Prosecutor General will imprison Nasheed before elections, promises PPM

Deputy leader of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Umar Naseer has expressed his confidence that the Prosecutor General’s (PG) investigation into charges against former President Mohamed Nasheed will see his imprisonment before the scheduled elections in July 2013.

“We will make sure that the Maldivian state does this. We will not let him go; the leader who unlawfully ordered the police and military to kidnap a judge and detain him for 22 days will be brought to justice,” local paper Haveeru reported Naseer as having said.

Naseer went on to say that, after the investigations of the police and the Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM), the pressure was now on the PG.

“He is an independent person. I hope he will prosecute this case. He has said that he will. I have no doubt that he will,” Naseer said.

When Minivan News asked the Deputy PG Hussein Shameem if he felt politician’s comments about an ongoing investigation were appropriate, said: “I wouldn’t like to comment on that. If we start commenting on what politicians say, it will become too much.”

Naseer and his party’s spokesman Ahmed Mahlouf were not responding to calls at the time of press.

Shameem said that the cases against Nasheed, which include the detention of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed and the police’s alleged discovery of alcohol at the former President’s residence, were “waiting for extra information.”

“We are not sitting on it,” Shameem hastened to add.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) spokesman Hamid Abdul Ghafoor dismissed Naseer’s comments.

“This is a man who has openly said he was a participant in this coup,” he said.

Naseer told Australian journalist Mark Davis in February that he had helped command the anti-government protesters as well as offering inducements to the police to mutiny.

Ghafoor was confident that the PG would not be swayed by Naseer’s comments.

“I do not believe the PG can be swayed –  he has been independent and I do not think that he will notice such comments. Also, I do not believe that the office is only one person, it is an institution,” he said.

He did, however, express concerns about the capacity of the office.

“Because of the lack of decisions, we have reason to believe the PG has a limited capacity. It is extremely slow in coming to grips with the situation,” Ghafoor said.

In March, the PG General Ahmed Muizz told Minivan News that the completion of the Nasheed cases was being delayed whilst police reviewed certain aspects of the investigation.

After meeting with the PG, PPM MP Mohamed Waheed today told Haveeru that the majority of the delays in prosecuting cases were resulted from incomplete investigations.

During an interview with Minivan News in April, Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz spoke of the need for enhanced training within the service to avoid such problems.

“We are doing a lot of training on professional development; investigations to make sure that, rather than on the number of cases we investigate, we concentrate more on making sure that we have more successful prosecutions,” said Riyaz.

“We have seen in the past a lot of cases that have not been proven at the court of law. That is a big concern for me, so I am working very closely with the PG as well to make sure that our officers are trained professionally to investigate, to interview, trained to collect evidence, analyse it, submit reports and present it at the court of law, and make sure we have successful prosecutions,” he added.

The call for institution building has been heard most frequently from the current government, although calls for the reform of institutions such as the judiciary and the Majlis were a leitmotif of the Nasheed administration.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Dunya Maumoon told the BBC in April that early elections would not be possible before the state’s institutions were strengthened.

A few days prior to Dunya’s interview with the BBC, the United States pledged US$500,000 in technical assistance to Maldivian institutions in order to ensure free and fair elections.

Naseer’s comments on the role of the PG’s Office came on the same day that the MDP report on the events of February 7 was sent to both the reformed Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) and the PG’s office.

Shameem said they had not yet studied the report but he was aware that it had been sent.

When asked if the PG’s Office would investigate the report’s findings now or wait for the CNI to deliberate, he replied: “I suppose we will have to wait for the CNI.”

Shameem added that the report would be of limited value to the office before that time.


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  1. Dunya cannot open her mouth in Dhivehi. Not in English. What a shame!

    Married to a Bangladeshi.

    Nowadays, it is not the islanders who are 5 "kulhan'dhu" less in their brains. The Bangladeshis and women who are married to them.

  2. why does minivannews even bother to talk about this d"£$ head?

  3. If they imprison Nasheed then international sanctions will apply. If this happens then Dhivehistan will revert to a period pre-dating the Zoroastrian Achaemenid Empire - and Cowry shells will be its currency!

  4. why Anni is not above the law and if he fund guilty the he should also be punished. Rule of law need to prevail.

    If Dr. waheed find guilty then he should also be charged and no one should be above the law.

    Inernational community is not going to protect " Anni" and they are more matured than that and they will be looking at facts before doing any things against the country . They are not blind like yellow party members and they will use thier common senses and ethics in dealing with the countries.

    These yellow color guys are moving around the cult and you are being kidnapped by the dictator.

  5. ladies and gentlemen. this here you see is a crazy observe while you have the chance. you may never see one in the wild again...

  6. why Anni is need to be above the law and if he found guilty, then he should also be punished. Rule of law need to prevail.

    If Dr. waheed find guilty then he should also be charged and no one should be above the law.

    Inernational community is not going to protect " Anni" and they are more matured than that and they will be looking at facts before doing any things against the country . They are not blind like yellow party members and they will use thier common senses and ethics in dealing with the countries. It is not that they only thinks about Anni but it is more of their moral responsibility towards international community and democracy.

    A guy who had ruled the country like a dictator, will also be considered.

    These yellow color guys are moving around the cult and you are being kidnapped by the dictator.

    No matter how hard these yellow party guys try to twist the reality , the dictator had done lot of blunders and damages to the country and he need to be responsible to that.

  7. Umar Naseer, why don't you stick your ass to the front of Concorde, and enjoy a supersonic ride across the world. This will give you enough of political pleasures.

  8. Coming from an evil corrupt man who admitted in public that it was a coup while bragging to the Gayoom cronies. Ridiculous.

    If this happens, tourism, business and life as we know it is dead in the water!

  9. If a president has gone against his own people than he should be liable otherwise whats the point, lets take Anni to court and see whether he comes out the other end, thats the justice system, Anni should not recieve preferential treatment.

  10. @ GAYoom lovers/loyalits' accusations/comments:-

    (1) "locked the Supreme Court" -
    Locking up of a Supreme Court where the constitutionally TERMED 'Interim Sitting Bench' of the court HAS EXPIRED and that the parliament HAS FAILED to appoint a new bench of judges IS A MUST for any president. Especially, when the EXPIRED 'Interim Sitting Bench' ATTEMPTS to BECOME PERMANENT UNCONSTITUTIONALLY and the 'Interim Sitting Bench' judges THEMSELVES DECLARES it publicly. A letter by the Interim Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed to President Nasheed saying that he believes that AFTER the interim term the bench BECOMES PERMANENT is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and MUST be STOPPED and the building of the Supreme Court SHOULD be PROTECTED & LOCKED by the head of state. Why? Because after the expiration of the 'Interim Sitting Bench' all of the judges are MERE CIVILIANS. If those civilians can enter the building of the Supreme Court then why can't the fishermen passing-by get in there and DECLARE that they (the fishermen) are the permanent bench of the Supreme Court?

    (2) "arrested opposition MPs"
    The only MPs arrested were Gayoom's half brother (MP for Mulaku area - Abdulla Yamin) and Gayoom's loyalist pauper-turned-millionaire with no history of any lawful way to become rich exponentially (MP for Maamigili area - Gasim Ibrahim). Both of them were involved in a MPs buying off scandal while trying to sum-up the votes for an impeachment of Nasheed. Leaked phone call conversations of these two with two other MPs, MP for Kulhudhufushi -laywer cum MP Kutti Nasheed with MP Ahmed Nazim, plannig revealed that all four were heavily involved with the pledge of obstructing all the then government programs via a new billed called 'financial law'. They've cleverly drafted that nothing can be done to the government unless the approval from the parliament which most of the time over shadows the power of the executive. This was done deliberately as the parliament majority was on the side of Gayoom.

    (3) " kidnapped a High Court Judge using the military instead of the Police"
    When a judge (senior or junior or a close friend of Gayoom or not) is a pedophile and asks little girls and boys to get naked right in the court room, lets murderers to walkout of jail under the pretext of 'making the government of Nasheed responsible' and continuously let the corrupt MPs keep out of jail or 'untouchable' by any functioning investigating bodies; and the Judiciary Services Commission FAILED to take ACTION on that particular judge, THEN any president MUST LOCK UP that judge. THERE IS A LAWFUL EXCUSE to place the judge under detention until the Judiciary Services Commission or the parliament takes and action on the judge. NOT another court can or must say or do anything on such an issue as there will be conflicts of interest and it's not their mandate to take actions on another judge.

    Police simply requested the army to pull him off as there were other judges (of whom most of the sitting judges are appointed by the dictator Gayoom - his loyalists - and without any academic qualifications) simply came up with another court order that the police can't 'touch' the corrupt judge. So what should one do? We're taking about a pedophile/extremely corrupt (the axis of evil in the judiciary) and under qualified judge. Just ask the army to do it as they're not a civilian body unlike the police. And the president as the head of the state can ORDER this to up hold the constitution and SAVE little children from a child abusing sexual maniac who is also responsible for releasing top drug dealers and murders of the country (of whom most are linked with Gayoom and his parties/cronies of gangsters).

    Kidnap? Was it? Read this.
    About kidnapping, the famous British judge Lord Brandon said : First, the nature of the offense is an attack on, and infringement of, the personal liberty of an individual. Secondly, the offense contains four ingredients as follows: (1) the taking or carrying away of one person by another; (2) by force or fraud; (3) without the consent of the person so taken or carried away; and (4) WITHOUT LAWFUL EXCUSE.
    The Legal-Dictionary of defines kidnapping as: "the crime of unlawfully seizing and carrying away a person by force or Fraud, or seizing and detaining a person against his or her will". Also it states that "the law of kidnapping is difficult to define with precision because it varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Most state and federal kidnapping statutes define the term kidnapping vaguely, and courts fill in the details."

    (4) "a lot of corruption involving people higher up in his (Nasheed) government"
    Then why can't these cases be filed to the courts by the independent commissions? The courts and the commissions are full of Gayoom cronies, so why NOT try these 'corrupt' people in the court? None, so far in the past three years and to date means these are just bogus fact-twisted 'stories' being brewed by 'Gayoomists'.

    (5) "MDP is imploding from inside"
    If so how come MDP is still with the most number of registered members in the elections commission?

    (6) "MPs and prominent politicians deserting him (Nasheed)"
    You mean the Gayoom-planted 'sleeper-agents' with designated 'objectives' of 'grabbing-the-stern' of MDP? Only a handful of these 'prominent politicians' have switched sides; Didi, Alhaan, Inthi, Abdulla Raheem and Histo NOT even 10 members - two MPs and three others who held senior posts in MDP.

    (7) "MDP could easily get crowds of close to 20,000 during the days of February, March"
    True, MDP does get 20,000 and over during Feb-Mar and even NOW. People are NOT blind not to see the videos and pictures.

    (8) " now they (MDP) are struggling to even get a 1000 to 2000 people to a rally. The normal crowd now is about 250 to 300 people."
    This and especially sounds like a joke towards Gayoomist parties instead of MDP. Because the coup-coalition is unable to produce a 1000/2000 while Nasheed was president. This can be confirmed from what Omar Naseer calling to the police in voicing out his plan while merely 250 to 300 people (plain clothed police/army personnel loyal to Gayoom) were protesting for 22 nights while Nasheed was in office. Omar was calling to the police and his group of protesters to gather up a volunteering group close to 2000.

    (9) "administration of Waheed is very prudent in that they can easily overpower MDP with sheer numbers"
    Then why not show the numbers with votes?

    (10) "His (Nasheed's) followers are hell bent on destroying the country "
    How come? Nasheed didn't bring a coup to his country and doesn't keeps violating and abusing human-rights in his country. In fact it was Waheed who did both of these and the international news media keeps reporting such events which eventually 'destroys' the country externally while the internal destruction is obvious - economical, social and development.

    (11) "if he (Nasheed) and his close people like Maria Didi and Reeko resigns from the MDP and give the complete reins to other capable people, the opposition to MDP would fragment."
    True, if Nasheed, Maria and Reeko resigns and simply handover the MDP to Gayoomists.

    (12) " it seems that you (the analyst writer of this article) do not seem to know what exactly is going on"
    On the contrary, it is YOU (Gayoomists) who DO NOT WANT other to KNOW what EXACTLY is going on in the Maldives. This can be proved with your twisted facts written here.

    (13) "India has played a very clever hand here and has strengthened her position in her relationship with Maldives, which actually may not be a good thing for Maldives."
    Why are you (Gayoomists) so anti-Indians? And why would you want to take back GMR? So that corrupt Gayoomists can become millionaires just as the current president Waheed's Press Secretary Masood Imad who embezzled lots of money from Male' International Airport (MIA)? Massod was jailed under Gayoom on terrorism charges while blowing up some garages in Male' long ago right after Waheed returned from abroad with his PhD and wanted to get into politics. (We all know this)

    (14) "They (MDP people) are devils in the garb of politicians. You better meet people outside of MDP and you will come to know the truth."
    We're meeting people outside the MDP; and we're seeing a lot of people who were not into politics telling us horrific stories of the coup and the coup-coalition.

    (15) "Its not a coup is a major political failure."
    When the state TV/media is shutdown, airport is taken over by the police/army and the police/army either kills/attempts to kills or releases the order of the ousted cabinet members/govt officials can't leave the country - that's enough to know IT'S A COUP. The aforementioned events were and are on public TV/media and on social media - live. Nobody needs a national inquiry commission to find out what rises from the east side of every morning just after the morning star - it's the sun. Like wise, generally when the events of the above-mentioned takes place prior to the power transfer it's known as a coup.

    (16) "We (Gayoom & Waheed loyalists/coalition with extremist Islamic elements) are peaceful people and hate violence."
    Then why did didn't you clean the country from gangs and drug dealers and pedophile/corrupted judges in the 30 long years? Why are there so much of gang fights and murder cases and drug abusers? Why do we all see on 07th/08th Feb 2012 and still see police/army officers beating civilians and even members of the press?

    (17) "MDP don’t like our Police, Army, Judiciary, Religious scholars & Other politicians"
    Why? Is it because the police and army are mutineers who side with a long gone dictator called Gayoom? About the religious scholars - you mean the kind of religious people who makes pregnant the wives of own siblings such as Seikh Imran or those with extremist ideologies who call for the destruction of objects belonging to the Jew/Christians/Hindu/Buddist or other religions? Name one true politician without any trailing history of corruption/embezzlement/violations of human-rights and who's not a Gayoomist?

    (18) " They (MDP) are hell bent on destroying them unlawfully and with violence."
    Let's compile a list of medical reports, media reports, videos and pictures on violence and count the number of victims of the MDP and the other groups and see which comes with the most victimized group. We all bet it's MDP people being the most victimized.

    (19) "They (MDP) don’t know how to abide the constitution and make their own laws"
    Well, well. Where was the constitution on 07th/08th Feb 2012? Was mutineer-ing in our constitution? Was the attempted murder of MP Eva (with her husband), MP Maria, MP Moosa, MP Rasheed and many MDP supporters LAWFUL and CONSTITUTIONAL?

    (20) "MDP is not a political party its a sadistic cult."
    Sadittic cult is what we're seeing now. The return of the dictatorship Gayoom with a new face and along with the CULT of supporters who're blind to see the facts in the videos/pics of gross abuses of human-rights against their own countrymen.

    (21) "be a fair reporter rather than a MDP puppet."
    So who's to be fair? The reporter or the fact twisting Gayoomitsts commenting here?

  11. Jailing Nasheedh ( Anni ) is not a simple issue, it will lead Maldives to civil war. Umaru ur the one of the coup leader, we all try our best to jail u soon after inquiry commission submits it's report.

  12. Why Minivan is publishing all the comments and none from us. Is Mode one of your staff

  13. they better. if not there is no chance for anyone else to win by an election. wait. even if u do, still MDP will win.

  14. An nterview with Gayoom's chief torture man...! Really, do we have to listen to this animal??

  15. The vengeful, hateful, provocative rhetoric of the supporters of the 'UNITY" Government makes the rational, unifying, peace producing facade of this "tecnocracy" seem so fragile.

    Penetrate the Apollonian mask deep enough, and there hides Dionysus.

  16. LOL Ben 10! Criminal, Brutal Policemen, Corrupt businessman, now tuned to his stupid politician mode! Guy doesnt know what right / left wing means, and goes on talking abt politics! Pathetic

  17. MY dear Umar. WE know now where the "Commanding Centre" was. Just think about it. Now there is no way for you or Gayyoom to stay out of jail. But yes i do see te logic in what you are trying to do. you can always wish.

    Habeyyys Hayyyyyyyyyyyy

  18. Congratualtions, Ritu.
    You just won Mrf 100 for writing the longest post ever on Minivan News.
    Well done.
    You may calim your prize money from Danny Boy before 12.00pm on Friday the 29th of June 2012.
    Don't forget to produce your national identity card when you come to claim your prize money.
    We hope this will be an inspiration for others to write long comments on Minivan News.
    Thank you.

  19. @Ritu

    You are have made some good points. But the arrest of the Judge is unlawful since there is an Act of Parliament which prescribes how to deal with corrupt judges. Asking the military to forcefully take the judge and deprive him of his civil rights cannot be lawful even if the judge himself had committed murder. Even if he is accused of murder the Act of Parliament should be followed to bring him to justice You are quoting an English judge a country where there is supremacy of parliament. In England if the parliament had enacted legislation then it has to be followed for the act to be lawful or not. Same is true for the Maldives though we have constitutional supremacy.

    In reality both Qayoom and Nasheed share same qualities. The only difference is Qayoom is cleverer than Nasheed despite his age.

  20. Waheed govt is unlawful, corrupt govt put in place by Bagee Gayoum and his corrupt cronies in military and police!

  21. god ritu, i dont know how much truth there is in your comment but i think its useless to write such a looong one.while you are at it again can you write the unlawful and disgusting things your "god anni" and his cronies did(for example, mocking our prophet and his salah,advicing our youth to take drugs, pave ways to make available alcohol to the country,the shameful acts by anni cronies caught on video via facebook,assigning police jobs to thugs who came out of prison, uncountable amounts of corruption etc etc.) its difficult to end this list so Ritu, don't make god out of a human especially when that person is the devil himself.

  22. @ Ritu

    Bravo, Ritu has tried to justify all the unconstitutional messes Nasheed has made, lets see you tacle all his anti-islamic messes, no matter how hard you try im sorry to say that people you depended on ha let you down, sorry, MDP and Nasheed have got all you yellow bellies stuch between a roc and a hard place, wow such ephiphanic bull ritu well done


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