Cabinet resigns in protest over opposition MPs “scorched earth” politics

The entire cabinet of the Maldives has resigned in protest against “scorched earth politics” of the opposition-majority parliament, leaving only President Mohamed Nasheed and Vice President Mohamed Waheed Hassan in charge of the country.

Cabinet members handed Nasheed their letters of resignation this afternoon at 5:00pm in front of assembled press at the President’s Office, shortly after the weekly cabinet meeting.

Unusually, the four hour meeting was adjourned at two hours and reconvened in the President’s residence, Muleeage.

“The Majlis (parliament) is preventing the cabinet ministers from performing their legal obligations. Majlis members are behaving against the spirit and the letter of the Constitution,” the President told the media after the meeting.

“So I appeal with the honorable members of the Majlis not to muddy the waters for governance in this country and to lend us their cooperation.”

Attorney General Husnu Suood said parliament was making the country “ungovernable”.

“Every passing week, there is another attempt by opposition MPs to wrestle more control from the executive,” Suood said.

“The opposition MPs are operating a ‘scorched earth’ policy, trying to stop the government from doing any work to help the people. We have told the President that we cannot continue to work like this,” said Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed, in a press statement.

Finance Minister Ali Hashim accused opposition MPs of “obstructing the business of government” by “awarding themselves powers to appoint members to independent institutions”, when this was “clearly a prerogative of the President.”

“They have declared that the government cannot raise any loans from abroad or rent any government or state asset without their say-so. And they are threatening Ministers with no confidence motions on spurious grounds,” he added.

In addition to revisions of the financial regulations, last week, parliament voted through amendments to the Civil Service Act to transfer powers of appointing members to the independent commission to a parliamentary committee.

Opposition MPs arrested

Shortly after the press conference concluded, Minivan News learned that the police and the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) had arrested the leaders of several opposition parties, including Jumhooree Party (JP) leader MP Gasim Ibrahim and People’s Alliance (PA) leader MP Abdulla Yameen (DRP), who have reportedly been taken to the prison on Dhoonidhoo island.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said “police are not saying anything officially at the moment,” but suggested Minivan News could “probably report what people are saying.”

Police and MNDF are meanwhile on high alert, while DRP supporters gathered at the artifical beach area outside the party’s headquarters. Reports around 9:00pm suggested rocks had been thrown, while sensitive areas around the President’s residence and the Majlis were sealed off by police and army roadblocks.

Meanwhile, the MDP National Council adopt a resolution to terminate its coalition agreement with Gasim’s Republican Party and recommend the dismissal of the party’s political appointees to President Nasheed.

The President’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair told Minivan News that a police and MNDF investigation of corruption in the Majlis (parliament) would likely lead to “seven or eight parliamentary by-elections.”

“There have been allegations of corruption and attempted bribery, and allegations of certain threats against the state made by ministers,” Zuhair said.

He added that the government had “full confidence” in the state and deputy ministers, civil service and the permanent secretaries to keep the country running following the resignation of the ministers.

“Their resignation forces me to investigate using the police and the Maldives National Defence Force,” the President said, noting “I am Chief of the Armed Forces.”

Nasheed said amendments to the state finance laws passed by parliament yesterday, which requires any decisions relating to the leasing of state assets to be sent to parliament for approval, “was done in the self-interest of certain MPs. You cannot run the government like that.”

The President acknowledged that there would be “difficulties” faced by the people in the absence of cabinet ministers, “but it is the parliament who brought us to this situation.”

After the press conference, President Nasheed walked to police headquarters and requested police investigate the case.

Opposition reaction

Umar Naseer, Deputy Leader of the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) which has the most number of seats in parliament in conjunction with its coalition partner the People’s Alliance (PA), said it was “really good that the cabinet ministers finally realised they were incapable.”

”The government along with the cabinet ministers was unable to govern the country,” Umar Naseer said. ”Now it is only the president and vice president [in charge], and how can they both do something they were unable to do with ministers.”

“Tomorrow President Nasheed will resign,” Umar Naseer predicted. ”Now it is the time to hold mid-term elections.”

He said this afternoon’s decision brought the current government to the brink of becoming a dictatorship.

”The President said he would launch an investigation using Police and the MNDF. That means he will probably arrest senior opposition leaders – I am not afraid of it.”

Umar added that however much he wished otherwise, “according to the constitution the president cannot dissolve parliament.”

DRP MP Ahmed Nihan described the incident as “an international joke” that “proved the government has failed.”

”For instance: three boats are competing in a race, and one of the boat’s crew abandons their vessel leaving only the captain and his first mate,” said Nihan. ”The current government does not have the majority support of the people.”

The arrest of Yameen and Gasim was “autocratic” and “a very ugly act”, Nihan said, adding that “President Mohamed Nasheed is worse than Adolf Hitler.”

Appearing before press at an impromptu press conference this evening, DRP Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali denied that the parliament had acted unconstitutionally.

The MP for Kendhoo argued that the government could have filed cases at the Supreme Court to decide on constitutional matters submit issues of in lieu of the mass resignations.

Thasmeen said the sudden arrests of MPs was not in the public interest, adding that the resignations showed that the government had ‘failed.’


Parliament voted 47-11 yesterday in favour of an amendment bill that would allow them to veto every lease or loan agreement made between the government and an overseas party, allowing them to effectively prevent the government from privatising assets such as Male’ International Airport.

On Sunday a signing agreement between the government and GMR Infrastructure-Malaysia Airport Holdings to manage Male’ International Airport was scuttled in front of the waiting media, after a reported dispute among board members of the incumbent Maldives Airport Company Limited (MACL) over who would sign the document.

That evening, four opposition parties including the DRP, PA, JP and DQP signed an agreement to oppose the airport deal on nationalistic grounds, and the following day parliament passed the amendment bill allowing the Majlis to veto any such project.

The government nonetheless reshuffled the MACL board members and proceeded with the signing ceremony on Monday evening. However today it was reported that the opposition parties had filed a civil court action seeking an injunction to block the deal going ahead.

Sources in the President’s Office suggested “this was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back” and led to this evening’s Executive outburst against the Majlis.

Other possible causes include a recent no-confidence motion levelled at Education Minister Dr Mustafa Luthfy by Independent MP Ibrahim Muttalib, after the Ministry’s steering committee proposed make the Islam and Dhivehi subjects optional at A-Level.

Former Auditor General Ibrahim Naeem, who had previously released audit reports alleging rampant corruption in the former government, was also dismissed by parliament shortly after announcing a financial audit of current and former government ministers, including former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. However the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) reported to parliament that Naeem had misused a government credit card to purchase transport and a tie, and he was removed from office.

Last year a no-confidence motion against the Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed was narrowly defeated, after the government sought to renewed diplomatic relations with Israel.

Note: Minivan News apologises for earlier disruption to the site following publication of this report. At peak demand we were receiving 200 requests a second, critically overloading the website’s database.


47 thoughts on “Cabinet resigns in protest over opposition MPs “scorched earth” politics”

  1. By the way do they get World Cup coverage at Dhoonidhoo?

    Cheers Bodu

  2. Isn't this how a democracy works? The Parliament is there not to help the President with his campaign pledges. The opposition is there to show that the President is not doing his job and should resign. Now if MDP is serious about democracy, they should get more members into the Parliament, then they would not face this problem. It seems that the majority of people did not give MDP that mandate.
    Arresting the opposition leaders, who are members of Parliament shows that this government is no different from that of the Dictator Gayoom.
    If members of Parliament have done anything criminal then they should be charged and produced before a Court of Law.
    It seems that this Government is as corrupt as Gayoom's since all this came to a head because of MDP gifting Male' International Airport to GMR of India.

  3. This is a wise move on the part of the executive. It is impossible to govern the country when the opposition insists on disrupting the government's programme.

    The Majlis has been holding up key bills because of vested interests in the chamber. All the businessmen including Gasim have been holding up the tax bills in Majlis! So the people of this country are unable to get money for their services from taxation, whilst MP resort owners protect their profits! The people demand more from their representatives!

    Its clearly the Majlis that suited up for this fight first. So they were going to take a no confidence motion against Musthafa Luthfee tomorrow, Ali Hashim the day after and Mahmoud Razee the day after that! And for no valid reason!

    We cannot let the Majlis (and especially THIS majlis of Gasim, Yameen and Jangiya Nazim) concentrate all powers with them. And especially executive powers. This was definitely the right step to be taken. I hope that this time Anni sees this thing right through to the end. i.e. once the corrupt MPs aligned to Maumoon's dictatorship are successfully prosecuted for corruption and put behind bars where they belong.

  4. President Nasheed,please resign immediately and call for an election,en mass resignation of cabinet is a timid and a stupid act, which will bring no benefit whatsoever....Please resign before the blood starts flowing.

  5. president nasheed pls arrest all these people trying to destrupt the parliament for their own gain, they should be put behind bars and Mr president one more thing, pls make those phone records, texts and videos available to public, we dont need the courts to try these people how about the main street

  6. kekeke the guy is so desperate ..if i were him i wud have resigned earlier than the can u run a Govt with ONLY 25% of the population supporting you..MR PREZ..75% of us is AGAINST YOU.....kindly resign bfor we go out for a no confidence of u..if u were popular u wud hv got the majority in the parliament ..

  7. Seems like these people who guzzled the country in all ways possible, are still not satisfied after keeping off the hook. It's like "kandeh furunas insaanegge hitheh nufureyne". Let's put the amilla edhun corrupt treasoners away and bring the general masses' interests forward

  8. In my humble opinion, this is the ultimate result of failed strategies of the government.

    It is one thing for the government to have a determination or have an ambitious attitude, but it is another thing when these traits are on the verge of being radicalistic. Whoever is planning the strategies for the government should also resign, if he has not resigned yet.

    We are in dire need of intelligently planned and executable projects by someone or people who have the expertise and education. We are forced to realise that the advice of our trustable party members just does not work!

    The Parliament represents the people. What they decide has to be accepted as the decision of the people. We may not like their decision all the time; for some of us, some of their decisions may not be even sensible. Yet, their decision cannot be ignored.

    In a way, the parliament is a good barometer to check the pulse of the nation. In general, if the clear majority of the parliament is united on a decision, it will be wise to rethink about what they are opposing. And going against them will be like trying to paddle against ocean currents or even worse.

    I have heard people say that the parliament is against all government moves. But, what we tend to forget in saying this is that it is the people who elected the parliament. The parliament did not elect its members. So in a way, it is the people who are against the government moves.

    There are certain things you can do and there are certain things you cannot do. And trying to run a country against the wishes of its people is something you cannot do no matter how humble your intent is, no matter how well you wish for the nation and its people.

    I hope the government learns from this experience.

  9. Maldives is still a fledgling democracy. The people are still unaware of how the system works.

    The people expected overnight changes when Nasheed came to power and when that didn't happen quickly switched sides and voted more DRP into the majlis.

    Corruption was and is rife and people sold out their votes.

    The opposition parties are working like opposing parties. In a democracy being an opposition party doesn't automatically mean that you have to oppose each and every motion set forth by the government. It is good to have constructive debates and made amendments where necessary.

    But being an opposition party doesn't mean not agreeing with the current government. If there is a bill brought to the majlis be it from the gov, an opposition party or an independant MP, if it acts in favour of the people then each and every MP has to make a conscious vote. Surely the Maldivian people have enough brains to see this.

  10. Has His Excellency forgot that in a democracy the majority counts, isn't that what it is all about. This didn't have much to do with the airport deal itself in opinion only in the manner it transpired, which I would like to think any reasonable Maldivian would have felt uneasy, had doubts with the whole process, it is upto his excellency to change this, to captivate people, whatever jus get it done rather than his ministers go BOO!HOO! you have a country u are responsible of, I am beginning to think its amatuer hour!!!

  11. A brand new batch of ministers will have to now do the diving course!

  12. So, is this the beginning of repetition of another "kingdom" "republic" phase that took place before Nasir? Are all these signs that this country does not need party system?

  13. I applaud the cabinet of the Maldives for the stand they have made for integrity and unity for the country. Well Done. This is a proud day for the Maldives showcasing to the world the high calibre of the leaders that President Nasheed chose for his cabinet. We have had enough of the prima donnas of parliament grandstanding to hijack the government and prostituting themselves for cash.

    Perhaps the time has come to take a stand against the judiciary too for its failure to protect our people with the ridiculous positions taken by the judiciary to set free our criminals who have taken our power from us on the streets, in our businesses, and in our families.

    Clearly, the legislative and judicial institutions have failed and failed miserably to uphold our constitution and to work in the best interests of our people.

    I applaud the MDP for their leadership in the current crisis and the decision to terminate their agreement with The Republic Party and the call from MDP to remove Republic Party appointees in government. Especially of concern are our state companies riddled with people aligned with Gasim Ibrahim. Its time President Nasheed took decisive action on this.

    Your moment of truth is here, President Nasheed, its time to be Head of State.
    Guess the second tsunami has arrived. Good to see the executive in control.

    We are behind you and your leaders, and will support you in whatever it takes to protect ourselves from those who forgot our people, and emotionally, financially and spiritually bankrupted our nation with their greed and lust for power. People who now, (sic), claim to be the champions of our future.

  14. People living at Muleeaage never prosper, they just break themselves. It is a haunted place. If you watch the Discovery Channel you will get the point I am making.

  15. When I voted for change in 2008 I seriously thought the 'reform minded' people really mean what they pledged to the people. Anni has proved to be intolerant, arrogant and dictatorial. Gayoom became so only after 20years in power. I seriously regret my vote to Anni. This country is in a serious mess. We are right on track to becoming a failed state!

  16. thanks to cabinet for the much needed action. As you can see from umar naseers comments, the opposition desperately wants the presidency back n they are doing everything in their hands to get it. It is a joke for umar to include him in the list of opposition leaders. Beleive me, he wont be arrested as he has no weight in politics. He is a political clown.
    Now for nihan drp mp. Is he out of his minds when he says that there are three boats competing in the race and that mdp govt is one? Hey! Mdp has already won and is in power now. Cant u see that? Anyway, a guy at eps school who even failed to secure the confidence of his class for the monitors potion would think like that right?
    Well done nasheed. we are confident in you. Lets do this now. Its time

  17. Don’t our cabinet ministers know that the government does not have a majority in the parliament? How can you have your views favoured each time when you have a minority? You have to be more tactful in dealing with the parliamentarians, if you want this to happen.

    Mass resignation like this is alienating the President. This is not what I would expect from the executives appointed by the President.

    If the minsters’ work is being obstructed by the parliament, there must be ways of dealing it.

    I can understand one minister resigning out of frustration. But I cannot understand why the whole cabinet has to resign!

    Was the cabinet working for or against the government? I am puzzled now.

  18. In a Presidential system, voted by Maldivians, the President is the Head of State. The Parliament's Constitutional mandate includes making laws to protec the Citizens and to govern the country, as a democracy, in accordance with the Constitution.

    The Mebmers of Parliament are not making the laws and hence has failed miserably as the Institution, The Legislature. Their current task seems to be to collect a fat pay cheque, go on holiday, aquire more powers, hamper national progress and obstruct the Executive.

    My MP has until now failed to vote on anything that enhances the lives of his constituents. I have initiated finding means to make him responsible to us or remove him from office. As a Maldivian i am disgusted with the Parliament and my MP in particular.

  19. Anyone who applaud & praise the resignation is either a fool or shows their selfishness. The excuse cabinet has given is simply childish. So was the president himself.This whole thing is a planned and orchestrated by President himself. The cabinet may have been brain washed by president with another false promise but sadly that was the most stupid thing they have done.
    You cannot simply blame the majlis and resigning is not an excuse just bcos they cannot do everything the president wishes. Thats why we call it democracy.
    The truth is this goverment doest have patience, temper control and unable to digest any thing that goes gainst their wish.
    When the goverment came to power, they thought they have won everything and will be easy. The pople did not vote for MDP or its manifesto. If so Nasheed would have won in the first voting. People voted for a change. Did not want Gayooms goverment any more.

    The root of the problem was MDP became too proud and Nasheed listened too much of MDP ego against Gayoom. There were too many who wanted to see Gayoom punished. So govt went in direct confrontation with Gayoom.
    Then came the parliamentary election. This time people decided not to let ruling so powerful. So unfortunately DRP got the majority. Even with this win MDP couldnt accept their weaknes and insted of dialogue continued to take revenge style confrontation. And today this is the back fire result of what have occured at a very beggining of this government.

    The goverment has failed. The system has failed. Now President Nasheed is going for desperate action and arresting opposition members. It will again back fire and eventually he will either go for anarchy or millitory rule. Tnhat will be a disaster and will surely be a blood bath.

  20. ANNI pls resign and call for the election, now your proven that the cabinet members u elected was unable to do their job anyhow. As everybody in this country knows you got only 25% of people`s vote, which are not enough to run the government.

  21. The cabinet resigning and all together for the first time in the history of Maldives is a bold move. President Nasheed can do what President Nasir did in 1974 and appoint even the same people to be in charge of those ministries and this would not require approval from the parliament. So let's hope that this time we can actually weed out the chaff for good!

  22. Congratulation Anni, this is a good move, eliminate all corrupted, selfish vindictive MPS, and charge them on treasons by obstructing the authority on executive power of the country. This is very constitutional. Put them behind the bars for life because there is no crime bigger than treason.
    And do a bi election to replace these people so the government can run smoothly. And shuffle entire executive branches including chief judge and Speaker of Majlis replace them with some patriotic citizens who are mentally fit to do the job

  23. Boy / Radhu,

    Well well well..... you guys seems to be not knowing whats going in teh political arean of Maldives? or may be you simply want to ignore the fact that the parliament has been trying to have controll on the Executive power of this government?? any way, am not surprised to see puppet/s of the DRP / Gayyoom writing such reviews.

    Anyone in the right mind set is aware that DRP controlled Majlis have recently passed many resolutions that allows them to have full onctroll of certain areas of teh executive power. to name a few, now even to rent out a haabaru kada without the approval of teh majlis. this means that for even minor decitions to be made the cabinet ministers have to have approval of the Majlis. Doesnt this mean that they are trying to minimize the responsibilities and authority of teh president bestowed to him by the people of the Maldives?

    Boy - Are you blind. Dont you know that morethan 52% of the voters ticked on teh ballot paper to say yes to the President Nasheed? how could Nasheed be in power with 25% yes from the people? dont try to be a smart a-s.....

  24. Mr. President. I think this move have been too late. You must have done that when you got to office at first place. Do you think if you said lower your heart to those who have been in power for 30 years, they will let you rule this country easily.
    This is what you will get when you lower you heart to some selfish business men who is controlling the parliament for their own benefit.

  25. nasheed game just backfired. he thought the whole country would erupt when they arrested the gasim and yamin. but so far it has not worked.
    has to rethink and workout a different plan to get out of the mess he created .
    poor fellow

  26. Its historically proven that no revolution is complete without blood shed. Maldivians are facing the consequences of "Hiy thiri kurun" on 11th November 2008.

    The family of Mohamed Ameen did not harass Nasir's regime.?!!

    "kuriah oiy 50 aharaku dhiveheen nakah Kaamineege aai endherimaage aailaa akun salaamatheh nuvaane. I;m willing to bet on this one with any/every one who dares.

  27. majority of maldivian people are not aware of how things work in the world..if you take maldivians as a growing child.. maldivians are teenagers ..where they resist, challenge their parents or gaurdians etc and on the verge of discovering themseleves.
    self gain is the moto for these elected gangsters in parliment.
    money is what motivates them.
    yes the people elected them..the q is do they really give a damn about the views of the people once they are in there..
    do they reflect the views of the people..
    y is the no confidence motion against education minister more important than the tax bill.. is it because we can get more money by removing education minister from cabinet instead of taxing the resort owners in the parliment.
    tell me people in maldives and who ever reading this .. y is the parliment not giving priority or importance for bills that the people of the maldives will benefit
    is it because they are opposition members and they need to oppose since the literal meaning of opposition means against etcetc..
    y are these people blocking step forward..
    y cant u people let maldivians gain something for a change rather than filling your own pockets and ur interests..

    damn you people...
    all of you .. every damn person who thinks of themselves ..
    start thinking about developing this country without wasting anymore time in internal bullshit politics
    ..doesnt matter whos method is good.

  28. @John Smith on Wed, 30th Jun 2010 4:17 AM

    You seem to underestimate our stupidity. I think we deserve Kleptocrats, Anni was too nice he didn't cheat and didn't call others' cheats.

    @other numb nuts, google the difficult K word and find out if your DRP PA idols fit the bill.

  29. good move Mr President! members of the former dictatorship are now trying to create a dictatorship in the Majlis. We must stop them if democracy is to suceed. we just want the government to be able to get on with it's business and deliver election manifesto.

  30. back to square one. now we need another anni to save us from dictator anni..

  31. Mr President, use your executive powers and put in 10 members (Presidential) into Majlis. these stupid Maldivians will gather around your house and fathers house for couple of nights and everything will die can then SCREW the country.

  32. Gasim owes a lot of money to the Maldivian government, from over due rents on resorts etc. Why the hell cant Sawad collect it from Burumaa. Maldivians may think Burumaa to be the rischest tycoon in the Maldives. But the reality is the bugger has so much debts that even his grand children will not be able to repay them. Even now theres so much of his staff with over due salaries in arrear. Coming from Raajjethere (Maamingili) he's naturally 5 kulhadhu madhu.
    Small gayyey is a different story. He can challange moosa jal n fasheeh cos hes got regiments (Machchan goalhi buru, kudahenveiru and masodige) who will work outside the law.
    Leave the law aside and let junior cops investigate in the 1980's style. both gasim n yamin will piss in their pants. take them into the dhoonidhoo power house. The sound of the generators will muffle all other sounds. If you guys cant do a decent jpb, then give it back to isthafaa and ambaree.

  33. Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed is trying to build a dictatorship in the shadow of Democracy. We shall not allow another dictator to rule with an iron fist. PARLIAMENT SHOULD NOT APPROVE A single member who resigned from cabinet yesterday, for the next cabinet. They failed to perform ministerial duties; and preferr...ed personnel interest over national interest by backing DICTATOR NASHEED's evil game.

  34. good. Maldives' top gangster and fat cat removed from public life.

  35. Politics is a game Anni should not be afraid of being a champion of democracy and freedom and do anything that sounds anti democratic. Any action to save democracy is very democratic. Even extermination and eliminations is basic rule to safeguard the democracy. These inborn corrupted people like Buruma and Yameen, their brains are clouded with selfishness, narcissism, you can’t help with these people, you have to find away to eliminate them whatever resource available. It is pity The Maldivians is very immature in politics and still on evolutionary stage. But you have to take bold action as long as your intentions are righteous you will win Mr Anni

  36. i cant help but think about poor musthafa luthfee. when president re-appoint these ministers will he get his ministerial post? if he gets nominated by the president will his nomination be passed at the parliament? what will happen to dr shaheed & ameen faisal? i reckon we're gonna be in this mess for quite sometime.

  37. What made them stay this long?????...shud hv resigned long time back..theres none among them who is eligible to fulfill a a ministerial post..its GOOOOOOOOOD NEWSSSSSSS.......finally they realised they dont fit into any white collar idiots

  38. Democracy my foot. Anni declare martial law and dissolve parliament, civil service commission and elect non activist judges to the supreme court. Lets start from a new beginning.

  39. As long as the criminals from the old Maumoon's era are in control of things, Maldives will go into chaos. Anni made a big mistake by not arresting these people as soon as he became the president. He wanted peace. You can't have peace while criminals roam free let alone controlling parliament. This is the price we have to pay for not arresting the DRP criminals in the first place.

  40. This is well orchestrated game plan by President Nasheed. It was time to give opporsition a very strong message. Entire cabinet resignation could back fire or can be reversed back to biz as usual. I am not a lawyer there will have to wait and see the results.
    The Cabinet has given resignation. My question has the president accepted. If Yameen & Gasim is convicted and ruled the message part is done. Next would be President will recall all the ministers back to their posts saying he cannot accept the resignations or atleast he will recall the ministers that wants back and leave those that are need to be discarded.
    What would be the legal aspect of recalling of ministers. The law may say simply resigning is good enough to consider it is automatically accepted. That would mean a disaster which i would think otherwise. Lets see.

  41. Anni good have built a dictatorship... he could have ruled this country with an iron fist... but he did give a chance to democracy.. he trusted democracy... it is high time that nasheed took action.. and this is a good move.. you cannot have a democracy when people are corrupt..

  42. Anni, Act One Failed.
    Now Act Two.. In the mornings get these ex Ministers to give press conferences, In the afternoons, order them to mob the streets of Male vis-a-vis your Club MDP. Then in the evening collect them in the "Haruge", get them to "MDP Bluff Show".

  43. Anni, It's too late and too much for the public to bare. Your stunts are not working, and as Babur Ali says, the MDP Bluff Show's are contered by VTV and DHi TV interShows given by modest DRP Members.
    I will give you 120 days from today, and you would have lost your job. haw 'about that? if you bla bla bla.. and I now you understand what bla bla bla is.
    Bye for now c u later

  44. First of all, is there anyone of us willing to look at the situation we are in without after removing your party colors? The whole problem is ignorance, of law, of constitution and failure to differentiate between right and wrong.

    Lets start from 2008 Elections. President Nasheed won the 2nd round with some 53% votes. This is not a landslide, specially considering that this was the total vote of all those who stood against MAG. Whatever faults he had, I am thankful that he had the decency and courage to accept the electorate's decision and step down.

    What President Nasheed inherited, whether he realised or not was a trap ready and set for MAG. Through whatever way they could, whether ethical or not some Members in the Peoples Special Assembly had only one purpose. Get MAG! They did not realise that the Constitution they were drafting was for our people, and should have thought of the people first, as per their oath!

    This is direct from the Chairperson of the drafting Committee.

    Qayyoom can only be brought down by outsmarting him, and it can only be done in stages. This requires careful planning, and strategizing on the political and legal front. That is what I have tried to do. I have focused on removing his powers bit by bit, and doing it systematically. Every piece of legislation that we have passed has taken something away from him. The Amended Constitution will be the crown jewel in the process. That is why I have given every single minute of my time to the Constitution. I believe that Qayyoom’s armour has been split right down the middle now and he is at his most vulnerable.

    There is no room for debate, the person who will know best as to why and how the Parliament was given so much powers has given it in writing and it is available as I write this. So, I don't think the Parliament needs any more powers. It has been already vested with as much power as necessary, to make any sitting President a "lame duck" should the Government not hold a Majority.

    So whether even if the Cabinet resigns every other day, would this bring a solution? The only way out would be through negotiations with the Majority in Parliament and finding middle ground. The Constitution simply does not allow a sitting Government to do as they please. If we say we are citizens of this Country, whether right or wrong we have to follow it.

    Whatever the Government wants to do, if they are tranparent, and if it is of benefit to this country, the Parliament will be obliged to support them because they know, people are watching. By transparency, I meant not as transparent as the GMR/Male International deal, where it was so transparent that the MAC board had to be changed within the hour for them to sign it!

    If anyone of you care to shed you Blue, Yellow or Red coats, and for once wear the Red, Green and White you will understand what I am trying to say.

    President Nasheed is a young leader, in touch with our youth and it would be a shame to let his first term be a failure, and I pray that he will realise this and make some bold decisions, rather than listening to party activists!


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