DRP deputy contemplates election coalition, rules out PPM alliance

The government-aligned Dhivehi Rayithunge Party (DRP) has ruled out a coalition with the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) ahead of elections later this year, despite being open to collaboration with other parties.

DRP Deputy Leader Ibrahim Shareef told Minivan News the DRP would not contemplate forming a coalition with the PPM beyond the present government, calling any discussion on the matter a “waste of time” considering previous disagreements between the two parties.

The PPM, a coalition partner in the government of President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik, was formed by DRP founder former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in 2011 following an acrimonious war of words with the party’s current leader, Ahmed Thasmeen Ali. Thasmeen was directly appointed by Gayoom to be his successor as head of the DRP.

PPM members are currently campaigning ahead of primaries to decide whether MP Abdulla Yameen or the party’s former interim Deputy Leader Umar Naseer will contest as the organisations presidential candidate in September’s elections.

Speaking Friday (March 15) at a rally head at the artificial beach area of Male’, PPM Deputy Leader Ilham Ahmed claimed that unlike MP Yameen, “almost all parties” have said they would unite with Umar Naseeer in a coalition for the next presidential elections, reported Sun Online.

Ilham told the gathered crowd that being able to form a coalition would be important in the upcoming elections, adding that no other party would be interested in forming an alliance with a party helmed by MP Yameen.

MP Ilham was not responding to calls at time of press, while Umar Naseer’s secretary said he was too busy to speak.

However, PPM MP and spokesperson for MP Yameen’s campaign team Shifaq Mufeed has since slammed Umar Naseer’s primary team for making what he called slanderous and untruthful statements.

With its own congress scheduled for next month, DRP Deputy Leader Ibrahim Shareef said the DRP was presently focusing on its own campaign and manifesto for the presidential elections, but believed the party would never be able to form an alliance with the PPM going forward.

“Our position is very clear, we will not be forming a coalition with the PPM,” he said.

Shareef said that following a split within the DRP that saw supporters loyal to former President Gayoom break away and form the PPM, it would not be possible for the two parties to work together.

“We won’t waste our time discussing a coalition with them,” he said.

Despite rejecting any possibility of working with the PPM, Shareef said that the DRP would not rule out a coalition with parties in the future who they had not already worked with, adding that there was always room for discussions to be held.

However, he claimed that the party was presently in the process of compiling its manifesto for elections to be held next year, while also trying to finalise a venue for the party’s congress scheduled next month.

“Right now we have not been able to get a venue, though we hope to secure Dharubaaruge [conference centre],” Shareef said. “We are not a wealthy party, so we cannot campaign like richer parties and we need to find a new way to do this. We don’t have our own television or radio stations like other parties.”

Spokespersons for the  Jumhoree Party (JP), Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) and Adhaalath Party (AP) were not responding to calls at time of press.


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  1. When this hard headed pig opens his mouth, the end is near.

  2. Andrew. It is right for you spell out anything against any person other than Fili Nasheed,

    When a person open his her mouth against, people like yourself start move like boomerang ?

    What a double standard ?

    DRP will never make a coalition with MDP and PPM ever.

    Shahid himself knows this

  3. With the millions of dollars owed to the Bank of Maldives by DPR senior honkos, DRP represents nothing but corruption.

    As soon as the money runs out, there will be no DRP.

  4. "Spokespersons for JP, DQP and AP were not responding to calls at time of press."
    Why would they respond to an unregistered anti muslim website which runs full MDP propagenda. Even if they do give a comment, it will be all twisted and published with additions or omissions.

  5. Yes Minivan is a propaganda machine of Nasheed and it is not MDP.

    Nasheed had hijacked the party and what NSHEED is doing does not really represent the party MDP.

  6. @ kurebee
    Nasheeed = MDP.
    That party is nothing but a cult which follows nasheed.

  7. DRP has no option BUT to form coalitions, since they don't have the muscle to stand up on their own anymore. They have been squeezed dry by PPM. Almost all their membership has switched to the gay pink side.

    DRP do have one or two sensible people within their senior ranks, but mostly what we see are hard headed fools who still believe they are a powerful force within politics, whilst reality is anything but.

    Oh, yeah, Insha Allah, Minivan may continue to represent the voices of the Maldivians for a very long time. Ameen.

  8. Oh naive son of Addu do not mock those who have the idiots on their side.

  9. MDP (ANNi party), PPM (Gayoom and family party), DRP (Thasmeen and family party), Gasim Party, Waheed party (Madam party), the rest are all supporters of criminals like Jabir. Tomorrow criminals like Jabir could switch party and become the vice chair of the party. All what these criminals need to supply to party leaders are "call girls", best alcoholic drinks, be a party to the pervert "nights" and supply money for the party. Non of these party leaders are 1% sincere to the public. Sick society. Though Nasheed(Anni) would be better. But he was sold out to Mariya. No hope.


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