Commonwealth endorses CNI, MDP claims report “legitimises coup”

Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma has welcomed the release of the report by the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI), and urged “all concerned to respect the findings of the commission so that, moving forward, all actions and reactions reflect the sense of responsibility and restraint necessary in the best national interest.“

The report, delivered by Singaporean judge G. P. Selvam to President Mohamed Waheed Hassan on the morning of August 30, claimed there was no evidence to support claims by former President Mohamed Nasheed that he was ousted in a coup d’état, that his resignation was under duress, or that there was any mutiny by the police and military.

Regarding the resignation of Nasheed’s member on the Commission Ahmed ‘Gahaa’ Saeed, on the grounds that the commission had failed to consider key evidence, testimonies and phone recordings, Secretary-General Sharma said it “was unfortunate that Mr Saeed felt he must dissociate himself from the findings of the Commission.”

“I commend the members of the commission for the intensive work they did to produce the report. I also note the report identifies a number of important issues that need to be addressed regarding the basic institutions of democratic governance, notably the rule of law and administration of justice, the People’s Majlis (Parliament), and the media. This report provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to reflect calmly and carefully, and find a way forward based on dialogue, consensus and reconciliation.

“The task ahead for all Maldivians must be to strengthen democracy in the Maldives. An atmosphere of peace and public order is essential for that to happen,” Sharma said.

The Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to the Maldives, Sir Donald McKinnon, will shortly return to the country “to explore how the Commonwealth can assist Maldives to move forward in a peaceful and consensual manner, and how democratic institutions can be further strengthened,” he added.

Government now legitimate: Waheed

President Mohamed Waheed Hassan at a press conference declared his presidency “clearly legitimate”, following the report’s release: “It is time to stop questioning the legitimacy of the government. It is time to stop illegal activities and activities that go against generally acceptable social norms,” Waheed said.

“The Commission’s findings are clearly stated. I do not believe there is any room to raise any questions about the transfer of power.”

“Most of my time and that of my colleagues in government have been consumed in finding ways to contain the loss and minimise damage to people and country. With serious harm inflicted on our tourism industry, we had to work in partnership with the industry to find ways to overcome serious challenges. We had to respond to allegations made to discredit the government and its officials. Much work had to be done to explain the truth to the people of the Maldives and members of the international community,” Waheed stated.

“We should now ask ourselves how we have spent the last six months. What have we spent our energy on? How much have we damaged our economy due to the harm inflicted on our main industry? How have we lived as a people with fear in our hearts and no peace in sight? How much suffering have we endured as a people due to actions by some only to further their own interests? The damage to our economy and social fabric within the last six months cannot be easily recovered.”

Waheed further condemned public criticism of Selvam’s integrity, stating that “I would like to highlight that the personal attacks by some against members of the commission, especially the attacks on co-chair Justice Selvam’s character, are not acceptable in a civilised society.”

“May the Almighty Allah bestow upon the people of Maldives a better tomorrow. May Allah keep our country a peace loving nation. May Allah keep this land of ours independent and peaceful forever.”

Following the press statement given by President Waheed, the MDP called on an emergency National Executive Council Meeting in the Dharubaaruge conference hall.

A large number of MDP supporters gathered in and outside of Dharubaaruge after the report was released.

During the meeting, several members condemned the actions of Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) for the release of its “inaccurate” report on the controversial transfer of power that took place on February 7.

MDP Spokesperson MP Imthiyaz Fahmy, speaking at the meeting, said that the people would “forever remember” that what happened on February 7 “was a coup”, and said the party would not stop its calls for a “legitimate government”.

“Remember this: the Maldivian people will as long as they live remember that what happened on February 7 was a coup d’etat. What the CNI did was try to legitimise the coup, but truth will prevail. We will remain determined in our calls for a legitimate government,” Fahmy said.

Another attendee called on members of the party to launch “immediate direct action” and protest against the government until it gave way and held democratic elections.

Former Minister of Environment Mohamed Aslam observed that the CNI’s report implied that “anyone who wishes to become President can become so if they gather the support of the police and military.”

“What we saw was a coup d’etat. If we let such an offence go by without justice, this is a very bad precedent we are setting here, and the MDP will not let that happen. I ask all our members from among the islands to come to Male’ and join us in our cause,” he added.

Outside Dharubaaruge police entered into the amassing crowds, leading to verbal confrontations and some scuffles.

Minivan News observed one young woman being arrested for what nearby protesters alleged was “for taking photos of the police”.

After the confrontations, Special Operations (SO) officers stationed themselves at the two ends of Ameenee Magu in front of Dharubaaruge.

International response

The US State Department also issued a statement on August 30 calling on Maldivians “to respect the findings of the CNI.”

“Now that the commission has released its report we urge all parties to respect those findings, to exercise restraint, obey the rule of law, and continue to express themselves in a peaceful and nonviolent manner,” said State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland.

“Now is the time for all parties to work together through dialogue to chart a positive way forward that respects the Maldivian constitution, democratic institutions, human rights, and the will of the Maldivian people,” Nuland said.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs MEA issued a statement ahead of the report’s release saying that it was “essential for all stakeholders to demonstrate a sense of responsibility in respecting the outcome of the Commission’s report, and to express views on the report of the CNI with calm and restraint.”

“Actions that might adversely impact on the atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the Maldives need to be avoided. India hopes that all political parties in the Maldives would take up the issues arising out of the CNI report through a peaceful political dialogue, to make a way forward for resolving the political situation in the country,” the MEA statement read.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon also issued a statement saying he “welcomed the start today of high-level political dialogue, and hopes that this leads to national reconciliation and a way of moving forward”, while at the same time expressing “concern at the prospect of renewed political tensions should any side not accept the outcome of the inquiry.”

“The secretary-general calls on the parties to respect the constitution, create a peaceful and transparent environment conducive to dialogue and take steps to strengthen democratic reform and institutions,” the statement read.

The EU meanwhile said it had “taken note of the release of the report of the Commission of National Inquiry on the events surrounding the transfer of power in the Maldives on 7 February.”

“It recalls that all political groupings had previously undertaken to respect the CNI’s findings, although the report would certainly have been controversial whatever the outcome. It is now more than ever essential that genuine efforts be made by all political actors to work together in the interests of the country to ensure that the democratic system is upheld; to allow the normal business of government to continue; and to prepare for free and fair elections, which should be held as soon as possible,” said Michael Mann, spokesperson for EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton.

Next move

Former Foreign Minister to the Maldives and UN Special Rapporteur on Iran, Dr Ahmed Shaheed, said the results of the Commonwealth’s “shoddy” work was “very disappointing”.

“The problem appears to have been simple – they relied on the work of the former three member commission appointed by Waheed, including the timeline, which received no input from the MDP,” he said.

“This is a setback, largely because the MDP was too willing to make concessions to the government in terms of the CNI’s structure. The MDP should not have accepted Shafeeu [as co-chair], shouldn’t have accepted a judge from a specific country, and should have demanded two representatives. In our eagerness to cooperate, we underestimated Waheed’s lack of sincerity,” Dr Shaheed said.

Key witnesses, such as Deputy Leader of the former opposition Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM), Umar Naseer, refused to attend when summoned.

“This was a commission of inquiry and it places the burden of proof on Nasheed, as if he is the plaintiff,” said Dr Shaheed.

“The report is also very contradictory – it says Nasheed used too much force to try and arrest the police, and then says he should have used the force he was legally allowed to. There is no reference to discontent in the army in any way – evidence that was given [to the commission] by very senior people in the armed forces, and it notes that the Police Act does not refer to ‘mutiny’ by police, which is the same as saying it does not refer to ‘rape’.”

“International members on the commission were not provided access to vital evidence such as CCTV footage from police and army headquarters, or of the MNBC takeover,” Dr Shaheed said. “The draft also  came after the three weeks [Selvam] was on leave, missing interviews which would have provided a different picture.”

“This is what you see when you put the light only in one place – you do not see full picture. The report’s shortcomings are evident in its contradictions. It supports the government’s claims, but does not vindicate what happened. It is very hard to justify what is missing from the report.”

By way of example, Dr Shaheed referred to the Commission’s questioning of Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Mr Saleem, over an SMS concerning the distribution of MVR 2.4 million (US$155,640) to the ‘mutinying’ policemen.

“The Commission summoned Mr Saleem. He debunked the message effortlessly, claiming that he did not recall sending such a message,” the report stated.

“He says it didn’t happen and they accept it instantly,” Dr Shaheed challenged.

He  suggested that with the publication of the report, international groups would now “be eager to wash their hands of the Maldives,” – [For example, the Commonwealth is now facing challenges in Gambia].

The MDP would be unwilling to accept the report which would lead to further political turbulence, he predicted.

“This report was the best opportunity to get out of the current situation in a peaceful manner. It is a huge disappointment that will come at great cost to the Maldives,” Dr Shaheed said. “As written, the report endorses direct action and sets a precedent that anyone can overthrow the legitimate government.”

“The report speaks of the need to build institutions, but it condones the violent overthrow of the government which does not set the stage for peaceful reconstruction. This is a setback, but they cannot use a report of this nature to paper over what happened. The MDP is rightly outraged, and we will soon see the true nature of the regime. There are very turbulent times ahead.”

President’s Office Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza dismissed the MDP’s allegations that the CNI failed to consider key evidence, including phone calls and testimonies – allegations that led Nasheed’s representative on the commission to resign, and the party to challenge its credibility.

“The Commonwealth and UN observers, as well as the members and Judge Selvam, did not agree with Saeed on that point. They said all evidence was taken into account, and the report was compiled according to formal structures they organised,” Riza said.

“The observers met with president and conveyed the message that whatever formalities were performed was international best practice,” he said.

“The government has always maintained its stand that Nasheed will not accept the report or its outcomes, whatever they may be. Nasheed made an agreement with Mckinnon to accept the outcome, whatever the outcome was. Even though he removed his representation, it is already done.”


44 thoughts on “Commonwealth endorses CNI, MDP claims report “legitimises coup””

  1. My advice to MDP is take the case to the Supreme Court. Of course the outcome would be that there was no coupm but at least you can drag certain people to the court, present various evidence and best of all keep the country occupied for another three to four months. By then the year will be over and you can start the campaign for 2013 July elections.

  2. Total stitch up. The MDP have outnumbered and gagged. Anyone in Male on that day or leading upto it knows it was a coup!

  3. Such a shame that a hired publicist for Nasheed like JJ Robinson is allowed to report for internationally reputed media like Reuters.
    He is an MDP propagendist and write all his reports with pro MDP bias.

  4. JJR up-to your old stunts - keep on the bullbaiting and see if it works out in your favor. simply pathetic of a reporter.

  5. I don't accept the CoNI reports findings. My dad (Monaza Naeem) has a broken back today because the police beat him on the night of the 6th February. Can the f"£$&*g CoNI explain that?

    When every single report since the coup has mentioned my dad's beatings at the hand of the Maldives Police Services, there is not even a single mention of his name in this god forsaken stupid report.

    You can shove this in your ass really for all I care!

  6. now all the rest of the reports by JJ and by minivan news will contain selective excerpts from CONI report taken out of context or deliberately presented to tow MDP's line. they will give more importance to what is said about the report rather than what is actully written in it. in this sense, they will keep on writing hameed gafoor's comment that commonwealth has legitimised coup. this tactic will be followed by all the subsequent reports by this site on this subject. expert propagendists!

  7. Allright, since coups are legal, I'll prepare the counter-coup. Please excuse me.

    The terms will be simple.
    "Unconditional surrender, or death."

  8. now all the rest of the reports by JJ and by minivan news will contain selective excerpts from CONI report taken out of context or deliberately presented to tow MDP's line. they will give more importance to what is said about the report rather than what is actully written in it. in this sense, they will keep on writing hameed gafoor's comment that commonwealth has legitimised coup. this tactic will be followed by all the subsequent reports by this site on this subject. expert propagendists!!

  9. What surprise the CoNI report was a scam. Anyone who believed it would be impartial should move to another country, because in Maldives money talks and the truth walks. The Commonwlealth needs to grow a spine, although they only seem to have a spine if there is oil or some sort of wealth in the country they can exploit. the only people who have benefitted from this are the Baghees and the members of the CON panel who have secured their retirement thanks to Maumoon, Gasim and Deen.

    Doesn't,tit seem strange that Judge Abdullah is allowed all the rights listed under the constitution yet the average Maldivian can be arrested without suspicion held in prison without knowing their charge and no right to access a lawyer until they appear in court. Oops sorry in forgot that Maumoon and the Baghees are running the country. You only have these rights if you arson the Baghees payroll.

    But there is hope! According to the Commonwealth overthrowing a government by military and police force is allowed these days as long as you have the money to buy judges, cops and foreign judges ( not to mention the entire judiciary of the country).

    But don't stress if you support anyone other than Maumoon and his Baghees you will be in jail also. At least you will have a roof over your head and one meal a day if you are lucky, then when the next election comes, provided you have licked the Baghees nuts you will be released.

    30 years of a brutal and corrupt dictator can't be overturned in three years. Congrats Commonwealth for all your effort, i hope you enjoy your free accommodation in the Maldives drinking the best wine with Waheed (@
    Reethi Rah) and Maumoon at the Presidential palace. Dont worry about the rest of the population because they will all be in jail within the next month.

  10. According to Gaha Saeed Mr. Selvam drafted the report abroad. It should be compiled and drafted by the members at the secratariate of CONI. Very unprofrssional way to conduct an inquiry.

  11. Former Minister Shaheed’s comments on CONI report provides the intellectual basis for violence, rather than the appeal to calm we need in the Maldives in the critical time.

    Dr. Shaheed ‘predicts turbulence’ and according to his intellectual analysis ‘the report endorses direct action’. In his view, ‘the MDP is rightly outraged’ and for him ‘ there are very turbulent times ahead.”

    As an Ex-foreign Minister and a global human rights figure, one would expect Dr. Shaheed to accept the process that has been put up with the blessing of his friends in western capitals. However, his comments above and in the EMOTIONAL language used, shows the extent that naïve Maldivians (especially young women) are being manipulated by greedy intellectuals of this country. Prevalently, the resigned member of CONI shed tears on TV, as if his family died.

    Sad that some intellectuals here wants to further agitation by any means.

  12. As much as we do not like the current regime and its supporters, we have to learn to put things in perspective. Let's look at this in very stark terms:

    (*) The President and his political appointees lost control of the entire Police force.

    The only option left to the President was to use military force to round up almost the entirety of the Police force. Even if he managed to do that, what would have been the outcome?

    The military would have been in no position to police the country. They are not equipped with either the man power or training to do that.

    To put it simply, the President got check-mated by the Police service. His only option was to leave the board! I think that's as much as anyone can conclude from this whole shoddy and sad episode in our history.

    All of the rest, including Police brutality, involvement of certain members of the opposition in coercing the Police or military personnel, and the military failing to obey their command has to be dealt with separately and that should happen now, to prevent a repeat of such brutal and inhumane acts by those in charge of serving the public.

  13. Its s shame that Commonwealth & UN endorses a report based on lies and half truth. Feb 7th happened before our own eyes, our democracy was stolen by Waheed Manik, with aid from Islamic Radicals and Dictator Gayoom who brutalized public for 30 years. The World organizations shouldn't be so lazy endorses the report in less than 13 hours after its published, the impartiality should be analyzed.

    I salute Mr. Saeed for his patriotism and his love for democracy and this nation.

    The Question is the report legitimate when Mr. Saeed resigned and refused to sign and endorse the Coni report, accusing the co chair Judge Selvam of offering 6000 Singapore dollars as and an ipad for the commission members as gifts and coni excluding from the report important testimonies evidences, bank statements and telephone calls, public interviews and video footage of the coup.

  14. I think there should be a public referendum to decide the legality of Mr. Waheed. It is now for the Maldivian public to decide this, because the only people who can decide this are the people of Maldives.

  15. I have heard many conspiracy theories about CoNI report & the so-called Coup.

    Perhaps it was the CIA that wrote the CoNI report as some believe that Dr. Waheed is a US agent. That should explain all.

  16. The Maldivian People has work hard to make Maldives a STABLE DEMOCRATIC country.
    We still have to do a lot of work, if we want to succeed in doing that "NEVER GIVE UP" Go over, Go under, Go around or go through, But NEVER give up.

  17. Completely lost for words after the press conference by Gahaa Saeed. Just when you think that Maldivian politicians (and lets not forget the so called technocrats in bed with the current administration)cannot go any lower they pull a CON-CONI which stinks to high heaven. If there is a single politician in the coalition who has an ATOM of sincerity they would come out NOW.
    As for Gahaa Saeed sir, words can't express the gratitude I feel for your honesty and integrity, THANK YOU a trillion times.

    Maldivians need to put aside their hatred for Anni and accept whats wrong as wrong.
    The current police behavior has larger ramifications for the society at large....remember violence demonstrated over and over again with no impunity means it will have pill-over effects on their own families...Just ask any sociologist...not to mention all the empirical research pointing to high number of domestic violence among ex Iraq war veterans in US.

    Beloved Maldivians, for the sake of your own children's future the leat you can do is get all the facts available from Maldives, including social media and educate yourselves as to what is happening currently in Maldives.

    Don't let this nation down at this time.

  18. There is a lot in that report that would bring to us together.

    Yet it is too early and the MDP must be allowed to assuage its own grief. Party leadership had led all its supporters to believe that international community would be biased towards the MDP and that any Western-backed inquiry would end in their favor.

    But stability is of crucial importance to all our partners abroad and destabilization would have been the only result of any of the outcomes envisioned by the gung-ho elements within the MDP. There is hope for the MDP yet as its natural allies will now welcome the prospects of a coalition if only the MDP leadership would change its tone and strategy.

  19. Dear commonwealth sec.
    We Maldivians are not deaf, blind that day. Whatever we have seen proofs that it was coup.

  20. Page 46 of the report states that President Nasheed wanted to go to his residence prior to going to the President's Office to announce his resignation. He was advised against it by his body guards. It is odd that the CoNI did not find anything odd about this.

  21. @Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb

    I agree. President Nasheed could not have governed with a Police Force who would not accept his authority as President of the Maldives. President Nasheed resigned under duress because the Police Force and the Judiciary system would not cooperate and work with him. What do you call that in the constitution? Treason.

    February 7 hapened for a reason. it happened to make transparent the games that were being played to discredit abd disempower our elected President and to make transparent to us who is who.

    No doubt about it, the Police were bought and continue to be bought. Flats??? Low interest loans for private homes? ages increased? back payment of allowances? Speeches glorifying the Police and feeding their ego? paid holidays? etc etc

    if ther was nothing else we learned from the coup of february 7, it is that there is a lot of money floating around the Maldives, money that couldnt be found for the healthcare of our people, education of our children, and rehabilitation for our lost youth.

    Dr cwaheed may consider the CNI his victory, but the moral victory lies with President nasheed. Check mate.

  22. elections are less than a year away! why not prepare for that? Anni was just too arrogant!

  23. @Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb

    I agree. President Nasheed could not have governed with a Police Force who would not accept his authority as President of the Maldives. President Nasheed resigned under duress because the Police Force and the Judiciary system would not cooperate and work with him.

    What do you call that in the constitution? Treason.

    February 7 happened for a reason. it happened to make transparent the games that were being played to discredit and disempower our elected President and to make transparent to us who is who.
    No doubt about it, the Police were bought and continue to be bought. Flats??? Low interest loans for private homes? Wages increased? Back payment of allowances? Speeches glorifying the Police and feeding their ego? paid holidays? etc etc

    If there was nothing else we learned from the coup of February 7, it is that there is a lot of money floating around the Maldives, money that couldn’t be found for the healthcare of our people, education of our children, and rehabilitation for our lost youth.

    The CNI report is the best thing that could have happened, don’t you agree? Clarity comes from knowing. Now we know.

    Dr Waheed may consider the CNI report his victory, but the real victory lies with President Nasheed and the thousands of Maldivians who have taken the stand to liberate us from those who oppress us.

    Chaos and noise often come when the old order is dismantled. That is what we are witnessing. If ever the people needed proof that what happened on February 7 was a coup, all they have to do is pick up the CNI report.

    Dawn is here as i write, and it is no ordinary dawn. The first day of our new order is starting . We are awake, we see, we hear, and we know. We will shape the future of the Maldives.

    So thank you Dr Waheed for giving us this extraordinary present, the CNI report. With the CNI report you have made transparent to all of us the REALITY of what we up against, who our enemies are, and who our friends are.
    You may congratulate yourself all you like, but my dear chap, the joke is really on you.


  24. co chair Judge Selvam of offering 3000 Singapore dollars and an ipad for the commission members as gifts where did this money come

  25. Commonwealth can waste wealth......They are blind enough because they could not tag brutal criminals to drag them in court to hang till death in public.

  26. Do you really think their will be elections in 2013 ?
    More chances of Pigs Flying in Male`

  27. I suggest MDP requests a professional independent party to audit CONI. Hope Waheedeen and the gang do not buy out such a party. CONI was dissolved so soon because now government will claim you cannot audit a non existant place. Any way give it a shot.

  28. Those who say it was a coup could please answer this.. Was it a coup in Egypt??

  29. “The task ahead for all Maldivians must be to strengthen democracy in the Maldives. An atmosphere of peace and public order is essential for that to happen,” Sharma said.

    I am not sure of this...Is there really a country where Democracy did not come through a bloodbath except Maldives in 2008? It looks like the birth of democracy has to be as messy as the birth of humans.

    I am ready to bet that there will not be any election in July 2013 and that the international community will endorse that, in the best interest of the public and to maintain such a peaceful atmosphere in the Maldives.

  30. Dear MDP thugs,

    We Maldivian are not deaf and blind . We know it was not a coup and the Cult Anni resigned himself thinking that he can come back to power after he had a good sleep and a good breakfast.

    Anni does not know what is written in the constitution and how it works once he resigns.

    Anni had been threatening the judiciary from the moment he got hold of the power by doing the following.

    1. Appointing 7 parliament member of his own despite the supreme court order.
    2. Locking the supreme court by force.
    3. Arresting Yameen , Gaasim and Nazim and putting him jail without going through legal procedures.
    4. Arresting and putting in Jail Dr. Jameel and Judge Abdulla.
    5. Appointing provincial ministers to manipulate the people and local councils.
    6. By publicly telling and threatening the people who are not members of MDP. This is completely against the democratic values.

    These are some of the facts and he deserves to be removed from the moment he was in breached of our constitution.

  31. Attacking the editor who has more caliber and well respected by internationally acclaimed news agencies like reuters,NBC will not get you anywhere !!
    The real scam of CONI report, the threats to Nasheed's family, and all those important testimonies which were waived off the report, is by far the most shameful lie in the 21st century!!
    And lies don't last long,!!

    But wait a minute all you haters of the truth,
    If some uniformed gangsters, came to your house, kept your dad in one room, and all the rest of your family in another, then asked your dad to leave the house, sign a document of handing over that place or therest of the family will die!! what do you think you dad should or could do to save himself and his family??? Fight? ,,,,, Ofcourse not, if you Dady had any brains, he will value family before property or shelter,!!!

    all the rest is irrilavent!!

    Now picture this on the 7th February and you can clearly see there was no freaking way Nasheed could have mentioned any of that till he sees his wife and children,,

    hope all of you haters don't have to be in such a situation even if you are sinners!!

  32. some people may call thugs to mdp members or people who support them, but let me ask something aren't they still MALDIVIAN CITIZENS like the ones whom you call party members in your parties or your supporting parties? Call whatever name you like to MDP or people who love the freedom of views of the citizens of maldives, but let me tell you one thing, being an international group have you done you part fairly and had seen the cause and situations through a maldivian citizens eyes n ears, then i must say it's a NO NO so dont judge it the way things are judged by a bunch of people who had blood on there hands ALREADY from a previous case, second they were idling till this day the real culprits of black friday of 12 and 13 , the case of evan naseem was judged by these two judges, the other singapore judge who too is corrupted and there is enough proof of what he had been doing for the last 10 or some years is there too to add more spices to the flavour sorry to say this but if you are trully and fairly concerned about the the little islands which is trying to stand up to his feet from a 30 yr old dictatorship and nw a coup brought by the people of the 30 yrs old coruupted and influential people with puppet on the chair pls once more look into this MESS b4 things go out of hands...and b4 this place change into a another syria...HELP THE MALDIVIANS FROM THIS MILITARY COUP GOVERNMENT


  34. justice4all,

    Were you there to see all this? You are telling lies and there was no such incidence that had happened on 7th.

  35. If you know then why dont you take them to court and bring the justice .

    We dont care what Coni says and if such had happened then those armed Man who had hijacked the dictator Anni family memebrs are required to brought to justice.

    You people are like Anni and very good at spreading the prpoganda here.

  36. @Malik: “…money talks and the truth walks….”

    @Fathun…”there is a lot of money floating around the Maldives, money that couldn’t be found for the healthcare of our people, education of our children, and rehabilitation for our lost youth….”

    I found the above comments to be powerful revelations.

    All the Great Spiritual leaders tell us that if there are not enough people to put truth, justice and humanity above even their very own life, health and welfare, tyranny, injustice and corruption will always reign and repress the innocent.

  37. Like the old man, who's daughter got pregnant before marriage, this regime is trying so hard to conceal the truth, & Like the old man who will not be able to conceal it as her pregnant belly will grow, so as this regime cannot conceal their illegal presidency day by day,,

    Did you ever ask your concious if it's crystal after this report!! and if you did then why couldn't the opposition earlier(Baaghyn) take all the issues surfacing in nadheed's presidency to parliment for an impeachment, instead of a riot by riot police, instead of a civilised,legal way, a martial law way!!?
    The very crystal clear concious is the fact that, though Nasheed could have been impeached, his presidency was a success, because he heard what the normal citizens said, not the criminals,

    judiciary corruption was the reason of the event of 7th February, and its responsibility is on the shoulders of JSC(direct), the parliament president (direct),Opposition parties(direct & indirect) for not taking legal ways prescriped by the constitution to solve the corruption issues in JSC.

    A patriot, soldier, couldn't have seen this any other way,
    Thuggary, mercenaries wanted more money, wanted new flats, needed to halt social devoments, and obviously wanted the corrupt judge back on the bench, Cause with him inside, the risks are grave!!

    This report is not the end!! It's a clear cut lie and falsified stories bundled together, so even if no international support comes for MDP in this matter, nothing changes how corrupt, biased, unislamic, Hippocratic, unconstitutional this regime is and when the civil socities realise the crimes this regime committed against its own nation and people, A final verdict will sound loud and clear!!
    Truth always comes out like the early morning sun, breaking the darkness of the night,,..

    rise up!!

  38. @mody,,
    am sorry , we're you there LIER!!!
    why did your corrupt commission remove the evidence seen by Gaha Saeed regarding FARISH MAUMOON'S PHONE CALL TO NASHEED??

  39. Even if Nasheed is gone, he has revolutionised a nation, educated the unbothered, showed in few years that Maldivian ordinary people makes families, and a well socially structured family makes a clean society,and many clean societies makes a clean nation,,,
    Not dirt, scum, not corrupt individuals, Like your commission members(apart from Saeed) like your JSC, who has people can't spell their own name, not like PG, & the list can go on till tomorrow,,

    Obviously it's seen by the sheer numbers of new members added to MDP membership day by day,,,

    The bells will ring again soon, times up for all of this non sense!!!
    once back in power, it's payback time, constitutionally !!!

    keep you helmets on!!

  40. Many thanks for the video from the Singaporean lawyer. I have long known what Singapore is like. Maldivian government has a long period of friendship with dictatorial Singapore. Many Maldivians would love this terrible judge Selvam. Many Maldivians of this type also write to Minivannews and even threaten to silence government critics. Maldivian government knowingly and deliberately brought this Singaporean judge to the Maldives.

    Mohamed Nasheed and MDP Zindabad.

  41. Despite calling MDP democratic, no one has apologoised or taken resppnsibility for the many blunders. Whether it is a police mutiny or not, Nasheed has to resign because there is no alternative plan. This is a defect in MDP.

    MDP would not be sustainable in the long term because of its relance on Nasheed.

  42. Justice4all.

    MDP principles are good and their policies are good on the books. But Anni had hijacked the entire MDP and he is ruling the party for his own benefit.

    Anni is not the man who brought this freedom but there are many others who had contributed much more to bring this freedom to our society .

    Even there are number of other loyal people who had infect made MDP as MDP today who had contributed finically and other means. People like Gogo Latheef, Sandhaanu Luthfee, etc.

    I agree that the turning point in the history of Maldives to bring this freedom is Evan Naseem case. But where was Anni on this day ? he was in UK and the people who had the courage to go Republican square on that day against the Maumoon regime are true heroes . Anni was not there .

    That was the day , Anni realized that Maldivian were now matured enough to express their freedom and they have the courage to say no to oppression.

    Don't give all credit to Anni and there are many other people who deserve to be given much more credit than Anni for this freedom. I also agree that Anni also had played a good role on this change but it is not like many Anni supporter think that Anni is the Man and the hero of this freedom.


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