President says he is “unconcerned” as Maldives back on CMAG formal agenda

The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) has decided to place the Maldives back on its formal agenda, “pending the holding of a credible election on 16 November and the inauguration of a new president”.

President Dr Mohamed Waheed is meanwhile quoted in local media as saying, “Let CMAG decide whatever they will” and that his concern is about having Maldivians “approach elections in a satisfied manner”.

CMAG discussed the situation in Maldives in a meeting held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Wednesday, three days ahead of the scheduled polling day for the presidential run-off in the Maldives.

According to their official statement, “ministers expressed their deep disappointment that the Maldives presidential election process had not concluded prior to the expiration of the President’s term in office on 11 November 2013”.

As the constitutionally mandated date for the swearing in of a new elected president – November 11 – passed, incumbent President Waheed announced that he would remain in office as per a verdict released by the Supreme Court.

Waheed’s decision – based on a Supreme Court verdict signed by the four judges who had annulled the initial September 7 presidential election – contradicts a parliamentary motion passed to appoint the speaker of parliament as an interim president, citing Article 124 of the constitution as a basis.

“The Group noted that the breach of the 11 November constitutional deadline to inaugurate a new president followed repeated delays to the electoral process, as a result of annulment by the Supreme Court of the first-round election on 7 September and the failure to proceed with three further elections on 28 September, 19 October and 10 November,” the statement read.

“Despite this serious setback to the democratic process, CMAG was pleased to note that domestic and international observers, including the Commonwealth Observer Group, had found the first-round presidential election held on 9 November to be credible.”

“Ministers emphasised the urgency of ensuring a swift conclusion to the electoral process. In this regard, CMAG stressed the importance of the second-round election taking place as scheduled on 16 November, in a credible and peaceful manner, and of the newly elected president being inaugurated promptly thereafter.”

“Election delay is not reason enough to place on agenda”: President

Waheed has been quoted in local media as saying he did not accept that the delay in electing a president prior to November 11 is reason enough for CMAG to place the country back on its formal agenda.

He also revealed today that he would be leaving the country indefinitely tomorrow evening, suggesting that there was nothing he could not handle over the phone prior to his promised resignation on Saturday evening.

“The objective of placing the Maldives on its formal agenda is to push for elections still. To pressure Maldivians to elect a president and swear him in soon,” he said, adding that election preparations are “already proceeding very smoothly here”.

“I don’t think that it is because CMAG says, or Commonwealth says, or some foreign government says that we should do things. We should do things as we feel right, as is in the best interests, and in a way we can achieve the best possible results. In whatever way is best for citizens,” Waheed said.

“This country has been divided into two. None of them can rule this country without the other. Whoever wins will need to talk to the other side, and include them in their work. It must not be done in a manner where half the country rules, and the other half is sidelined. That will never bring peace and fulfillment,” he stated.

He said that it is in the best interests of the nation to hold the second round of elections next Saturday, and regardless of how small a margin the election is won with, the winning candidate must be allowed to stay on.

Maldives was previously placed on the CMAG formal agenda in February 2012 – following the controversial transfer of power, and was removed from it on April 2013.

Today’s CMAG statement concluded urging the presidential candidates, the security services, and other state institutions to extend full co-operation to the Elections Commission so that it is “free to carry out its constitutionally-mandated role and the people of Maldives are able to exercise their fundamental right to elect their president”.


18 thoughts on “President says he is “unconcerned” as Maldives back on CMAG formal agenda”

  1. Every island person in Maldives now knows about CMAG .. and the fact that it does not mean tuna shit.

  2. CMAG........ Hahahahahahaha.......some British folks are still holding on to the relics of the empire.

  3. This man has no respect for poor Maldivians. Now he will leave Maldives after bankrupting the country

  4. Of course he is "unconcerned", concern would mean expectations to do something about it. And no, I do not imply that he is indifferent. The fact is that he has more pressing needs to consider.

    This poor man who dreamt all "his life for this moment" (of being President), now cannot even speak to his family without permission from his handlers.
    He is nearing the end of his shelf life, had to be forced to stay as President at the behest of "the great majority of the people". No doubt his initial feeble show of recalcitrance incurred the ire of his puppet masters, making his leash even shorter.

    Now that he couldn't bow out with any semblance of dignity, what's left is a run for an embassy in a foreign land, much like any other political prisoner.

    I hope for the sake of the people, he announces his resignation as soon as he steps foot in Hong Kong, Singapore or wherever he is going.

  5. JP has decided to support Yameen. Ladies n gentleman n Laura. Please leave the Maldives. The only saving grace is that the waves might just wash it below the surface and shorten the suffering of the inhabitants so they can escape this God forsaken place and its vermin politicians.

  6. Yes he is unconcerned. In fact no one is concerned. It's game over after JP's decision to support Yameen. All those who love democracy will now have to go into exile as Maldives yet again plunges into darkness for decades to come.

    Maldivians seem to have sealed their fate at worshipping the clan and are not ready to embrace the freedoms enjoyed by the democratic world.

    No one will even remember Waheed after a few years. Maldives will be a totalitarian regime with a veneer of participation for the foreseeable future. Nasheed should get out while he can as he's most surely going to end up in gaol if he stays. Was it worth in the end to bring freedom and democracy to the Maldives? At the moment, it doesn't appear to be the case.

  7. Despite Gasim's decision to support Yameen, I don't believe all those who voted for JP will vote for Yameen, for quite apparent reasons.

    So, Yameen's claim that all JP voters will now vote for him is a fantasy. The question is will Nasheed and MDP gain enough of JP voters to stop Yameen? That depends on a lot of factors, including the most played card, i.e. the Islamic card.

    Nasheed must bring in the Imam of Masjid Al-Haram if he must, right now.

  8. @ circus:
    Your assuming I'm from one of your "commonwealth" lip service lackeys.sorry arrogant pr*ck! We kicked you out during our war of independence , and saved you during world war 2, now your our lap dog!!

  9. Yo @ Disgusted...who do you think will be campaigning to get Import Duty removed from Maldives tuna sales to the EU?

    You're a moron brother.

  10. I dont think president Waheed would give a hoot to anything other than getting out intact with the booty at this point.

  11. Oh big deal we are on the CMAG agenda. Put on the tin hats and kiss your asses goodbye. I think not.

    Maldives gets kicked out of the Commonwealth and then joins the CCCP.

    How is your Mandarin, Ahmed?

  12. Old humbugs like Kamalesh!!! He has scelerosis of the brain NOW!!! Hahahah. They cannot do anything. They all are going to help Rajapaksa help campaign for a next election, when Rajapaksa is the worst human rights abuser in the world history. Kamalesh, wake up. Maldivians are no fools.

  13. "“Let CMAG decide whatever they will” and that his concern is about having Maldivians “approach elections in a satisfied manner”."

    This could be the laughing stock at CHOGM held in Sri Lanka, or any meeting anywhere in the world now!

    Maldives have seen many rulers; but it could only have seen a very few weak and undersized ruler such as Waheed. So "unconcerned" and "unabled" in a situation like this!

    CMAG will surely do what they intend to do, immaterial of who say whatever! But the reality is that it will matter!

    "He said that it is in the best interests of the nation to hold the second round of elections next Saturday, and regardless of how small a margin the election is won with, the winning candidate must be allowed to stay on.".

    Who is Waheed trying to fool?

    The Constitution says how a presidential election can be won! Now it does appear that Waheed himself is making constitution!!!! Or is this another CATCH?

  14. He has got what he wants so he would not be concerned. The bad always get away that's the reality.

  15. Of course Waheed is unconcerned about the political turmoil in the country as it has always been his concern to grab some money from the government coffer, which the coup has made it possible for him. Now that he has made enough money why stay here and face the trouble? Going abroad and enjoy life while leaving his subjects to themselves seems a good decision.

    Waheed is a nice gentleman!

  16. You know "Disgusted" is a foreign mercenary when he doesn't even know HOW we got independence from the brits.


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