Authorities investigate death of baby during labour

Managing Director of Male’ Health Corporation Mohamed Zubair has confirmed that it is conducting an internal investigation after medical staff were forced to decapitate a baby during labour to save the mother.

IGMH said in an earlier statement said that the baby’s head had to be removed after its shoulders became stuck and it died during delivery, risking the life of the mother. Doctors were left with no other choice, the hospital said.

”It is the procedure at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) that when such incidents occur we always conduct an internal investigation,” said Zubair.

He declined to provide further information as the investigation was ongoing.

”The Health Ministry is the regulator at the hospital, so it is investigating the case as well,” he added.

Media Coordinator at IGMH Zeenath Ali told Minivan News that IGMH expects to conclude its investigation within two days.

”We will share the report with the media,” she said. ”We cannot reveal any information yet.”

She also said that the condition of the baby’s mother was improving.

The hospital came under pressure to investigate after a report in newspaper Haveeru raised public concern as to why the hospital had not performed an earlier cesarean section, given that it was previously understood the baby was large and the mother had been admitted to hospital for some time.

According to Haveeru, the mother was rushed to the operating theatre after the baby’s head became stuck in the birth canal.

The mother had reportedly been admitted to IGMH after doctors in Thaa Atoll and Laamu Atoll hospitals advised the mother to do so given the size of the baby and the mother’s high blood pressure.

Meanwhile, police and the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) have told local medias that they are also investigating the matter.


13 thoughts on “Authorities investigate death of baby during labour”

  1. this sounds really macabre. would love to hear the opinion of the medical community on this

  2. They should have not even attempted the delivery knowing the fact the mother was diabetic, with high blood pressure and that the baby was a big baby, ideally should have gone for an elective cesearean section. So lets see what the investigation tell us and why in case the doctors deviated from the standard medical care.
    May Allah give the mother and baby's family the thaufeeq to be strong and patient in this hard time. InshaAllah

  3. If they had known the baby was large, shouldn't they have prepared for such a situation. From the comments on Haveeru, I understand that birth had been given to babies larger than this one, so what exactly went wrong here?

  4. This is an incredibly sad case. I am not a relative of this family but I cannot help thinking about the case.

    May God bless the baby's soul and rest him in peace. May God bless his parents. Amen.

  5. It will all be swept under the carpet. The medical mafia rules! One funny lot where the regulator and regulated are the same!For the record does anybody know of any medical negligence case where action was taken?

  6. Was the lady not scanned before? The Gyno doctor must have been aware of baby's size and should have gone for a cesearean. This is very unfortunate.

  7. Its very sad. so sad that it brought tears to my eyes when I ready the article.

    We all are aware that hospitals and clinics in Maldives are in need of improvement. We have been talking about this for a long long long time now without any solid action apart from buildings like new IGMH building.

    What we now need is a total change, a change that would provide us Maldivians with proper health care with professional doctors and nurses and up to date medical facilites. I wonder why it was so difficult for the previous and current government to bring any changes to this sector?

    Please. I call up on the MDP government, DRP Opposition, Peoples Majlis and other politicians to work hand in hand and provide us with a better healthcare for tomorrow..

    Please ,,, set aside your differences and HELP US poor Maldivians.

  8. The gynaecologists and the nurses in IGMH are real axxholes.

    The heinous crimes they commit would rival any corruption cases across the government.

    It was the beheading of a dead baby today. Previous cases their ignorance and blatant disregard to do their jobs had killed several babies and mothers-would be.

    If counted, those statistics would appear as peaks on a national level.

    But then who cares, who gives a shit? Would government hold them responsible? no.

    They would just change the CEO, so that no one can be held accountable. All can say, that happened before.

  9. I read the story on and realised how these doctors don't care about their patients. Why do they study medicine? Are they in there for the money only?

  10. @yousuf ..if it was for the money, then they would not be there! find out how much a doctor gets paid?!


    these types of cases while rare still happens

  12. Mia, the link that u gave here says not about a similar case....In this case, the patient was referred by 2 hospitals in the country and that the patient was hospitalized at the Maldives best hospital IGMH...After 18 days of hospitalization, if this happens means, either the hospital facility or the experience and ability of the Gynae Team very badly requires to be brought to today's health facility standard...

    We all agree that many Maldivian babies died in the past due to such situations but the country's largest and the best hospital who claims that people are going abroad for medical treatment for no reason and because they have money must be ashamed now!!!

    After all, NSPA is forcing people to use such medical facilities whereas NSPA officials, MPs, and other seniors of the State do not use IGMH facilities...

    So why should this service to be improved...It's the poor and the common people who shall be victims of such poor health facilities...

    So, we hereby request the President, to review the health facility standard and stop revealing the figures, the amount of money that was spent by the Health Sector...spending money alone does not fulfill mandate of the Health sector

  13. What a devastating tragedy. Staff must be trained properly in obstetric emergencies as half of all shoulder dystocias happen to average weight babies. The risks can be further reduced by letting the baby restitute and not pulling on baby's head in a hurry to deliver the baby. Assisted deliveries also increase the risk and women giving birth on their backs.


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