Criminal court frees 2007 Sultan Park bombing suspect

The Criminal Court ordered the release of 2007 Sultan Park bombing suspect Mohamed Ameen from police custody on Thursday.

Ameen is said to be  a member of the extremist group Jama’athul Muslimeen, the leader of whom died in a suicide attack on the Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence in 2009.

The suspect was taken to the court for an extension of detention after the two-month detention previously warranted by the court expired, according to Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef.

Haneef noted that the suspect had to be released as the court did not issue the extension.

However, he refrained from commenting on why the court released the alleged bomber.

Ameen was one of the Interpol’s most wanted and was not apprehended until October 2011 following a combined operation by Maldivian and Sri Lankan authorities.

The Criminal Court’s spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Manik told Minivan News that would clarify the reasons for Ameen’s release but had not responded at the time of press.

Local newspaer Haveeru meanwhile reported that the suspect was released by the court “on the condition that he not get involved in any further terrorist activities, and not leave the country.”

The 27 year-old  had reportedly fled the Maldives before the bombing took place on September 29, 2007. The bomb blast from a homemade IED (improvised explosive device) was the first bombing incident in the country.

The bomb blast at Sultan Park – a major tourist attraction in the capital located in front of the Islamic Centre – was triggered using a mobile phone and washing machine motor attached to a gas cylinder.

The attack injured 12 tourists, including eight from China, two from Britain and two from Japan. The incident received widespread publicity around the world, damaging the country’s image as a luxury tourism destination.

The attack meanwhile prompted the authorities to declare a state of high alert and arrest 12 suspects within 48 hours.

Terrorism charges were filed against 16 suspects, including 10 who had fled the country.

In addition to Mohamed Ameen, Interpol red notices were issued for Hussain Simaad, 25, of Baa atoll Dharavandhoo; Hassan Riyaz, 21, of Haa Dhaalu atoll Nellaidhoo; Mohamed Imad, 27, of Baa atoll Dharavandhoo; Abdul Latheef Ibrahim, 25, of Laamu atoll Kalhaidhoo; Mohamed Iqbal, 42 of Maafannu Naseemee Manzil; Moosa Manik, 20, of Seenu atoll Hithadhoo; Hassan Yoosuf, 24, of Laamu atoll Kalaidhoo; Ali Shameem, 25 of Shaviyani atoll Komandoo; and Ibrahim Maslamath of Maafannu Gold Ring.

Three men – Mohamed Sobah, 19, Moosa Inaz, 21, and Ahmed Naseer, 20 – were sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in December 2007 after they confessed to the crime.

In August 2010, the former administration commuted the sentences of Ahmed Naseer and Mohamed Sobah from incarceration to three year suspended sentences under observation.


11 thoughts on “Criminal court frees 2007 Sultan Park bombing suspect”

  1. Seriously?! Everytime I see cases like this, I can't help but think that Anni was right in arresting that corrupt judge! It's people like him and the Maumoon administration that have brought the justice system of our country to the low level it is today and we the common people suffer. I will fully support Anni should he decide to arrest all corrupt judges and remove them from the courts permanently, since our institutions such as the PG office and HRC and our new Ministry of Human Rights are all silent. The Judge who allowed this criminal back into the society needs to be disbarred and everyone who wants real justice in this country need to go out to the streets and call for the removal of that stupid judge from court!

  2. @Mariyam, don't you remember the day Anni gave pardon to the rest of the personals who were caught, jailed and doing sentence in regard to the same bombing incident?!?!?

  3. mariyam is being selective in her moral outrage. The others who were involved were let go under the clemency act by the previous government. Were you out on the streets calling for removal of the president when that happened? and wasn't it also president Anni that tried to bring gauntanamo bay prisoners to Maldives?

  4. "The bomb blast at Sultan Park – a major tourist attraction in the capital located in front of the Islamic Centre – was triggered using a mobile phone and washing machine motor attached to a gas cylinder."

    I've never heard or seen any details of a serious investigation into this incident. It's quite clear to me that these chaps were taught these dangerous skills by a foreign 3rd party. You do not learn these things out of a secondary school text book!

    Releasing someone on the premise that he will not take part in further terrorist activity is akin to a slap in the face of those who suffered horrific burns and other injuries due to this hienous act. It also shows callous disregard to the severity of this incident and will only give encouragement to others who would like to follow these chaps.

  5. I neither praise nor condemn this man.

    Not while there are still some statues left in our National Museum.

  6. When the two terrorists were jailed for 15 years after found guilty of terrorism charges, MDP, the ANNI administration pardoned them before they served 10% of their jail-term. So who shall be arrested. Anni or the judge who issued verdict against the two terrorists. And more, now Ameen: the constitution guarantees the rights of citizen. Im sorry to say this: i found the same people influencing and intimidating judges when the terrorists who set fire on gov buildings were not released. it's a shame on you.

  7. Yes yes shame on the MDP.

    The most legally inept party in the Maldives.

    Hisaan et. al. must hang their heads in shame. Ever since Suood & Co and the good doctor left our fledgling movement our party has never really recovered. Now its just run slipshod with people claiming this and that and all types of Mariyams pretending to be outraged when the outrage suits their needs.

  8. i just had to comment when 'tsk tsk' mentioned Suood...his law firm represents the alleged tends to wonder where his morality lies..

  9. Law defines everybody as innocent till proven guilty and Suood's firm is a law firm. So suck the system and tolerate!


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