Don’t elect President who will “run after you with batons”, Defence Minister advises MNDF officers

Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim has strongly advised officers of the Maldives National Defence Force as to how they should vote, suggesting they should not elect a candidate who would “run after them with batons”.

Nazim made the remarks while addressing military officers during the ceremony held to mark the 121st anniversary of the Maldivian army on Wednesday.

Nazim – who was a central figure behind the ousting of former President Mohamed Nasheed on February 2012, which the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) maintains to be a coup d’etat – stressed that though the military were not allowed to partake in political activities, the right to cast their ballot in the presidential elections like any other citizen, “must be exercised with due care”.

He also urged the officers to questions their own conscience before casting their ballot that would elect the President – who by virtue is their highest authority as Commander in Chief.

Attempting to draw a line between former President Nasheed and President Mohamed Waheed Hassan – who was present at the ceremony – Nazim said that “it is important to see whether the commander in chief is a person who would run after [you] with a baton or whether he is a person who takes a great deal of patience in resolving complicated matters”.

Nazim who appeared keen to advise the military on what type of a candidate they should vote for in the elections, said the military had a proud history and that the person who assumes the role of their commander in chief should possess certain features.

“That is why we must see who we are voting in the next elections,” the retired colonel said.

Nazim also spoke about his “experience” of February 7, 2012 when former President Nasheed’s government was toppled.

Nazim who was a civilian at the time, took over the command of the military and was seen leading the military side while Nasheed was still legally the commander-in-chief.

Nazim entered military headquarters as a civilian and gave Nasheed an ultimatum to unconditionally resign within one and a half hours time, or face consequences.

Nasheed, who had by then lost control of both the army and police and was surrounded by angry protesters including mutinying security forces, bowed to the demands and submitted his resignation. The protesters, including military and police officers, promptly stormed the state broadcaster, and Nasheed’s resignation was broadcast live on the re-appropriated network.

Nazim, explaining his view of the controversial events, said he went near the MNDF barracks after he lost his patience with the chaos that had built in the area. Another reason, he said, was to lend any sort of assistance he could provide to help the country at the time since he was an ex-serviceman.

“If the events that took place on that day had taken a different turn, instead of being in this position I would have ended up behind bars in jail. I might not even be alive,” he admitted.

Nazim claimed that the events witnessed on February 7 would continue to remain an unforgettable event and said that the country’s political leadership had severely failed.

“I saw the MNDF officers totally confused. They did not know what was happening. I am sure no soldier of this great nation would want such a day to repeat again,” he said.

Nazim also praised President Waheed claiming that it was the president’s immense patience and foresight that helped resolve the political chaos that followed after the change of regime.

The Defence Minister also claimed that President Waheed put a great deal of trust in the senior leadership of the military and has given the military the space and freedom to organise the institution on its own.

He also assured that MNDF officers would not be used by President Waheed to gain any political upper hand.

Nazim trying to politicise MNDF, claims MDP

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) condemned Nazim’s remarks to the military, claiming that the minister was attempting to influence officers’ right to freely cast their vote.

Speaking to Minivan News, MDP Spokesperson MP Imthiyaz Fahmy said the day Nasheed was toppled was the day Nazim gave up his self-respect and dignity, by orchestrating a “coup d’état”.

“After committing the highest treason against this state and being at the forefront of a coup that toppled the country’s first democratically elected president, who is Nazim to talk about pride in the MNDF in the first place?” Fahmy asked.

Fahmy described Nazim’s speech as a “cheap” political gimmick and claimed it showed how desperate the government was given  poor public support for President Waheed.

“It is hilarious that Nazim is speaking about running after people with batons. This same person was among those who ran with batons and beat ordinary people of this country. But yet, without even a single hint of shame, he is now telling MNDF officers to look out for those with batons,” Fahmy said.

Fahmy reiterated that despite how much Nazim tries to convince that he is not a “coup leader” the majority of the officers in MNDF knew who Nazim was and that they knew what happened on February 7 was wrong.

“I am certain that despite all of this, the MDP will get the majority votes even from the MNDF,” Fahmy added.


17 thoughts on “Don’t elect President who will “run after you with batons”, Defence Minister advises MNDF officers”

  1. in other words

    "dont elect the person that will prosecute all those who was involved in the coup" "you have to stick with us and save our asses and you should not vote for him"

    where will these people run when Anni gets elected back. now they already must have plans on how to sabotage and rig the voting. of course they will die before they see Anni back in power. its a matter of survival for these people.

    im quite sure this election will leave dead bodies on the streets of maldives.

  2. Don't worry about what Nasheed says? He is one of the biggest traitor to this nation and he is only the eon who can not remember what he says after few minutes .

    I am sure that Nasheed will fail in the first round and Nasheed dream of becoming the President of this country will be gone to History.

  3. Haha...what a d*ckhead. One week he forbids defence forces to be publicly involved in politics...

    Now he's warning his staff with thinly veiled insinuations about who not to vote for.


  4. @John payman on Thu, 4th Jul 2013 9:01 PM.
    Compose your self, please!
    The better half (as I consider), @Kuribee is no joker!
    Only a paid BARD and a good sport!

  5. Vote for democracy but not to a military dictator rules after a dam coup, Bagee nazim must allow all the Presidential candidates to campaign inside MNDF and Maldives Police service.

    Bagee Nazim the Maldiven are with there cosh and will be after you.

  6. Three battalions exist in MNDF and therefore votes will be distributed whatever Nazim says.
    1. Gayoom Battalion which is mainly the oldest, uneducated and have taken money or charity from gayoom for their medical or educational needs.
    2. Nasheed Battalion which consists of the young and literate. Those who have a drink or two, and would love to get more liberal.
    3. Waheed Battalion which is built on traitors, selfish, greedy, and religious extremists. People with no clue of tomorrow, people who would hang their own mothers, to get a dime.

    The same applies to the police force, although they are younger, they have nothing in their heads. A salary increase, an apartment, health insurance and permission to grow a beard is all they need and they would do anything for any president.

    In brief, votes from MNDF and Police will have no weight!

  7. Presumably, the armed forces are intelligent enough to make up their own mind regarding which way they cast their vote. Given that, Nazim's preachings will be seen as an insult to their intelligence. Moreover, Nazim is a civilian, and a politician. He has no authority over the armed forces. He is "muddying" his role as a retired Colonel and his current civilian role.

    The more important point is that the results of the next general election is already a foregone conclusion. No amount of further campaigning will change that apart from the campaigners pockets getting lighter. Maldivians are creatures of habit and they mostly do what they always did. You can bet your last Rufiyaa that those who voted for the Dictator last time will still vote for his party.

    The deciding votes will come from those who will be casting their vote for the first time.

  8. Vote from police and MNDF will also have weight and then again majority of the these uniform people will never vote for a traitor like Nasheed.

    Nasheed is then biggest threat to this country's sovereign status, democracy.

  9. I don’t know even where to start from!
    As far I have seen earlier from within MNDF(NSS) & 7th Fab 2012. I would say that Nazim is a traitor to this country even before MDP was born. If the auditor general performs an audit starting from early 90’s onwards the Maldivians will be able to see the corruption activities in former NSS.

    As per 7th Fab 2012, the way I see thing can bit different to a fellow Maldivian. That is because I am a self-retired member of former NSS and the oath that MNDF & NSS has taken are the same. In that oath we are forbidden perform, acting, involve even help in any manner to a coup which has been organized from foreign & domestic as well. Even this part of the oath applies to Police Service as well.

    So what I am trying to say is the person who was in “UNIFORMED” gathered to Jumhooree Maidhaan on 7th Fab 2012 will be declared & prosecuted as organizing & performing a COUP against the public elected Government.

  10. MNDF Officers can win back their dignity and respect only by distancing themselves from Nazim and Waheed! I hope they are intelligent enough to realize public sentiment against them!

  11. Vote for a president who can separate religion and politics. Spiritual benefits come when religion is personal experience between god and you. Once it becomes person belief, everything you do will be from your inner self and this can bring miracles. When the religion becomes politics all the essence you should be getting from spiritual benefits will be lost.

  12. Nazim soh now trying to influence officials on whom to vote for? Who knows, he might even throw in a promotion and salary increase for all if his coup government gets elected again. Afterall by hook or by crook the coup leaders must remain in power to prevent themselves from being prosecuted for the bloody and violent coup they carried out last year.

  13. Hassan. Our constitution clearly says that illegal order should not be followed and should not be given either.

    Oath taken by people in uniform are not taken to protect and serve the country and obey the legal orders.

    When command in chief gives an illegal order, the oath says not to obey those illegal orders.

    I respect you as ex military officer and suggest you to share the full oath instead of juts pin pointing just few words of the oath and then blame.

    Oath must be interpreted in its full context and not just by an isolated one or two words from there.


  15. Kuribee is a nut bag. But do I care? No.

    What we must concentrate on are the majlis. They are the ones who can realign the nation from the destructive path.

    Each and every one of us has the responsibility to vote and ELECT, an educated person to the majlis, Not a moron just because he wears a colourful underwear or a bra.

    The president will then be a means to an end. Who ever get to be the President, He has to execute the law.

    The problem we have now, looks to be idiots like kuribee, coup leaders, useless management offices,,etc.. Is byproduct of our own stupid majlis.

    Get your own acts together, there is no reason to vent off anger at kuribee. Vent it at the PM who represent each of you.

    Minivan.. Edited version.


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