Drug kingpin arrested in India

A Maldivian drug kingpin, who was among the top six dealers the President announced had been identified by the government, has been arrested in India on a joint special operation conducted by Maldives police and the Indian Drug Bureau.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that the man was arrested yesterday while he was in India.

“He was arrested in a joint special operation conducted by the police Drug Enforcement Department and India’s Drug Bureau,” Shiyam said. “He is currently being held in detention in India.”

Shiyam said that his name and other details of the operation will be provided later.

On February 28 last year, Criminal Court ruled that Adam Naseer of H. Reendhooge was innocent of dealing drugs. He was later named by the President as one of the top drug dealers in the Maldives.

Police searched Naseer’s home in Addu Atoll on 30 June 2009, where they found over Rf6 million (US$461,500) in cash and a tin containing drugs outside his house.

On June 26, police arrested an individual suspected of being one of the Maldives’ most high-profile drug dealers after spending several months collecting information about his procedures for importing narcotics.

The Head of the police’s Drug Enforcement Department (DED), Superintendent Mohamed Jinah, told members of the press that the alleged drug lord was arrested on June 24, along with several companions also suspected of being involved in supplying drugs.


8 thoughts on “Drug kingpin arrested in India”

  1. Anni, please please beg the Indian prime minister to give the drug dealer a second chance!

  2. This report fails to mention that POLICE scuttled the whole case against Adam Naseer.

    Do please look at the court proceedings in the State's case against Naseer.

    Police evidence was missing throughout the whole trial. Police witnesses basically pleaded that Naseer was not guilty.

    Let's all blame the judiciary shall we?

  3. Is this news? Just as day turns to night with certainty, I am totally confident that this guy will get away scot free if and when he appears before a Maldivian court.

  4. tsk tsk..this Naseer dude could have been in the process of injecting or sniffing drugs, and even then the Maldivian courts would rule, that the police wasn't able to prove its his own drugs. The courts here are a joke, lets not blame the police on this.

  5. @Reena:

    How can we claim knowledge that we do not possess?

    Do you have firsthand experience of dealing with the courts. They have progressed a lot since olden times and in the worst of days they've been just about as bad as other institutions in this country.

    Criminal law by its very nature protects the defendant and places extremely high standards of proving wrongdoing on the State. Sadly, it IS the police that is to blame on this issue.

    They failed to present the full evidence they displayed to the media at the courts. Look into this matter a little more deeply and look at the past records of the Criminal Court. Police have presented overwhelming evidence through the prosecutor-general's office for less trivial cases and gotten clean convictions. Drug dealers are being arrested by the Nasheed government only to blackmail them and strike a deal to gain their cooperation.

    Let's not be too naive. What government could survive without the collaboration of big business? The drug trade in this country is far too lucrative to be erased by false statements of justice.

  6. All Maldivians arriving at Indian airports should be searched for drugs......including the women. Bend them over and search their orifices for heroin and crack cocaine. Better still, don't give them visas. LETS KEEP JUNKIES OUT OF INDIA.

  7. I agree with @reena! There is no chance of these guys convicted in Maldivian Courts.


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