Chief Justice Faiz previously alleged bribery in interim Supreme Court: Nasheed

Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz alleged in 2010 that judges on the interim Supreme Court “openly accepted bribes”, advising then-President Mohamed Nasheed to “bring the interim court to a halt,” Nasheed has claimed at a campaign rally in Male’ last night.

In 2010, then-interim Supreme Court Justice Faiz requested an audience with the president, Nasheed explained, noting that it was the first time he had met with a sitting judge.

“Faiz came and said the judges on the interim Supreme Court were openly accepting bribes and that Faiz knew of it,” Nasheed said.

He named the judges who were accepting bribes, Nasheed added.

“Faiz told me that the work that went on in the interim Supreme Court was not establishing justice but buying and selling. He said the court must be brought to a halt,” he continued.

Faiz advised the president that he was obliged to rein in the interim court, Nasheed said.

Interim bench

Nasheed referred to the five-member interim Supreme Court – headed by interim Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed – declaring that it was permanent ahead of the constitutional deadline for the interim period on August 7, 2010.

Apart from Faiz, the interim bench sworn in on September 18, 2008 consisted of Justice Abdulla Saeed, Justice Mujthaz Fahmy, Justice Abdulla Areef, and Justice Yousuf Hussain.

Nasheed noted that the then-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) did not have a majority in the People’s Majlis, through which the permanent Supreme Court was to be instituted.

Referring to Justice Ali Hameed’s sex tape scandal, the former president revealed that his first seven nominees to the apex court did not include “disgraced judges.”

The original candidates included sitting MPs and a relative of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, he added.

Nasheed alleged that Jumhooree Party Leader Gasim Ibrahim offered an unlimited amount of money to MDP parliamentary group leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in exchange for confirming Ali Hameed to the Supreme Court bench.

On August 7, 2010, when the constitutional interim period expired, President Nasheed ordered the military to confiscate the keys of the Supreme Court after the interim court declared itself permanent.

Three days later, parliament hastily passed the Judges Act and approved Nasheed’s nominees to the new Supreme Court bench in a deal reached with the then-opposition parties who controlled parliament.

The president’s member on the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), Aishath Velezinee, described Faiz at the time as “a well-respected man amongst the judges. I have never heard anybody question his independence or impartiality. He is a learned man and amongst all the politicking and hanky-panky going on, he has maintained his integrity.”

Nasheed meanwhile went on to severely criticise Faiz for issuing a harshly worded statement condemning international partners who expressed concern with the Supreme Court’s controversial removal of the Elections Commission’s chair and deputy chair.

The Supreme Court was “destroying the future of generations to come,” he said.


7 thoughts on “Chief Justice Faiz previously alleged bribery in interim Supreme Court: Nasheed”

  1. This crazy guy does not understand what he is talking about ? I guess he is under the influence of drugs as usual.

    Idiot saying that in his first list he had included relatives of Gayyoom and on the same torn he is saying that MDP does not have majority in the parliament and DRP has.

    If DRP was controlling the parliament and if Nasheed had proposed Gayyoom relative , then why did Gayyoom refuse his offer to keep his relative ? That time DRP was controlled by Gayyoom and not Thasmeen.

    Ali Hameed was appointed by Nasheed himself and not was by Gasim or Gayyoom or Yameen and this guy was hand picked by Nasheed.

    Even Faiz was hand picked by Nasheed too.

    Basically who ever not in agreement with Nasheed and who ever does not obey Nasheed will be biased , robber, and a criminal.

    In fact Ali Hameed case was created by Nasheed himself . That kind of tactics were used to blackmail many prominent figures in the country by Nasheed.

    But Ali Hameed ignored Nasheed blackmailing and being a sitting judge in the supreme court bench, given the current political situation in the country, the Hameed seems to be taking advantage of the situation by not allowing Nasheed to bully him like others.

    People like Shahid, Thaoufeeq , some MPs, and Former Ministers etc were quoted in between Nasheed's drama and are subjected to blackmailing .

    Nasheed is a very cunning man and he had a group of women and men to create this dilemma .

  2. You've made a grave mistake, Minivan. Everybody knows Supreme Court justices must be addressed as "His Noble Excellency All-Knowing Merciful and Beneficent Honorouble Justice *insert name*"

    Please make this correction at once.

  3. Yes, they must be addressed thus:

    "Justice Mighty You-cannot-touch-him All-Knowing Sheikh from Sodom" or if you like, for short Just MYASS. There are just 7 MYASSes in the Supreme Court of the Maldives. Nice.

  4. I have been following President Nasheeds appearances and campaigns for some time.

    Now he is losing the touch and seem more and more desperate.

    When attacking verbally pubic servants and officials criticizing their language skills - thats when you are running out of arguments.....

    Nasheed, now you are "blowing smoke" - there is no "juice" left in the man who was very good at campaigning and gathering support any more.

    Its about a clear political standpoint comes out, more than vendetta and hate campaigns against individuals.

    Bullying belongs in the school ground, not coming from adult politicians.

  5. Nasheed is trying to clean s**t, can anyone clean s**t, the more you try to clean that s**t the more you soil everything. Where you can find good people in this fishermen’s Island, what you can handpick from human mess. You can’t find a single person in these sand dunes whose brain works rationally. This hysteric, xenophobic society was built up on suspicion, myths, ignorance. If you wish good for them they will look in to you with suspicion that your intention is to either to corrupt their belief or to get benefit from them. For them there is nothing called philanthropy or good wish. This Zombie society does not have human quality. Probably Nasheed at that time thought this was the good team for SC bench, but you put anyone from this moronic society you will get maniacs, pedophiles, religious fanatics, perverts and opportunists. The problem with Nasheed is he is trying to do good for this useless moronic people, when somebody thinks good for them they fear about such people and look at them as they are evil doers with ill intention, for them no one can be just, philanthropic or good human being, because such thing does not exist in their psychosis, The best people for them are those who mislead them to immaterial or inhuman things. Democracy is not good for ignorant people. Whatever you do and how much you struggle to do good for such ignorant people it will be a waste of time. Let time evolve them if that does not happens; forget about good governance and democracy in such people.

  6. The Supreme Court judge's name was sent by President Nasheed,the approval vote was given by MDP members in Parliament.

    This same with Prosecutor General Muize was the same but now they cant trust them.


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