Knife misses boy’s heart by millimetres, says doctor

A 16 year-old boy has been stabbed in the chest in a gang fight between two groups on the island of Baarah in Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said two boys in connection with the case were under arrest.

”The injured boy has been admitted to Kulhudhufushi regional hospital,” said Shiyam.

Dr Ali Hakim who attended to the injured boy first, when he was admitted to Baarah health centre said that the boy was stabbed ”just a little bit below the heart.”

Dr Hakim said that the boy was still in hospital’s intensive care unit.

”This condition is progressing now,” said Dr Hakim, adding that he expected the boy to recover.

He said that the boy had internal bleeding and that he was stabbed “very deep”.

Councilor of Baarah, Ali Shameem, said the two groups involved were school students.

”They had some problem between them and fought in school also that morning,” Shameem said. ”It heated and they continued the fight that evening.”

Shameem said two boys were injured during the incident.

”One had a cut in his forehead,” he said. ”He was not badly injured but the other boy who was stabbed in the chest was very seriously injured.”

He said police were still investigating the case.


3 thoughts on “Knife misses boy’s heart by millimetres, says doctor”

  1. Members of Parliament who are supposed to help bring about end to violence in the country are busy trying to plan their way into power and their next fight against the government.

    I would blame MDP for the violence if they had a majority in Parliament, but they do not. So who can I blame? ofcoz only the ones holding majority.

    Past two years Parliament Members have been busy shouting at each other and playing a blame game instead of actually doing their job. And for this, they actually get paid with public tax money.

    Are the people in Maldives that uneducated? For once cant they just vote for the poor and honest guy who is not looking to get rich and instead just to feed his family and give his children a safe place to live?

    Parliament is a disgrace and we all who voted for these people including myself have part of the blame. A big lesson to learn from.

  2. @ Muad MZ: i totally agree with u.

    This is indeed really sad...there is nothing the government or the parliament is doing to bring an end to these social problems. They are just too busy fighting against each other that they forgot the reason why they are there in the first place.. to serve who...and their responsibilities..very sad

  3. Public safety is not what the DRP and its allies in the Parliament are worried about. They are worried about their wellbeing.

    They have brought necessary changes / ammendments to parliament members benifits bill which gives them protection, they have also increased their benifits and they keep on adding anything that they feel necessary for the betterment of themselves.

    They are not interested in what the people are going through. They are interested in creating hatred towards teh elected government in peoples hearts. They want power. The executive power. Presidency. They are thirsty for it. at any cost, they need the presidency so that they could once again go back to their lustful lives that they are so addicted to live but have been deprived off by the people.

    People of the Maldives.... wake up... question elected members......who bags 65,000.00 Mrf per month and keeps on drawing blood out of us.



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