Umar Naseer cannot overthrow government, responds Reeko Moosa

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)  MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik has hit back at Deputy Leader of the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), Umar Naseer, who earlier warned that the party would topple the government if former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was handled “outside the chart”.

“Outside the chart” was a phrase used by President Nasheed that has been widely interpreted by the opposition as “acting outside the Constitution”, ostensibly in his detention of the Gayoom’s brother and People’s Alliance MP Abdulla Yameen on charges of treason and bribery, after he was released by the court.

Naseer’s heated rhetoric came in response to Nasheed’s speech at the launch of historian Ahmed Shafeeg’s book, which alleging that 111 Maldivian citizens were held in custody and tortured by the former administration.

Naseer warned that if Gayoom was handled “outside the chart”, “the next day we will file a no-confidence motion against the President and we will make it the end of his regime.”

Reeko responded that the opposition coalition DRP and People’s Alliance (PA), led by the former president’s half brother Abdulla Yameen, would find it impossible to overthrow or topple Nasheed’s government, “inside or outside the parliament.”

“No matter how many times Umar warns that this government can be overthrown if the president acts outside of the chart with regard to the former president, MDP is the only party that has the capability to overthrow a government by going out on the streets, or achieve anything,’’ Moosa said.

He added that in the event of a trial concerning torture allegations against the former government then Naseer – a former police officer – might be also investigated himself, alleging that he “is a person famous for taking part in the tortures [conducted] by the former administration.”

“Umar is a person attempting to destroy one party after the other,’’ Moosa alleged. “Now he’s trying to create aggression inside DRP, and divide the party.”

Naseer did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


13 thoughts on “Umar Naseer cannot overthrow government, responds Reeko Moosa”

  1. Dude! your full of yourself! we brought u here! WE WILL TAKE YOU DOWN! Your time is almost up! bye! bye! Happy looting! :@

  2. Umar Naseer does not warrant a response! Well, moosa can, coz he is a clown too.

  3. A clown hitting back another clown. One is the parliamentary leader of MDP and the other is deputy leader of DRP. Both used by both parties to bad mouth the other. Both have dictatorial views and no respect for democracy. Both have become liabilities to their parties.

  4. Lets see, this Reeko Moosa Manik will create a mess in MDP, when they approach to held their primary before the presidential election.

    Surely, he will run away!

  5. Umar Naseer is pain in our ass. It was unfortunate that we accepted him DRP. send back to Islamic democratic party. Oh I forgot, IDP is not going to accept him.

  6. @drp sucker...IDP will not accept but mdp will accept all the retards/clowns/hypocrites etc for sure....try them n let me knw, goodluck

  7. Most Maldivians are too insightful and understand the fragility of human nature too deeply to actually believe any body is really as noble or selfless as what Naseer claims Maumoon to be. It is deeply structured in the ancient, sub-consciously rooted Theravada Buddhist Mind of the Maldivian, all life is impermanent (annicam), suffering and dissapointment is all life amounts too(Dhukkha).

    So when one sees ppl like Umar Naseer praising Maumoon as though he were somehow other than human, one knows that Naseer is either afraid of something or wants something.

    Yet, due to fear and selfishness leaders are still revered by Maldivians as though they were Gods although they know it is bullshit. For the sake of expediency, leaders of the past have rewarded these lies, knowing they are lies. This is because at the end of the day their ego gets off on the fact that the praisers are either terrified or so desparate they are willing to forsake all their dignity to worship a human being. Leaders kind of like to see the degradation of their fellow man, it strokes their ego in a deep, almost sexually potent manner. So they reward that shit knowing that it is all crap. Maumoon may reward Naseer, but the people of Maldives will never reward such a blatantly desparate, ignoble stupidity as pretending another human being is somehow all that...

  8. Umar Naseer is the laughing stock of the Maldivian political landscape. Umar go get a life man!!

  9. Raako will talk great ... but who is he. He use to visit Singapore often to be with his wife who stays in a rented apartment. The sad part is that landlord is chasing him for rent!!! His excuse to the agent is that he is a parliamentarian and in Maldives parliamentarians are not paid!, A big liar and tarnishing Maldivian expatriates reputation.

    This is the financial status of MDP strong man Raako


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