister for Civil Aviation and Chairperson of Privatisation Committee Mahmood Razee said the agreement was an international agreement which “contained ways to deal with any kind of situation.”

”In the contract there are ways of responding to issues like these,” he suggested.

Secretary General of the PA, Ahmed Shareef, said there were “many issues of concern” which pointed to corruption in the deal.

”The GMR company was not a prequalified party in the bidding process, and neither was another of the companies that expressed interest,” said Shareef. ”There was no criteria for the bidders announced, and none of the bidders even knew the criteria.”

Shareef also accused the government of not consulting the Maldives Airports Company board members when making the deal.

”That is why some of the MACL board members resigned at the last minute,” Shareef said. “They did not agree with the deal. The government’s close relationship with GMR is one of the issues we presented to the ACC.”

He said these issued indicated that there were other concerning issues the party believed could potentially suggest corruption.

”The four opposition parties are against this deal,” he said. ”We will do anything that we could to stop this from happening.”


4 thoughts on “Airport opposition seeks injunction over GMR deal”

  1. Well well, seems these parties can't stand the thought that Maldivians might actually get a world class airport.
    Nothing was done to upgrade this dump of an airport before, and now these guys can't stand President Nasheed's government actually managing such an amazing feat in such a short time.
    The photos of the new airport look amazing.

  2. The hypocrisy of this is unbelievable - PA are accusing the Govt of corruption.

    Just because they are completely incapable of doing anything that doesn't stink of corruption - they feel everyone else are the same.

    THe ordinary people of the country are sick of the opportunistic, power hungry, self-serving opposition who oppose simply for the sake of opposition. Grow up

  3. we know yameen's company makes a fortune from selling fuel at the airport. can't think why his party is against this all of a sudden

  4. may be these parties think another 5-10 years there should keep the way airport the way it should, for them is a world class IOS 190000 managment.and there think its a waste of money now to invester. my fellow maldivian u have done a bad thing to give DRP and PA more seat.if our airport is given to GMR our airport would be one of the best airport in asia.


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