Chief suspect in Afrasheem case changes testimony, confesses to MP’s murder

The chief suspect in the MP Dr Afrasheem Ali murder case has confessed to the crime in Criminal Court today, after previously denying his involvement in the attack earlier this month.

Hussain Humam, of Male’s Henveiru Lobby, told the court today (May 22) that he carried out the fatal attack on Afrasheem with the help of Ali Shan of Male’s Henveiru Hikost, and that the juvenile suspect in the case was also present.

Earlier this month, Humam confessed in court to multiple stabbings, robberies and at least one murder, but denied murdering the MP.

State prosecutors told the court that Dr Afrasheem’s DNA was found on the jeans Humam was wearing that night, local media reported.

During the court hearing today, Humam was given the opportunity to respond to the evidence produced against him.

Humam told the judge that “now that this is very clear I have nothing to say.” When the judge queried as to whether he was confessing, Humam replied “yes”.

The prosecution lawyers produced the statement Humam gave on December 7, 2012, when he was brought before the court to extend his pre-trial detention period, the statement given by the minor arrested in connection with the case, evidence supporting that Humam went to Dr Afrasheem’s house that night, evidences of Humam’s attack and evidence that Dr Afrasheem died of injuries caused to his body from the attack.

The prosecution told the court that the statement given by the minor and the statement given by Humam on December 7 matched the evidence, and told the court that Dr Afrasheem’s DNA samples were obtained from the jeans worn by Humam the night of Dr Afrasheem’s death.

The prosecution also said that there were witnesses who wanted to testify in court that they had learned Humam and a group of people had planned to murder Dr Afrasheem. The lawyers requested the judge keep the witnesses statements closed to the public.

When the judge asked Humam for his response was, he replied that he had already spoken of how Dr Afrasheem’s murder was carried out, and requested the judge to read out his statement given on December 7.

Humam then said that the idea of killing Dr Afrasheem was given to him by Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) officer Azleef Rauf, who he met at the a baibalaa tournament held in 2012.

He said that at the baibalaa tournament Azleef had asked him not to get arrested, and that night sent him to pick up a kilogram of drugs from the airport that were smuggled in to the country by a Pakistani man. He said he dropped the drugs off to the house where a person he identified as ‘Mukkar’ lived.

Humam said he did it because Azleef had told him he would get half of the profit from selling it.

He said he was later sent by Azleef to Velidhoo island in Noonu Atoll to sell drugs, but the drugs they took did not sell and so he took it himself with a group of friends on the island.

Humam said he stayed on Velidhoo for three weeks and came back to Male’ on September 25, after Azleef called and asked him to come back.

According to Humam, after he came to Male’ he was invited to a coffee with Azleef, Javid and his brother ‘Jana’, where Azleef said that “I promise you will get MVR4 million if you murder Dr Afrasheem,” to which Javid’s brother ‘Jana’ replied “yes you will.”

Humam told the court that later he had met with a person called ‘Spy’ and Azleef where he asked them why he had to attack Afrasheem.

He said that they replied that one of the reasons they had to get rid of Dr Afrasheem was the remarks he made the day former President Mohamed Nasheed resigned.

Humam said Azleef had provided him with an identity card and money to buy SIM cards and mobile phones.

According to Humam, during that meeting ‘Spy’ and Azleef told him that they would meet again after Afrasheem had been murdered.

He said that on the evening of October 1, the night Afrasheem was killed, he went near the MP’s house to take a look after Azleef had asked him to do so.

The weapons and tools used in the attack were hidden in the house of a person called ‘Nangi’, Humam said.

He said he called ‘Nangi’ that night and asked him and Ali Shan [the second suspect charged with the murder] to come to his house.

When Shan and Humam went to Nangi’s house he came out with a big black dustbin bag which had jeans, tshirts, gloves, a machete and a bayonet knife.

The three of them went to the Henveiru park, got changed inside the park, and walked to Dr Afrasheem’s house. Humam said he waited inside the house for Shan to signal, who was waiting outside.

He said after a while Shan came inside and told him that Afrasheem was on the way, and 10 seconds later Afrasheem entered the house.

He said he then attacked Afrasheem with the machete and he felt to the ground, and then Shan came and attacked him with the bayonet knife.

Humam said he left the scene with Shan on a motorbike and stopped at the Shaheed Ali Mosque to wash his hands because he had blood on his jeans and tshirt.

He said he then went back to Henveiru Park and got changed again, and went to the Blue Bay Café where he again washed his hands.

Then he went inside the Henveiru Football ground to lie down, where he fell asleep and woke up the next morning when Azleef called him.

He said he walked out of the football ground to the near the State Bank of India, where he was arrested.

Humam said he had not received any amount of money from the murder, but said Azleef told him that he had received MVR1 million in advance.

He said he had seen himself hanged in his dreams and had talked about this to police officers. He also confessed that he had sent notes to Azleef through people released from pre-trial detention, and had tried to produce evidence in his defence.

Humam stated that on Ocotber 1, he spent the whole day drinking alcohol and smoking hash oil and did not go home after 3:00pm. He said that he finished four bottles of alcohol and smoked lots of hash.

He said he initially denied to the charges before thinking about what might happen to his family. But he said now wished to apologise to Dr Afrasheem’s family and repent.

When the Judge asked if there was anything else he would like to say, he said he would like to request the judge not sentence him to death.

MP Afrasheem was stabbed to death on the night of October 1 2012. His body was discovered by his wife at the bottom of the stairs of their apartment building shortly after midnight.

Humam’s next court hearing date has not yet been decided, Criminal Court Spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Manik told Minivan News today.

“A lot of procedures need to be completed prior to Humam’s next hearing,” said Manik. “Afrasheem’s family will be brought in to see what they want [in regard to whether they call for Humam to receive the death penalty].”

Shan’s Criminal Court case has yet to start.

It is unclear whether police intend to make additional arrests in light of Humam’s allegations.

Given that the investigation process is ongoing, the police will “reveal information as it progresses,” a police spokesperson told Minivan News today.

Earlier this May, the Juvenile Court sentenced a minor arrested in connection with Dr Afrasheem Ali’s murder to eight months imprisonment after the court found him guilty of misleading the police investigation.

Police Commissioner Abdullah Riyaz has previously claimed the child “deliberately misled” police by providing false information during their investigation into Afrasheem’s murder. The minor was the “lookout” during the stabbing and subsequent murder of the moderate Islamic scholar, Riyaz had alleged on December 4.

Rauf and Javid were also previously detained by police over their alleged involvement in the case. Both were later released by the court.

Javid spent 45 days in detention in connection to the Afrasheem murder, after which time at the time his lawyer argued his continued detention was unconstitutional given there was no evidence to support keeping him in custody.

On the day of Javid’s release (January 17), his brother Shahin Mohamed was taken away “without any warning” by police whilst waiting with Javid’s family outside of the court. Mohamed was released from police custody three hours after he was taken away by police.

In December last year the MDP accused the police of attempting to pin Afrasheem’s murder on its members, instead of going after those guilty of the crime.

Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz has previously alleged that the murder of the MP was “well planned” and worth MVR 4 million (US$260,000), the same amount stated by Humam in court.

Humam’s confession closely follows a statement from the UN team in the Maldives calling for the abolition of the death penalty.

At the same time, a US State Department report into religious freedom released earlier this week noted that one of the “more prominent theories” about the murder of moderate Islamic scholar and parliamentarian Afrasheem Ali was “that violent extremists viewed Afrasheem’s very public moderate approach to Islam as apostasy and killed him to send a message to moderate Muslims that a strict interpretation of Islam is the only acceptable approach.”


25 thoughts on “Chief suspect in Afrasheem case changes testimony, confesses to MP’s murder”

  1. If the government cant give justice to the family, to the people of Maldives, why have the Government???

    What will most likely happen is, the Government will be too afraid to sentence him, they will most likely turn all stones to see if there are any loopholes that they slip through and avoid sentencing him.

    This is the reason why Maldives is a failure.

  2. So.. They are trying to frame high placed MDP members. That was predictable. If there's one party who had nothing to gain from Afrasheem's murder, it's the MDP. If they wanted a PPM politician killed, they'd never choose Afrasheem.

    It makes no sense. There are theories which make much more sense. It's clear that there's people with money and power involved. I'm sure there's more than just extremist muslims involved, this was a political murder and the responsible's want to get rid of a few opponents at the same time: Afrasheem, Reeko and Janah and to deal a serious blow to the MDP all together before the elections.

  3. Looks like a deal has been made. Frame the MDP and you don't get death penalty.

  4. Nasheed and MDP is behind this murder.. I did not expect MDP leaders will go this low... You just lost my vote.

  5. Of course any MDP will have no connection to any wrong doing in this country and it always and will be others.

    When a person becomes a member of MDP, all the sins will be forgiven and they never know or yhtinkg of doing any wrong.

  6. Question: Why were the Police Services unable to get a clear conviction on him with the already acquired evidence at hand? Defies the Logic of the Entire Investigation.

  7. Knowing all this., why POLICE have released all suspects, except Humam.

    Why have police kept only Humaam on hold?

    If Humam can, why not others...?

    Also DRP Presidential candidate has told, this AZLEEF communicating Yamin & that YAG might have a connection.

    Please take all & get JUSTICE, failing no more MALDIVES.

    By the way where are the Killers of Eevan Naseem....... Free ... Why ???

    Funk offff JUDICIARY

  8. If the perpetrators are known, be it Jaa from MDP, or Fckface from DRP, dkhead from PPM, he must be punished. Sentenced appropriately.

    For the life of me I can't fathom why a guy who was caught with a penthouse magazine gets 2years jail sentence, while a murderer, his hitlist-contractor, a known drug-user can just roam free!

    Everyone open their mouth gaping wide and talk about the most beautiful religion on earth!!!!

  9. This murder and its intensive investigation has political interests behind it. May the deceased lay in peace.

    But we should NOT forget there are many boys who have been murdered and nothing, I mean NOTHING has been done by the police or judiciary to find the culprits guilty. The murderers are walking free and no one bothers to question.

    As long as a few people have the justice and the poor souls are left behind, it is not fair. This government plus its police and judiciary system is a total mess and should be accountable!

  10. Why people can’t get the real picture we have always been telling that crimes like murder can be executed by trained people. All the murders in Male were planned and executed by police. Police use the drug addicts and gangsters to carry out these crimes. They selct those who have records of drugs and criminal activities and then give them drugs and alcohol until they are out of their mind and then get them prey on their target. Afrasheem was a target to blame MDP and this was well planned criminal act by police force , These criminals were created by Qayoom who sent young people to Sri Lank and various war zones and were trained by professional killers in warring military.
    The Junta have been doing all cheap tactics to discredit Anni from the beginning, planting alcohol, condoms in MDP gathering and ultimately gone to this extent and killed an innocent guy probably the victim was easy target to complicate the case more. The guy who killed the cleric even did not realize he was killing someone so you can imagine how easily such mentally off guy can be used to frame anything

  11. "Bear hug" calls Police gunda paranoid - but fails to offer evidence.

    Goes on to say 'bear hug' is one of the killers trained by the golhaa regime.

  12. No vote for Anni ! witht he informations i got, Now, I'm pretty sure this murder has a strong connection to MDP. Jaa is a good friend too but.. 🙁

  13. All these days i was telling here to vote for lesser of two evils and to vote for Anni.. but today MDP has lost my vote for sure!

  14. This is not a matter of framing MDP. MDP as a party has nothing to do with this. This murder was the planned and organised act of the two planners (Jaa) and MNDF officer Azleef. The murder act was carried out by gangsters of Kuda Henveiru Shaan, Humaan and the underage, unnamed kid. They had their own twisted reasons. Trying to associate this murder with MDP, would only stray the case from its true objective - justice for the murdered. We must call for and stand for punishment for the murderers Humam and Shaan, not try to confuse the public further by conjuring up imaginary police officers and MNDF who committed the murder and then are bribing Kuda Henveiru gangsters to confess to this murder.

    A man cannot have nightmares based on something he has not done. If you take someone's life, the event will haunt you for the rest of your life. The recurring nightmares of Humam are an undoubted representation and manifestation of his guilt for murdering the MP. It seems very difficult to forge this kind of story.

    All the clues match. THe police have evidence. THey have traces of blood. They have confessions from two perpetrators of the murder. They have the murder weapons. They have witness testimony from people associated with the murder, stating that the murderers have stated intent to murder the MP, even before the MP. Then why are we trying to defend the murderers, or trying to show off that Humam doesnt have anything to do with this ? This is sickening. It shows the complete disregard we as human beings for the life of a person, so much that we are willing to deny his murder and try to pin it on someone or a group we hate.

    It also greatly puzzles and astounds me that Lawyer Abdullah Haseen, a prominent lawyer who appears commonly on RaajeTV, and who is considered a media face of MDP, who regularly calls advocates for justice, would consider being the defence lawyer for a murderer such as Humam. Dont lawyers have consciences ? Why associate with and try to defend a murderer ?

  15. Ann, Shaufa. Maybe that is the intended reaction to all this.

  16. And then the internet will be flooded with I was a huge MDP supporter but won't support these murderers anymore comments.

    No need for any evidence. No need to even ask why this guy keeps changing his statements. No need to ask what Afraasheem said on TV after the 7th. No need to ask why no one paid any attention to the initial confession from months ago.

  17. Let's see if my police training are any worth.

    (*) First and foremost, I've seen with my own eyes that, one of the murderers was about to meet with the PPM presidential candidate Yamin while this case was being investigated.

    1) With in minutes after the incident, two MDP members were detained and held for several months and the headlines followed. Amazing?! A WORLD RECORD to pin-point and arrest the culprits of a murder case without making a postmortem,DNA sampling, fingerprints or the like AND ARRESTING PPL.

    And why did the police clean out the crime scene using strong chemicals before sun rise? Also kept the area it restricted for the public for weeks (after the cleanings) and the cctv footage so conveniently erased?

    2) Previously, an inmate (jailed, by the same Maldivian police, on petty things) was murdered a postmortem was done by sending the dead body to Sri Lanka);

    3) Why the HURRIED BURIAL, when the dead body itself is the BIGGEST EVIDENCE in a HOMICIDAL case?

    4) Why were the coup leaders (incl. the Commissioner Riyaz, the defence minister Nazim and others who were involved in the 07th Feb coup) having no sign of shock, worry or alertness; and simply kept chit-chatting and laughing as if having a good time at the funeral? Were they SO CONFIDENT THAT THE KILLERS WON’T SEEK THEIR HEADS? If so why?

    5) How come the US FBI was involved in a local investigation carried out in the Maldives where the victim and nature of the incident had NO AMERICAN INTEREST? DOES FBI HAVE ANY JURISDICTION to do so in the Maldives? Under what capacity? FBI or US military can render training to foreign countries, BUT CAN THEY GET PRACTICALLY INVOLVED in a local investigation in a foreign country? AND yet REPORT SO in the MEDIA?

    6)CAN FBI be SO DUMB & STIPID to take part in a high-profile murder case investigation where the dead body has been buried already been buried less than 24hrs by the police?

    7) CAN THIS BE TERMED AS USA ‘GIVING’A HAND FOR THE COVER-UP OF A HIGH PROFILE MURDER CASE? Especially, when the regime in power has assumed power in a coup (first recognized by the USA) and an MP is murdered within 7 months from the coup?

    8)CAN THIS FBI INVOLVEMENT BE A GIFT TO ‘FRAME’ THOSE AGAINST THE CURRENT REGIME; so that in return Waheed will sign the SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) with the USA, by which the USA obtains legal framework for US personnel to support activities in a given country?

    9) The coup regime leaders are saying that they have FOUND the responsible person on several political gatherings, why can't they let the judiciary and responsible institutions do their jobs? CAN THIS BE A POLITICAL DRAMA to stain the reputation of their political rivals? If so, these accusative and yet slanderous politicians are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ppl who may be the REAL CULPRITS of this murder case.

    And why do the courts and the same politicians schedule their court-hearings/accusations almost always when an upcoming is very near? Can this be termed as an 'new-type' of influence called 'cunning-influence'? [The coup regime's advisor to the coup regime leader, Dr. Hassan Saeed, says that the events of 07th Feb 2012 can be termed as a 'new-type' of coup which can only be called a 'Cunning-Coup' when everyone saw the VP betraying the sitting president by siding with the opposition and vanishing on the day by not attending the cabinet meeting and not responding the the calls until the army/police mutinies forced the president to resign and out of nowhere the VP is seen to be sworn as the president within hours of the incident.]

  18. Why do police need to do postmortem on the dead body ?

    Police had the DNA proof and all then evidence required to execute the murderer.

    Why do police need to keep the crime scene for public to see ? Are the public is going to do any investigation ?

    Why Nasheed told that he know who had killed Afraseem and the murderer had left the country ?

    How come Nasheed know so much about this murder case ?

  19. @ Omar Naseer.
    Regarding your retarded comments.

    - Either you're stalking Abdullah Yamin and is someone associated with his crony, or you're hanging around with the kid who participated in the murder if you saw the event with your eyes.

    - Smith and Naifa were not arrested within minutes of the murder, they were arrested several hours after the murder, near the scene where the first primary suspect was arrested, and based on the comments they had made in Social media prior to the murder. (Jalapeno Restaurent - where Humam had been hanging around after the murder). There was probable cause related to the arrest.

    - Autopsy (or post-mortem) is used to determine cause of death. In Hussain Solahs case, autopsy was necessary because they were uncertainities regarding his cause of death and his corpse (Whether by drowing or by strangulation before drowning). In MP Afraasheem's case, the cause of death was evident and determined by Doctors as blunt force trauma to head, and death from blood loss. He was buried, because it was determined that there was no further need to keep him unburied as the cause of death was determined. Of course, if it had been an idiot like you in charge of the investigation, you would have kept the corpse from being buried for years.

    - The area was cordoned off to preserve the crime scene from contamination from morons such as you, who would have gone around touching the crime scene which had blood stains or would have attempted to steal objects related to the crime-scene to keep in your closets. Retards do that.

    - The crime-scene area was not cleaned moron, it was sprayed with luminol to detect bloodstains and fingerprints. Once again, let me state it, you're a moron if you dont know the difference between cleaning and investigation techniques.

    - The FBI's assistance was sought because they had the technical expertise, and access to the most modern investigation techniques and technologies, specifically with regard to analysing the available phone call records and messages and the evidences gathered.

    - FBI can and are involved in murder cases where the murder suspect has been buried. The fact whether the corpse has been buried does not affect the investigation continuance. Once again, you're an idiot if you think otherwise.

    - If the attempt was publicized and politicized as you claim, the MNDF officer, or Kuda Henveyru Gang members would not have been arrested, only MDP activists would have been arrested.

    - Why the %&#& would the FBI or the US care about an island nation of less than 300,000 people. Even the occupants of a single block in New York dwarf the entire population of Maldives.

    Your comments regarding this article seem to indicate a mental deficiency of your brain, and attempts to deviate the topic to implicate the Police and other people you are personally prejudiced against. Unfortunately, you fail miserably as your epic rantings spout the evidential marks of a crazy person who walks around thinking he's Einstein, when everybody else just dismisses your rantings as the delusional rantings of a crazy madman.

  20. Ayyoo, now what has happened to this small country? they murder people, rape people, kiss people and Anni seems to know everyone no?

  21. Whom are we trying to con. Was Afraseem killed because he was from R.Ungoofaaru. Was he killed because he was a Majlis member. Was he killed because he lived near Stelco. Was he killed because he studied from Malaysia. Was he killed because he eats garudhiya and baiy.
    hhhhmmmm "Shahaadhaiy kiyamunves ......" dho

  22. Victims from Nasheed virus can kiss Nasheed ASS to prove that there was no link what so ever to some senior people from MDP.

  23. the strongest opposition of MDP is Adaalath and if this things went along MDP has planned, it would be adaalath who would go down. framing all with beards as terrorists. But with the professionalism of PoliceMv and FBI. the incident is very clear now.


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