DQP and DRP unveils coalition councillors training programmes

The Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) led by Dr Hassan Saeed has said that it will work with the main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), led by MP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom to establish an action plan after a coalition agreement was signed between both parties.

The DQP said it hopes to initially target training schemes for both its own and DRP councillors elected during local council elections held earlier this month on how to conduct their roles.

”The objective of these activities is to make councillors capable and talented persons who can be examples in how to serve their fellow citizens,” said the DQP in a statement.

”Activities targeted on training the councillors will commence very soon.”

The party said it will also try to teach councillors on how to make the government more accountable.
“During the activities they [councillors] will be taught the role of Local Councils and Decentralization,” said the DQP. ”They will be trained to learn what citizens needs and how to work according to the pulse of the [public].”

The DQP claimed that experienced politicians from the DRP will also provide lectures during these activities.

On 8 February, the DRP held a council meeting – with party members reportedly belonging to factions supporting dismissed Deputy Leader Umar Naseer allegdly absent – where they decided to sign a coalition agreement with the DQP. The agreement sae both parties pledging cooperation to each other during the 2013 presidential election as well as parliamentary and local council elections scheduled to be held in 2014.

During this month’s local council elections, a majority seats of island seats were won by the DRP, although the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) claimed most of the seats in municipal areas such as Addu and Male’.

MDP has raised concerns that there were serious issues related to polling reports received by the party and has requested the Elections Commission to hold the elections in some areas for a second time. The governing party has also alleged that the Elections Commission were one sided in their conduct and that the council elections were unfair.


9 thoughts on “DQP and DRP unveils coalition councillors training programmes”

  1. "The governing party has also alleged that the Elections Commission were one sided in their conduct and that the council elections were unfair."

    All this because MDP lost the elections.
    Now the government will blame the Elections Commission or the Councillors for their incompetency.

  2. Dear Ahmed Nazeer,
    You started with one story and ended up with another. lol

  3. Good Luck opposition. I hope you guys do some great work together. The MDP we voted to govern this country has proved us that they are failures. They are a bunch of lunatic, vandals and stupid idiots who knows nothing about running a country. And that Reekho, uuh, I can't stand him. He is better on TV dancing under some bitch's dress than in politics. Anni will definitely lose in the next presidential election and for sure I am not going to vote for him again. He has proven to be a power abuser and dictator just like Qayyoom. All the cabinet is composed of his friends and family now. He spends a lot on his foreign trips and is a blatant liar. The free health service he promise never happened and the safety of general public has worsened since he became the president. Now we all fear to walk on the streets alone even in broad day light. There is practically no law, order, peace and security. Whats worse to come, God knows.

  4. i totally agree with you Mr Ibrahim Yasir...Sure, Reekoa would do a better job in the Entertainment industry....just to name a few but important issues that really seem FAILED is Medical Insurance Law & Order, Social fabric, money value (aiyfoaraa hisaabah basic thakethi)

  5. councils should be trained by NGOS. It is high time we check the mandates of political Parties. Now they are going to meddle up with bad politics by the name of Councils training. Unbelievable that these guys who claim they have got all educated and wise councilors elected from their parties, now talking of trainings and awareness. when did political parties become awareness and training providers. hilarious.

  6. From the frying pan into the fire is definitely unhealthy and not worth it.

    MDP undoubtedly is capable of crossing hurdles! But they must find alternatives real fast!

    Dr. Hassan Saeed is yet proving his incapability to lead and making an ass out of him and those who follow him!

    He finally will get the same treatment his "atholhey", Shareef got" A good dose of painful words from the "Supreme Leader" of the DRP!

  7. With the Valentines agreement in a very romantic environment.Wow now they are starting " with rayithunge haqquga" Allah mi qaumu salaamai kurahvaashi eve. Ameen

  8. Now they are going to test the legal powers of the Councils. This is a way of getting more money from court cases. These councils will take the government to courts everyday, after these training sessions. We will see the government getting crippled by the court cases. At the end of the day the lawyers will get rich and both public and executive will loose.


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