China donates over US$20 million in financial assistance

The Chinese government has made two generous donations to the Maldives in the past week, adding to over US$20 million in aid.

Press Secretary for the President’s Office, Mohamed Zuhair, confirmed the Chinese government has granted 50 million Chinese Yuan (US$20 million) in aid plus US$20,000 to go directly to Kudakudhige Hiya children’s home in Vilingili.

The shelter has been experiencing staff shortages recently due to financial difficulties.

Zuhair said the bulk of the money would be allocated towards helping the Maldives “overcome the challenges of the global economic recession,” specifically in infrastructure, sewerage and utilities, roads and climate change adaptation.

He noted the money had not been officially allocated yet and would be looked into shortly.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Naseem, said the money had not yet been officially granted and it was “premature to talk about it” until the final figures came from the Chinese government.

Spokesman Mr Lieu at the Chinese embassy to the Maldives in Colombo confirmed the figure of 50 million Chinese Yuan and added, “the Chinese government has tried its best to help its friend.”

The Chinese government also assisted with the construction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the National Museum, which is still under construction.

The money for the Vilingili orphanage was announced by Honourary Consul to the Maldives in Shanghai, Yang Guisheng. The donation was received by First Lady Laila Ali while on an official trip to China last week.

The first lady thanked Guisheng for the generous donation and said the assistance was much needed for a centre like Kudakudhige Hiya.

Deputy Minister of Health and Family Mariya Ali said the funds ”will really help” the centre, and will be prioritised towards “enforcing security in the building.”


10 thoughts on “China donates over US$20 million in financial assistance”

  1. Waiting for people to say
    1) this is not true
    2) MDP hooligans will not be responsible with the funds
    3) why did we get money for an orpahnage (idealy it should go to a brother/lhiyanu of gayoom)
    4) Nasheed is failing
    5) We have to be communists
    6) We should not get money from aethists, this is againts Islam

    7) We should not accept the money because thsi will anger India

    blah blah blah

    But even if you say that... I am happy...ha ha haa. Well done Nasheed, way to go MDP and thank you China

  2. the problem is that half or even more from 20 millions will disappear in private bank account hehehe

  3. heheh, well, well if it has not been realised in our bank accounts, why do the governmetn talk about it ??? How many aid like that has not been realised in the accounts ? these are political stunts.. we no longer believe this kind of bullshit! Seariously fed up of hearing this kind of fake news..

  4. china now follows a capitalist economic policy, although politically its still a Red. How about National socialism for the Maldives.

    President Nasheed has done well here, even in his reaction to criticism by Vice Prez

  5. I think HEP should ask this Juha to shut up sometimes. Guy cannot talk properly but wants to talk a lot and most of its all BS...

  6. If you did the math correctly, 50 million chinese yuan is equal to 7.3 million unites states dollars, in today's currency market.

  7. Its is of great news for the donation and congrats for President Nasheed for his hard work to get Chineese to comit such an assistance. However I wonder if the Press secretary has any idea on the exchange rate. todays Exchange rate Yuan to USD is around 6.75. Therefore its not 20 Mil USD and is 7 Mil USD. I hope the govt will account the aid with correct exchange rate heheheh.

  8. Is this exchange rate mistake made by the Press secretary or the journalist,
    if it indeed was made by PS better hope the accountants more competent, and shame on Laura Restrepo Ortega for not pointing it out, or was it her mistake


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