Six protesters released on condition they don’t participate in protests for two months

The Criminal Court has released six persons arrested during the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) protest calling for presidential elections, on condition that they do not participate in protests for two months.

A police spokesperson today told Minivan News that, as of this morning nine protesters were in police custody.

”The court extended two person’s detention period to 15 days,” he said, adding that they were arrested on charges of objection to order and obstructing police duty.

In a statement issued last night (28 September) police said that a total 15 persons have been arrested following unrest in Male’ since September 23.

Police said three were arrested without any conditions, and that the court had extended the detention period of six persons.

Police Spokesperson said that last night seven others were arrested in addition to the 15 persons mention in the statement issued.

”15 is the total amount of persons that were arrested,” he said. ”Some of them have also been released without being taken to the court.”

MDP protesters took to the streets following an injunction issued by the Supreme Court regarding a case filed at the court by Jumhooree Party- led by unsuccessful first round candidate Gasim Ibrahim – to annul the poll on allegations that there had been major issues with the voter registration, and that the Elections Commission had changed votes.

After the Supreme Court issued the injunction, pro-MDP supporters have been protesting everyday near the Supreme Court and other areas of Male’.

MDP has also questioned the legitimacy of decisions made by the Supreme Court as certain judges on the bench have been accused of misdeeds, most notably Justice Ali Hameed who remaind subject to an ongoing investigations into leaked video tapes appearing to depict him engaging in sexual relations with foreign women.

Pairs of large white underpants – similar to those worn by the figure in the sex video – have become a common theme in the last week’s protests.


5 thoughts on “Six protesters released on condition they don’t participate in protests for two months”

  1. Humour (and white pants) may be our best tool yet:) thank goodness for good old divehi style humour. Thank goodness for white pants - and coconuts. Pity this bunch of goons lack humour - and imagination. Same old tricks, over and over again. How they get away with it is anyone's guess.

  2. It was a whole nineteen years ago that I left the Maldives after three happy years of teaching there. I met Anni when he had a respite in Male under house-arrest. A fearless idealist whom you should be proud of. However, it is now very important that you all tread carefully. Give no excuse for the ex-autocrat or the selfish resort owner to crack down on Anni.

    I have been closely following developments there. I know that Anni still traipses the streets as though there were no risk. Please afford him protection, my good pupils; these guys will stop at nothing except that they fear outraging the world. It will require only one bullet to destroy this good man; however, in the long term, I'm confident that the sort of independent-minded young people whom I met there will ultimately prevail over these corrupt old men.

    But wouldn't it be much better to carefully manoeuvre your way out of this impasse and have a wiser and more mature Nasheed to lead you?

    Good luck to you all!

  3. Is this the democracy that the Maldivian regime claims to uphold? A Court cannot take away the rights for peaceful protest enshrined in the Constitution. Have patience boys and girls; the time is nigh for the illegal squatters; be it judges, police, army or the president.


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