Chief Judge of the Criminal Court to sue MDP MP

Chief of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed has decided to sue Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Ibrahim ‘Bonda’ Rasheed for defamation following comments he made in parliament yesterday.

Speaking at the parliament meeting yesterday Rasheed referred to Judge Abdulla as the ‘’big thief ‘’ who has hijacked the parliament as well as parliament speaker Abdulla Shahid.

Rasheed also said it is time for citizens to come out and demolish the courts.

‘’The citizens do not have justice, the laws were made to provide justice,’’ he said. ‘’The constitution was made to provide justice, but we don’t have it.’’

He also said the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and Judicial Administration want to depart on trips abroad as soon as they get the money allocated for them in the annual budget.

Today Judge Abdulla Mohamed told Minivan News that he is currently examining the case in order to sue Rasheed.

‘’I don’t have any further comments to make at this time,’’ he said.

Local media reported that the Judge had told local media that comments MP Rasheed made were against Islamic principles.

Newspaper Haveeru reported that Judge Abdulla said everyone’s good name has to be protected and that he was currently examining the case to sue him.

Speaking at the Parliament Rasheed also accused Jumhoory Party leader and MP ‘Burma’ Gasim Ibrahim of funding terrorists, and called for the accounts of persons doing illegal business to be frozen.

Today in a text message, Rasheed accused Judge Abdulla of bringing islanders from his island for the December 23 ‘Defend Islam’ protest while accusing Gasim of sending money in envelopes.

Rasheed also said he has evidence that Judge Abdulla decided to sue him according to Gasim’s order, adding that he has decided to send a case against Gasim to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).


6 thoughts on “Chief Judge of the Criminal Court to sue MDP MP”

  1. Doesn't the chief judge knows whats written in the constitution. You can't sue an MP over what he says in the parliament. They have the absolute freedom of expression. HELLO!!!

  2. Does that absolute freedom of expression grant MPs the right to attack one of the three main arms of the State?

    I think that amounts to sedition and a crime against the State.

    The MNDF should apprehend this "Bonda" and question him regarding his intentions to "demolish" the courts.

  3. This judge is special case; he is above any law or even the Maldivian constitution.

  4. I think this is going over board now. Anni must dissolve the parliament and arrest all these crooks, amend the constitution and start all over again. This is now heading for disaster.


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