MDP MP Jabir threatens to leave party after parliament evicts Housing Minister

Maldivian Democratic Party *MDP) MP Abdulla Jabir has threatened he will leave the MDP if Speaker of parliament Abdulla Shahid remains in the party.

Jabir’s comments came after the parliament forced Housing Minister Ahmed Muiz to leave the parliament when he came to attend a Finance Committee meeting to which he was invited.

Speaking to local media, Jabir said that although the current government was not legitimate the Speaker of parliament should inform him before forcing the Housing Minister to leave as Jabir was the Chair of the Finance Committee.

Jabir told the media that he wanted to meet the Housing Minister to clarify how the government was spending the budget as the government has expired at 12:00am today.

He also said the MDP should decide if they wanted Shahid or him and said that if MDP wants Shahid he would resign from the party. Jabir told the media that he would discuss the issue with Nasheed.

Housing Minister Muiz was asked to leave the parliament by the Sergeant-at-arms after MDP MPs complained to the speaker that there was no legal ground for Muiz to be in the parliament representing the Housing Ministry, following the expiry of President Waheed’s term.

The Speaker of Parliament has also sent a letter to President Dr Mohamed Waheed informing him that his term as president expired at midnight, and that he was no longer in command of the country.

As there is no other way to extend presidential term, the speaker informed Waheed: “The presidential term which began on 11 November 2008 ended on 10 November 2013 and the term cannot be extended unless the procedures laid out in Article 262 are followed.”

The Speaker also sent a similar letter to Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz, Chief of Defence Forces Major General Ahmed Shiyam, Elections Commission President Fuwad Thowfeek, Human Rights Commission of the Maldives President Mariyam Azra, Civil Service Commission President Dr Mohamed Latheef, Prosecutor General Ahmed Muizz, Auditor General Niyaz Ibrahim, and Anti corruption Commission President Hassan Luthfy.

Jabir is well known for his frequent defections from party to party. His first political party was the Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) during the presidency of Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. He then joined former party of PPM Parliamentary Group leader MP Yameen Abdul Gayoom, the People’s Alliance (PA).

Jabir defected to the JP ahead of the 2008 presidential elections and backed JP leader and business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim, and wass appointed the party’s deputy leader.

He then went on to join the MDP and hold senior positions within the party. He also announced his intention to contest for the MDP chairmanship.

However, during the protests following the detention of Chief Judge of Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed, Jabir once again declared that he had defected from MDP back to the JP.

In the meantime Jabir’s wife, former SAARC Secretary General Dhiyana Saeed, also resigned from her position in SAARC and joined the opposition movement against former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Jabir became an MP after winning the by-election held to elect an MP to the vacant seat of Kaashidhoo constituency on a JP ticket. He was backed by President Waheed and a coalition of parties supporting his government.

The PPM who initially had their own candidate for the election also backed Jabir. He rejoined MDP in December 2012.


10 thoughts on “MDP MP Jabir threatens to leave party after parliament evicts Housing Minister”

  1. Very funny political career. Parties should stop enrolling disloyal people. They jump sides at each and every opportunity.

  2. Jabir - the finest of Maldivain politicians.

    Every one accepts him to his party even after he betrays them. So its safe to say that he is well loved by all.

  3. Jabir has a bone to pick with housing minister Muizzu. It all relates to land lease issue in Male', Jabir is after one thing, HIMSELF

  4. Get rid of this guy. His plan is now to run to whoever can protect him from his pending jail sentence for drinking and smoking drugs! Jabir has no morals whatsoever. He can't touch Shahid with a barge pole in any area.

    I hope he gets sentenced to a very long time for his Hondaidhoo escapade. A cynical might even think he organised it so that he could frame some key members of MDP! Now he's done that and is trying to find a way to esacpe!

  5. Now it is very likely that new evidence to surface that in Hondadhoo incident.

    Jabir would of course not be culpable.

  6. JOURNALIST: Mr Jabir, can't you ever make up your mind?

    JABIR: Well, yes and no.

  7. Mr Jabir: Please oh please, go back to where you belong. How low can you go? Only one group of people can match your antics, so why don't you just slope off and join them. You were always the traitor in their midst, you professional turncoat. If you want to be a good politician (now, is there such a thing) at least keep consistent. This smacks of GAYoom's divide and rule policies. Why don't you go back to that teacher and hide behind him? Get on that SQ flight - now! You are delaying the inevitable - and maybe that's what you were placed there to do. Grab that fat envelope while you can.

  8. Jabir should be accountable for his crimes. He cant use MDP umbrella and then start threats to house speaker.

    Who the hell does he think he is? without him MDP will be a better organization. He is among the list of corrupt thieves, swindlers, fakes, and no national spirit but personal.

    Jabir please pay your bills and SHUT UP!


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