DQP threatens government with legal action over fishermen’s subsidies

The Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) has said claimed that Rf100 million (US$6.42 million) included in the government’s budget for the year 2011 for diesel subsidies for fishermen has not been given.

‘’It is a great concern for the fishermen and their families that they don’t have a penny left to take home after working the whole day,’’ said DQP in a statement yesterday.

The party accused the government of failing to develop the fisheries industry for the last two years.=

‘’We call on the government to give out these subsidies immediately,’’ said the DQP, threatening to file a suit for fishermen’s rights if the government failed to deliver the subsidies in 21 days.

Mohamed Zuhair, Press Secretary for the President, told Minivan News that the DQP was not working for the rights of fishermen.

‘’They are politicising the issue for political gain,’’ Zuhair said. ‘’The government has been working on delivering the subsidies program for fishermen and I think it will commence very soon.’’

He said that the government had been trying to establish criteria for the program and would launch it soon.

‘’It is not as easy as just going up to the boat captain and handing over the money. It has to administered,’’ he added.


3 thoughts on “DQP threatens government with legal action over fishermen’s subsidies”

  1. when was the last time so called Hassan tea party had a real party meeting? oh..Dr.Hassan and Jameel (two nurse) needs some cash from Champa Afeef!!

  2. Subsidies generally do more harm than good by distorting economic signals. In the past few years, contribution to GDP from the fisheries have not increased substantially in-spite of the government fuel subsidies.

    Yes, there always a few people who benefit from subsidies - the vessel owners. Besides serving these few special interest groups, by increasing the profit share of the owner, subsidy money doesn't do much good to the rest of the crew nor contribute to the GDP of Maldives.

  3. @LGC.mv perhaps is right to believe subsidies does more harm than good!

    And I am sure our fisherman can live without subsidies, if they are given opportunity and priority!

    I am damned! Dumbfounded by this stupidity!

    DQP had no better way to act big uncle to the local fishing community!

    I strongly believe that this government, if they had budgeted a subsidy to anyone, it would be given to them eventually!

    The pole and line fishing we boast about is on the brink of extinction! This is reality! DQP cannot see this!

    The hand-line tuna fishery industry, are fishing whatever tuna that comes within our territorial waters!

    The fish aggregating devices (KANDHUFATHI) which supposedly were installed to benefit the pole and line fishing industry is being misused by the hand-line tuna fishers!

    The hand-line fishers cannot see they are putting the noose around their necks by greed!

    DQP are politicizing on this for sure!
    But giving the subsidies to beneficiaries has also been late!


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