Chief suspect in Afrasheem case confesses to stabbings, robberies, murder, but denies attack on MP

The Maldives Police Service’s main suspect in the murder case of MP Dr Afrasheem Ali has confessed in court to multiple stabbings, robberies and at least one murder, but has denied murdering the MP.

Speaking in court, Humam informed the judge of the crimes he had committed, noting that he had started in 2006. According to local media reports, Humam told the judge that he stabbed a person in the head on Janavaree Magu, stabbed a person called ‘Haabarey’ inside the Alimas Carnival area, stabbed a foreign navy officer in the stomach, stabbed a person inside the ‘Dolphin’ restaurant and two days later stabbed a second person inside Alimas Carnival, an a man walking near Henveiru Stadium with a woman.

He also told the court that he had been involved in serious robbery cases and said that he wanted to repent his sins.

However Humam said that although he had committed all these crimes, he had never attacked Dr Afrasheem.

MP Afrasheem was stabbed to death on the night of October 1 2012, by the staircase of his home. Two suspects were arrested in connection with the case including Humam and a suspect identified as Ali Shan of Henveiru Hikost.

A Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) officer and Abdulla ‘Jaa’ Javid – son-in-law of opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik – were also detained by police over alleged involvement in the case. Both were later released by the courts.

Javid spent 45 days in detention in connection to the Afrasheem murder, after which time at the time his lawyer argued his continued detention was unconstitutional given there was no evidence to support keeping him in custody.

In December last year the MDP accused the police of attempting to pin Afrasheem’s murder on its members, instead of going after those guilty of the crime.


4 thoughts on “Chief suspect in Afrasheem case confesses to stabbings, robberies, murder, but denies attack on MP”

  1. This is getting very interesting. First, with in minutes after the incident, two MDP members were detained and held for several months and the headlines followed. Isn't it amazing? A WORLD RECORD to pin-point and arrest the culprits of a murder case without making a postmortem,DNA sampling, fingerprints or the like AND ARRESTING PPL.

    Second, when an inmate jailed for petty things was murdered a postmortem was done (after taking the body to Sri Lanka); HOW COME SAME IS NOT HAPPENING FOR A MURDERED MP?

    Third, why the HURRIED BURIAL of the dead body?

    Fourth, why were the coup leaders (incl. the Commissioner Riyaz, the defence minister Nazim and others who were involved in the 07th Feb coup) having no sign of shock, worry or alertness; and simply kept chit-chatting and laughing as if having a good time at the funeral? Were they SO CONFIDENT THAT THE KILLERS WON'T SEEK THEIR HEADS? If so why?

    Fifth, how come FBI was involved in a local investigation carried out in the Maldives where the victim and nature of the incident had NO AMERICAN INTEREST? DOES FBI HAVE ANY JURISDICTION to do so in the Maldives? Under what capacity? FBI or US military can render training else where BUT CAN THEY GET PHYSICALLY INVOLVED in a local investigation in a foreign country AND yet REPORT SO in the MEDIA?

    Sixth, IS the FBI SO DUMB to take part in a high-profile murder case investigation where the dead body has been buried already been buried less than 24hrs since the incident occured? OR CAN THIS BE TERMED AS USA 'GIVING'A HAND FOR THE COVER-UP OF A HIGH PROFILE MURDER CASE? Especially, when the regime in power has assumed power in a controversial manner (with pics & live video footages of mutiny/military coup d'etat and bloodshed) and an MP is murdered within 7 months?

    Seventh, OR CAN THIS FBI INVOLVEMENT BE A GIFT TO 'FRAME' THOSE AGAINST THE CURRENT REGIME; so that in return Waheed will sign the SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) with the USA, by which the USA obtains legal framework for US personnel to support activities in a given country?

  2. After the most intensive no stone unturned police investigation ever to find the murderer of mp afrasheen, the only suspect being prosecuted confesses to a bunch of other crimes except for the murder he's being charged with. Well done commissioner Riyaz. You are truly doing a great job. Why all this confusion n drama to misdirect the public attention. Come out and say you know who did it but cannot reveal the name because the murder plan was loose and it may link back to a coup conspirator. We don't need this game that you want to play.

  3. Now, I have a feeling that Dr. Afrasheems death is more a suicide than a murder. By the way who is that Sheikh who called the deceased as "Satan".

  4. FBI Fake,. you have captured everything I wanted to say perfectly. U missed out, why did they clean out the crime scene using strong chemicals, kept it restricted for the public for weeks and the cctv footage so conveniently erased? Jameel said that he has found the responsible person, why hasnt he used his power to arrest this person??


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