“Clear evidence of crimes against humanity”: Maldives suspends diplomatic ties with Libya

The Maldives has suspended diplomatic ties with the Libyan government as Western powers increase military pressure on President Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

“Following the recognition of the TNC, the suspension of diplomatic relations with the pro-Gaddafi regime is based on the continuing deteriorating human rights and humanitarian situation in Libya, and increasingly clear evidence that the Gaddafi regime is guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes,” the Maldives Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The statement came after the US accused Gaddafi of using human shields and cluster bombs against his own population in the city of Misata, in some of the fiercest fighting of the civil war so far.

At least 10 civilians were killed on Wednesday, along with British photojournalist Tim Hetherington and American photographer Chris Hondros.

A bombing attack on Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli yesterday meanwhile caused three causalities, after NATO jets targeted a bunker underneath a car park.

France, Italy and Britain this week authorised the deployment of military advisors to assist the ill-disciplined rebels in overthrowing Gaddafi’s government, despite earlier reluntance to put ‘boots on the ground’ in the stricken country.

US President Barack Obama has meanwhile authorised the use of drone aircraft in Libya. A NATO official this week told the UK’s Guardian newspaper that the drones would allow the identification of individuals even in crowded urban environments, allowing for more precise airstrikes.

After France and Qatar, the Maldives was the third country to recognise the Transitional National Council, the Benghazi rebels’ representative body.


10 thoughts on ““Clear evidence of crimes against humanity”: Maldives suspends diplomatic ties with Libya”

  1. Seriously !!!!Ohhh my God, what a calamity to Libya. Libya heavily dependent on Maldives for food and other necessities and most of its export comes to Maldives.

    OOOh man!!!!

    Now the problem will be solved--instantly.

  2. Its not about whether Libya will suffer because maldives suspends diplomatic ties , but it is a show of solidarity with the international community in the efforts to curb the growing human rights violations in Libya.
    Personally i believe that it is a necessary action especially since the maldives is on the UN-Human Rights Commission

  3. Poor Lybians, the most powerful nation on earth the great Maldives suspend its diplomatic ties with Libya under the regime of most incompetent president ever elected to a country Muhammad Nasheed OMG.

  4. @valkyrie Are we really in a position to condemn actions of others. We have unsettled issues in our own backyard - human trafficking, violence against women, corruption, intolerance... The statement lacks integrity coming from the likes of us.

  5. Musician / ekaloa and dHevil,

    So what have YOU done to clean your backyard

  6. @dHevil You are dead on we do have all those issues and no excuses, but it is also "necessary action" to be part of the solidarity with international community in the wake of whats happening in Libya.

  7. 7 comments - 3 + and 3 - and 1 in between.
    Says a lot about the mentality of Maldivians. Still prefer to say the glass is half full

  8. When the Isralei's killed more than 1400 innocent Gaza citizens the Maldian government restored the ties with Israel. But when the Libiya is in the middle of a civil war and when the western countries are bombarding Libiya and killing innocent people just to bring down Gaddafi..The government cuts the ties. These are clear signs of hate this government have for Muslims.

  9. this doesnt make sense.. maldives should try to be closer with gaddafi to help the ppl of lebia. just like they are with israel to help palestine.... lebia is a islamic country , this maybe why they break ties, how confusing...


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