Defence Minister Jaleel leads “Sentence Nasheed now” motorbike rally

Defence Minister Moosa Ali Jaleel and Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb led a motorcycle parade on Saturday calling for a speedy judgment in former President Mohamed Nasheed’s terrorism trial over the 2012 military detention of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

Jaleel was the chief of defence forces when Judge Abdulla was arrested and faces the same terrorism charges. If convicted, the pair face between 10 and 15 years in jail or banishment.

Senior government officials, ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) MPs and hundreds of young men took party in the rally. They carried placards that read:  “Justice for Judge Abdulla,” “Sentence Nasheed now,” “Everyone is equal in front of the law.”

Jaleel has denied involvement in Judge Abdulla’s arrest, claiming the chief of defence forces had been reduced to a “ceremonial” official by then-Defence Minister Tholhath Kaleyfaanu.

Four state witnesses have backed Jaleel’s statement in court, claiming he had not participated in any military meetings prior to Judge Abdulla’s arrest.

Speaking after the rally, Adeeb called on the opposition to stop its nightly protests against Nasheed’s February 22 arrest and terrorism charges.

“Don’t make us take to the streets. These are Malé City’s youth. This is a very strong crowd. If these young men get angry it would not be good. That’s why we are with these young men in their homes. We are people who love peace, so don’t make us come out to the street,” Adeeb warned, according to Sun Online.

“We won’t give him [President Nasheed] anymore chances. You [the opposition] will also have to go home. Then we will also quietly stay home,” he added.

Tension has been high in Malé since Nasheed’s arrest. The former president’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and Jumhooree Party (JP) have formed an alliance against what they call President Abdulla Yameen’s repeated constitutional violations and intimidation of political rivals.

The opposition claims Nasheed’s trial is unjust. Former Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim who is standing trial for importing and possessing illegal weapons is being framed, they also claimed.

MDP today condemned Adeeb’s speech, accusing him of threatening the opposition with violence.

“MDP is alarmed by the threats of violence against opposition protesters, made by senior members of President Yameen’s administration,” a statement issued by the party today read.

MDP claimed that the bike rally was attended by “well-known gang members”.

“This is a desperate and dangerous escalation of the current crisis by the government. President Yameen’s administration is baring its fangs,” Spokesperson for MDP Hamid Abdul Gafoor said in the statement.

Three of the young men seen in the front-lines of the bike rally – Fazeel Ahmed, Mohamed Asif and Razzan Abduhrahmaan – had previously been charged with murders but were acquitted by the Criminal Court.

Fazeel had been charged with the murder of 15-year-old Ahmed Shaneed in 2008, while Asif and Razzan were charged with the 2012 murder of 33-year-old Ali Shifan.

The opposition has long accused Adeeb of illicit connections with gangsters. The tourism minister has dismissed the allegations.

When President Nasheed resigned in February 7, 2012 in the wake of a police and military mutiny, he accused Jaleel of downplaying the mutiny. Jaleel, who had served in the army for 30 years, retired after the controversial transfer of power.

Jaleel signed for the PPM last year and President Yameen appointed him as the Ambassador for Pakistan. When Nazim was dismissed from his cabinet post in January after the controversial weapons find, Yameen appointed Jaleel as his replacement.

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10 thoughts on “Defence Minister Jaleel leads “Sentence Nasheed now” motorbike rally”

  1. “Don’t let us take to the streets. These are the youths of Male’ City. This is a very strong crowd. If these young men got angry it would not be good. "

    Is that a threat? Then, go on, do it! I'm quite certain that youths of the whole of Maldives will have something to say to Adheeb. The guy sounds like the half-wit he is. Too much brawn and not enough brain!

  2. Gangsters and threats; that's all PPM has to offer. Can't believe Maldivians actually elected these criminals. Lesson learned, I guess. Say goodbye to serving another term in office, Mr. President. There's no way people will vote for you again.

    But I suppose they still have the supreme court in their pockets to cancel another election and rule indefinitely.

  3. Justice for Judge Abdulla.. What's next? Prostitutes for Ali Hameed?

  4. Defence Minister Jaleel doing what?

    What a country.

    What a democracy.

  5. Why not sentence all the politicians involved in this types of public displays - oh I wonder how much each individual was paid to join this protest. Such a negative light to shine on this beautiful country!

  6. These so called protesters are the people who took advantage of a corrupt judiciary in Maldives. You have among them drug lords, murderers, corrupt officials like MP theo Riyaz who embezzled STO oil, MP Mohamma who was seen playing poker, Minister Adeeb who was involved in MVR 77 million scandal.
    President Nasheed had no choice, but to apprehend criminal judge Abdulla in the interest of the nation as the nation was being destroyed by these criminals encouraged by the then opposition who had control of the parliament, judiciary and independent institutions. There was no way Nasheed could get a court warrant to arrest the chief criminal court judge Abdulla from the criminal court even though there were numerous criminal allegations against him. So the choice left to Nasheed was exercise his duty to protect people or let Judge Abdulla , criminals and opposition DRP destroy the country and bring down his government. Judge Abdulla was kept for 22 days in a resort environment with full access to human rights commission and medical assistance. He had never lost job and enjoying as he had been until today. What terrorism? what rights judge Abdulla had lost compared to complete subjugation of whole country for 34 years. Why are these people thirsty for Nasheed's blood? What justice can be served by putting Nasheed in jail?

  7. This is not democracy. This is mob rule by PPM. we now deserve the rotten country we get.

  8. Adeeb is trying to manipulate the few "youth" he could find to become aggressive! Shame on you Abeed! And so much shame on you Moosa Jaleel. You who used to be a hero, are now a scumbag. True colours at last? Makes one wonder if you ever really were a hero. Were you a part of all the big nasty things that has happened to this country? What involvement did you have in the planned attacks on Maumoon's regime back in the 80s? We now know that you are capable of all kinds of shitty business!

  9. "Angry young men blah blah" . if that wasn't a threat then what is... words straight out of the thug's mouth... the mob is showing itself for what it is... gangsters rule ok!

    What a hard lesson to learn for those who unwittingly voted this lot in, in the name of democracy. DeMOBcraZy more like. Pity that the rest of us have to pay for it though. We like the rest of the world have to watch this tragedy unfold. But like all plays, this too will have an end. May it come soon and we can close this the ugliest chapter of our long history.

  10. and what about the constant campaign using TVM the state owned network by government members then to push the case and now to justify.


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