Don’t you dare touch Maumoon, Umar Naseer tells President

Deputy leader of the main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Umar Naseer has warned President Mohamed Nasheed against putting “one step outside  of the chart” in his handling of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Naseer, who has recently faced factional difficulties within his own party after it voted to send him before the DRP disciplinary committee, threatened that Nasheed did so, “it will be the end of his regime.”

President Nasheed spoke yesterday at the launch of historian Ahmed Shafeeg’s book alleging that 111 Maldivian citizens were held in custody and tortured by the former administration.

Nasheed stressed that Gayoom alone could not be blamed for all the human rights abuses that occurred under his watch.

“It was not done by him alone. It was a whole system that did it. It was Dhivehi tradition that did it. It was Dhivehi culture that did it,” he said.

Nasheed’s use of the phrase “outside the chart” in an earlier speech has been widely interpreted by the opposition as “acting outside the Constitution”, ostensibly in his detention of the Gayoom’s brother and People’s Alliance MP Abdulla Yameen on charges of treason and bribery, after he was released by the court.

Naseer said that if Nasheed acted in such a fashion with Gayoom, “there will be consequences.”

‘’We have seen Nasheed arrest some of our leaders and MPs, out of the chart,’’ Umar said. “We waited patiently and tried to set them free smoothly, and eventually we made the President release them.’’

Gayoom was a different matter, he suggested.

‘’The next day we will file a no-confidence motion against the President and we will make it the end of his regime,’’ Umar said. “Rephrase: do not touch our beloved honorary leader out of the chart.’’

While the opposition has a parliamentary majority and has dismissed former Auditor General Ibrahim Naeem with a majority vote, it presently lacks the two-thirds majority it would require to dismiss Nasheed or Vice President Mohamed Waheed Hassan. However the government has previously accused the opposition of attempting to buy the cooperation of MDP MPs.

Speaking at a rally yesterday, Naseer also strongly criticised the president for climbing onto the roof of the president’s residence to install solar panels.

‘’I wasn’t astonished to see how fast he climbed up the roof, because he is a pro-tree climber,’’ he said.


29 thoughts on “Don’t you dare touch Maumoon, Umar Naseer tells President”

  1. wow this guy is actually retarded! How dare you party people for parading this mentally retarded man around as a politicion! Kinda looks like forest gump too..

  2. Remind me someone, why Umar Naseer had to leave the forces. If I am right he was in the police force during Maumoons' regime.

  3. What's Umar Naseer going to do if he takes action against the former dictator? Break his back? Old habits are hard to break.

  4. it comes as no surprise that hes touchy on the subject of justice. No surprise at all.

    Umar Naseer is the biggest joke in DRP, followed by Mavota Shareed and Bimuga Harunula (can't stand for long)Ali Waheed...this list might go one, so I will stop short.

  5. Seems like MDP guys think they are the majority in this country? Well think again. DRP still has more people.

    The consequences will be very real if you step beyond your boundaries.

    Be warned!

  6. I miss him in politics. we need such dumb politicians. NO confidence against Anni? dude. u do know how it works right? hahaha. hahaha. man my stomach is killing me..

  7. Maldivian politics is full of dirt and underground deals. Blackmailing is common. This is ongoing. IT professionals from both sides are continuously trying to invade personal lives of Maldivians. Once they get something valuable the black mailing will start. The targets includes all members of the society. And of course specially those who are in the high rank.

    What Anni is trying to do is the same. Finding a way to blackmail Maumoon.Openly. The timing and the situation of the government supports this view.

    So it might be possible that the opposition has enough ammunition to blackmail even the president and his co since many of them were street boys.

  8. If Maumoon has done something wrong he should be investigated. No one is above law. People, do not take this Umar Naseer seriously. He had brought down this government many times in the past. He had become the biggest joker in the country.

  9. Blackmailing or tit-for-tat games will not get us anywhere in the long run. If we don't try to rise above negative emotion and move on, we only end up hurting ourselves. I think that difficult though it might be at times, making peace with oneself and others is the only way to live. The only way to find that elusive human state - contentment.

  10. President Nasheed doesn't want to arrest Maumoon like the way Maumoon arrested him a couple of years back. But if his killings during his regime warrants an arrest, why not? Maumoon is also not above the law.

    It is not a wonder that Umar comes defending Maumoon so he is in dire need of support at DRP. He is expecting to bag some more support at DRP to strengthen his faction, by making a statement like this.

    Perhaps for DRP dumb arses, he becomes a hero. But for the sensible and sane people in the country, he is a laughing stock.

  11. Man, I love the entertainment politicians on both sides provide day by day. However, even I think some "changes of sides" inside the Majlis does have a lot to do with money, cars, land, blackmailing, and so on.

  12. there is political "science" behind all these public stunts. but guys have you forgotten something? umar naseer was the guy who made a profile of him showing him praying in his office, showing him giving money to the poor, playing basketball etc. etc. so hilarious! he is Maldivian Mr. Bean. all what is missing is a white underwear. LOL!
    but who cares, yameen pays him big bucks.

  13. It was a waste of time even to read this considering how useless Umar naseer's argument is. We should remind him about what he told the public about the old dictator when he was campaigning in 2008. Why do these politicians(usually from DRP) assume that we are still living in Dictators regime where we had no freedom of speech or anything. I ask Umar to be mindful of that we have seen his drama series from Episode one to his last episode where he calls not to touch maumoon.

  14. This guy is ****ing entertaining.

    Anyone else remember Umar's presidential campaign video with all those clips of him running around town in gym shorts?

    That was comedy genius!

    Addu: Why is it always revenge/vengeance/blackmail/some-giant-conspiracy whenever Maumoon is asked to step near a court?

    For everyone else it's just the legal system =/

  15. Umar Naseer is irrelevant to Maldivian Politics. His role in DRP is of a stand-up comedian. They bring him on to have a laugh.

  16. @Hani
    Wasn't exactly refering to Maummoons case. Was talking in general about the situation. What Maldivian politics is about and what people are going through. If you are at least older than 35 and if you have had the privilege to be brought up in Male' you might know what I am talking about.
    But if you belong to an elite family you might be very distant from the truth. Cause they never come out of their homes to see how the common man is doing.

  17. I don’t even see a point writing an article based on what Umar Naseer say . This guy talk full of rubbish. I remember him talking against Maumoon while he was campaigning for president and now he is suddenly all so committed and sincere to Maumoon. Where is the faith in people like Umar Naseer when they change there mind and party everyday.

  18. what is this chart he is talking about??
    Is it his way of introducing new words to the political domain like Anni does when he speaks...?? Agree with most of the opinions he is the circus politician of this era..

    As far as Gayyoom is concerned - Apparently Gayyoom is created as a pure soul by god according to Religious scholar Dr. Afraasheem -

  19. Umaru, if Anni wanted to touch Maumoon out side the "chart", Maumoon would be dead now. You should be thanking Anni for letting him live after what Maumoon did to Anni.

  20. back off umaru naseer, i dont mind how much u paid from golhaaa baaai his brodar gangdter...............


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