Dr Ahmed Saud announces bid for presidency as independent candidate

Founding member of the government-aligned Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and its former council member, Dr Ahmed Saud, has announced that he will be contesting in the upcoming presidential elections as an independent candidate.

Speaking to Minivan News, Saud said the decision to compete for the top office was a “very serious” decision based on the recommendation of many supporters.

“I will be contesting in the presidential elections. I have also informed the current and former presidents, President Waheed, President Nasheed and President Gayoom through Twitter that I have decided to contest in the elections,” Saud said.

Saud – who was a senior member of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) during its time of formation – said that he would file his candidacy as soon as the elections commission opens the opportunity.  The Elections Commission is expected to open the opportunity to file candidacy next week.

Dr Saud meanwhile said that he has several high-profile political figures and other notable individuals backing his bid for presidency.

“As you would know, I am one of the founding members of two of the largest political parties in the country, the DRP and PPM. Therefore I will have supporters in the political arena,” he said.

Saud also reiterated that his decision is not based on settling any personal feuds with any of the candidates who have already announced their candidacy and said that none of them “should be concerned about it”.

Speaking about the decision, Saud said that he was contesting in the election with the hope of establishing a government that has the vision and the knowledge to steer the country from its current state and lead it to prosperity.

When asked about his policies and election manifesto, Saud said that his manifesto is currently being completed and that he has assembled a team to work with.

“During the window period that comes after the elections commission opens the opportunity to file candidacy, I will begin unveiling my manifesto and policies,” he said.

Saud also dismissed the idea that contesting in the elections as an independent candidate was a disadvantage and said that “not all theories are proven right all the time”.

“I even support the multi-party system. But that system which I believe in is a party system that is based on proper democratic foundations and principles. In Maldives, unfortunately, we could not see that system within the last six to eight years,” Saud explained. “Instead, we still see a system that is not properly developed and a system that still has many legal loopholes. The political party system in this country has brought deep political polarizing and divisions,”

“Instead of political campaigning, what we see is hate mongering, blasphemy and character assassination in the name of campaigning,” he added.

Saud claimed that those who wished to work for the betterment of the country do not need to wait till the multi-party system gets properly developed and that the country’s development should not be hindered because of a dysfunctional party system.

“Therefore this is an important step I am taking for this country. The Maldivian people need to see options for them to vote as they face the elections.  It should not be candidates that are chosen by political parties that should be their only option,” he said.

Asked about his expectations, Saud said that he expects a first round election victory and that he is currently in talks with several political parties who have expressed interest in backing his candidacy.

“Like anyone who decides to contest in the election, I too am confident that I will win the election. Even though I am contesting as an independent, I am not targeting for the run-off elections. I am targeting for a first round election victory and I think it is very likely,” Saud said.

With his announcement, Dr Ahmed Saud becomes the fifth candidate who has announced their candidacies.

Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Presidential Candidate former President Mohamed Nasheed, PPM Presidential Candidate Abdulla Yameen, Jumhoree Party (JP) leader and business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim and leader of Gaumee Iththihaad Party (GIP) and current President Mohamed Waheed have all announced their bid for presidency.

All four candidates are currently campaigning vigorously throughout the country.


10 thoughts on “Dr Ahmed Saud announces bid for presidency as independent candidate”

  1. at least he is not corrupt. Good.

    but one has to keep in mind that he hasn't yet had an opportunity to be corrupt too

    Good luck Dr. Sound

  2. All four candidates are currently campaigning vigorously throughout the country?

    I thought President Waheed and former President Nasheed went to Umra..

    Saud guy doesn't seem to be a bad one.. at least a better option than the one we have.. I haven't decided my vote yet.. looking forward to see ur manifesto.. good luck

  3. Founding member of Club Cobras, and Mezzo Band Kirim Mohamed is also standing for the Presidency. Why is the media hyping up this man while Kirim Mohamed is definitely more popular?

  4. In other news, a leading gecko from the local gecko population in Addu has shown interest in contesting for the presidency. He believes that geckos all over the Maldives are hardly represented by the current political parties and their leaders.

    In order to ensure that geckos are not marginalised, he intends to campaign vigorously and claims that even amongst the human population, he has already formed a large support base. Untainted by corruption and with a PhD in animal anthropology, he firmly believes he will win in the 1st round.

    Thank you for the Laura.

  5. Founding member of the PPM and DRP and not tainted with the bagae of the Gayoom regime? Please, give us a break.

    Whats with these guys? Power hungry maniacs.

  6. I am also conidering to run for the top job of Maldives Pvt. Ltd.

    Can Minivan news please ask your Political Affairs Editor to contact me so that I can explain the 101 reasons why I decided to run for the President of Maldives.

    PS: My manifesto will be released on twitter, facebook and youtube as soon as I submit papers to elections commission. Thank you.

  7. Dr. Saudhu may not be corrupt at all!

    But one cannot expect the "rub-on", not to be there!

    However, Waheed & Hassan Saeed from among the doctorate category of educated people were seem to have thought that the Presidency of Maldives should come their way because they were learned!

    Now it looks like that this Doctor is going to join the bandwagon!

  8. @Patriot on Sat, 13th Jul 2013 1:35 PM

    "However, Waheed & Hassan Saeed from among the doctorate category of educated people were seem to have thought that the Presidency of Maldives should come their way because they were learned!"

    Anyone with a PhD ought to be the first to admit that they know jack sh*t! A PhD is more about perseverance, stamina and being dogmatic, more than anything else. Moreover, their studies are around such a narrow and filtered atom of knowledge; in matters that do not concern that particular niche they are laymen like the rest of us.

    A PhD doesn't tell you much about a person's intelligence or IQ or a number of other abilities. In very exceptional circumstance, there have been people who were awarded a PhD due to their intellectual brilliance. For example, Stefan Banach had to be duped into even presenting a defence for his PhD. He never wrote a thesis either. The guy was above all of those mediocre little things. A brilliant mind. But that's rare.


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