“Crime is more important than party” says PPM, after suspected cop killer is revealed to be member

The crime is more important than the political party the criminal is from, the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) has said during a press conference, after it was revealed that the suspect arrested in connection to the murder of Lance Corporal Adam Haleem murder is a registered member of the party.

In the wake of police officer’s murder, government-aligned parties including PPM and cabinet ministers have vociferously blamed the ousted former President Mohamed Nasheed and his Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) for the murder, claiming that MDP’s ongoing protests against the police in the capital Male’ provoked the attack on Kaashidhoo island.

The MDP have held consecutive demonstrations since the controversial resignation of former President Nasheed on February 7, who contends that he was forced to do so “under duress” amid a police and military-backed coup.

The protests often have led to multiple arrests and violent clashes between the security forces and protesters, with rising concerns of police brutality, torture and human rights violations.

However, in response to the accusations, the MDP released a photo of the arrested suspect Mohamed Samaah, 22, and a screenshot of the Elections Commission’s party registry showing him listed as a member of the PPM.

Local media reports said that Samaah, from Suvaasaage of Kaashidhoo, has a multiple criminal records including drug, assault and theft.

PPM’s Council Member Ahmed Saleem today contended at a press conference that “Party is not important. What’s important is the crime committed by the criminal,” after a reporter asked him to verify the claim.

“We have also heard people say that he is from PPM. But we have not checked if it’s true. The reality is that MDP members have been registered under other parties by mistake,” Saleem added.

“But, whatever party [the suspect] is from, no police officer or citizen should be attacked,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the MDP has also alleged that the suspect was a key supporter of Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Abdullah Jabir, who won the Kaashidoo constituency in the recent by-election with official endorsement from PPM.

The MDP  today released another photo with the suspect allegedly standing next to Jabir, while JP leader Gasim Ibrahim is seen nearby giving a speech.

Jabir’s wife Dhiyana Saeed, the newly-appointed Minister for Gender and Human Rights, is also pictured in the image.

Speaking to Minivan News today, Jabir rejected any possible links between the suspect and his party, accusing the MDP and media sources including Minivan News of propagating false rumours.

“This suspect has nothing to do with the JP,” he said.

Conversely Jabir said that the suspect had actually been working with MDP candidates at local elections, as well as being mentioned in a police report at the time for attacking a member of the JP’s own campaign personnel.

“There is evidence of this and reports of the incident with the Kashidoo police.  Anyone can check this,” he added.


18 thoughts on ““Crime is more important than party” says PPM, after suspected cop killer is revealed to be member”

  1. @Minivan would you mind rehosting images that you link to on social networking sites, as they are liable to be inaccessible to everyone. Try any public image hosting website such as www.imgur.com Much appreciated!

  2. mdp's spining machine minivan news at full speed. just because mdp releases a bunch of photos and a screen shot doesnt prove a thing. they are experts at doctoring images.
    mdp is the one which instigate attacks on police. their leader nasheed has threatened police, mndf and their families quite explicitly. mdp top goons twitter and facebook is filled with threats aginst police. even the mdp's offical forums are filled with name, pictures of police officers and death threats against them. most of these are deleted after killing the police.
    well, mdp know this! police and mndf and their families make a large portion of the voting population of maldives. by threatening, harming and killing them your dream of wining any election in maldives will only remain as a dream.

  3. It was PPM conspiracy to murder the police officer and blame it on MDP.

  4. http://img818.imageshack.us/img818/4262/31477430513223958448981.jpg

    Who is there standing next to Jabir?? A lot of similarities and if crossed checked two photos anybody can say its the same person standing next to Jabir on his recent campaign in Kaashidhoo along with Gasim and Dhiyana. So is it more likely that he should not listen to whatever MDP says ???

  5. Its true that MDP threatens police and MNDF with their words...But no members acted according to their words.. MDP didnt n never killed cops.. Its sad that some ppl dont believe in the truth when its infront of their eyes.... When the murderer of Haleem was unknown for some national security reasons the national unity government alleged MDP for the muder... Its always like this when crow waheed came to power... Its a coup goverment and even Doctor Hassan admits to it in his audio when he met The students studying in UK.... Its a coup nothing can justify it as otherwise.

  6. Waiting anxiously to see a minivannews article on this news break

  7. Liar, liar liar. Shame on everybody trying to politicize this unfortunate incident where a young life was snatched away by a ruthless gangster. Shame on all of you and wish all you guys rot in hell sooner than later

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=efvMBC7Lz90#at=12

  9. The link ablo gave have a picture where the cop killer is allegedly standing behind Jabir. Campaign Manager for bi-election


    Have a look. download zoom in & cross checked and its HIM !!!!

  10. Download the original photo from here to cross check !! Its a good quality photo


  11. When the killer is a member of PPM , it was very convenient for the traitors to say party does not matter. It is a disgrace how this Government is operating putting all the blames on MDP. The truth of the matter is MDP has great support by the public cos the Government is incompetent and corrupt. Murder and crime is directly related to the injustice by the Gov and its Police force. The Government and the people who supported the coup is to be blamed not any party.

  12. They (rebel govt) want to create a killer to kill MDP members. The deceased policeman belongs to MDP family.. According to a Kaashidhoo person, the family was campaigning for MDP candidate, though the coup candidate jabir was won the by-election. Yet the rebels might need to kill him with the help of person having criminal reports to start the next murder attack.. I don't think the killer will get any sentence as he belongs to PPM (supernatural leader's party).

  13. We get it, the peace loving democratic MDP are to blame for this murder, but whenwe learnthe TRUTH that it was a corrupt criminal PPM man, it is suddenly not the case.
    This prooves the corruption and evil intentions ofthe illegal coup regime.
    the world is laughing at us now!

  14. Listen coup regime, you can not have it both ways, but evidentally in your case, you can be wrong twice!!!

  15. This is why i say MDP is a gamaaru party;
    did not do the act but because of their filthy mouths gets all the blame.(but who knows, this samaah could be working for MDP as MDP is full of drug addicts)

    MDP and seyku Anni, why don't you people wash your mouths before competing in an election which by the way you will probably lose.

  16. Come on! That is the island council president. Kaashidhoo Council President Ali Sultan. He is not the Murderer Samah!


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