Civil Court orders MDP Chairman Reeko Moosa to pay Rf2.9 million in three months

The Civil Court has today ordered Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson and MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik to settle an outstanding debt of Rf2.9 million to Caterpillar Financial Service’s Asia Branch within three months.

Caterpillar claimed that in 2007 Heavy Load Maldives – a family business of the Hulhu-Henveiru MP – took a loan of US$700,000 (Rf10.5 million at the current exchange rate) from Caterpillar, which was co-signed by Moosa.

Caterpillar said at the Civil Court that Heavy Load had not settled the debt and requested Moosa be ordered to pay the loan as the co-signatory.

Delivering the verdict, Judge Mariyam Nihayath said that in the agreement made between Moosa and Caterpillar, Moosa had also agreed to pay a compensation fee plus the amount paid to hire a lawyer without any obligations.

Judge Nihayath ordered Moosa to pay the total amount which is Rf2.9 million in three months.

However, following the court ruling Moosa expressed concern and criticized the judiciary saying that the judiciary was like a “mad lion.’’

MDP official website quoted him saying that the court should not order him to pay the money without ordering Heavy Load Company to pay the loan.

The former MDP parliamentary group leader told the ruling party’s website that today’s ruling gave him more courage to continue the work to free the judiciary and make it independent.

He also said that Civil Court was issuing such rulings because Moosa and his lawyer Hassan Afeef was publicly advocating judicial reform. .

According to the constitution, if a MP has a decreed debt and is not paying the debt according to the court ruling, he will be disqualified and lose his seat in parliament.


7 thoughts on “Civil Court orders MDP Chairman Reeko Moosa to pay Rf2.9 million in three months”

  1. Don't worry Reeko. Anni will pay this money for you. After all he is entertaining and misusing the government money on many other bastards like you.

  2. from the way anni has been currying favour to every whim and fancy of this thug reeko, it looks like reeko really has got anni by his balls. such a disgrace to the entire democratic movement. We are so disheartened by what anni is doing.

  3. Another reason to start barking like a mad dog .
    Don't worry today your sun shines, there is plenty to make 😉

  4. Moosa seems to be the target of Nasheed and his Minivan more and more each day.

    Nasheed should fight the battle to regain control of MDP outside government.

    Hope he'll step down in 2013 without much of an uproar. Poor kingling. Couldn't hold down his own house much less a country.

    Wish the people down south would realize that this government does not have the capacity to deliver any real progress to Addu or Fuvahmulah.

  5. Reeko Claim HL is a family Biz and nothing to do with him. Now why would give such a guarentor if you dont interest.This why Reeko Moosa has be making so much noise about the judiciary. Now Reeko got to pay the dept if you need the hot seat. So stop growling like Lion and go settle the dept.

  6. now why we know why he has been barking like a rabid dog about the courts. It is nothing about justice it is about masking reality of his shady deal and profiteer on the back of the citizenry. Like i said welcome to "New" Maldives same as old maldives


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