Dr Shaheed’s report on Iran reveals six-fold increase in executions since 2003

UN Special Rapporteur on Iran and former Maldives Foreign Minister, Dr Ahmed Shaheed, has released an explosive report on human rights abuses in Iran.

Dr Shaheed, who was appointed Special Rapporteur in June 2011, reported that Iran had executed 670 people last year, 81 percent of them for minor drug offences that did not justify capital punishment under international law. 20 people were executed for offences against Islam, Dr Shaheed found, while a further 15 are awaiting death sentences for adultery.

Of these executions 421 were announced publicly, while 249 were performed in ‘secret’. Dr Shaheed expressed particular concern about the surge in executions in the last three months of 2011, from 200 in mid-September 2011 to over 600 by the end of the year – a six-fold increase on 2003.

Despite drug offences being the most frequently-cited reason for executions, Dr Shaheed told a press conference that there were “strong indications” that the arrests were political and drug charges added later.

Dr Shaheed found the Iran had not only executed more citizens per capita than any other country in the world, but had also detained the most number of journalists. 42 were current imprisoned, while a further 150 had fled since the 2009 election for fear of persecution. Journalists were also reportedly barred from appearing at their trials and were often informed of their sentences in prison.

The Iranian government refused to allow Dr Shaheed to visit the country in his capacity as UN Special Rapporteur, describing him as “incompetent”. The report relied heavily on first-hand testimonies, “the preponderance of which presents a pattern of systemic violations of fundamental human rights,” it noted.

Head of Iran’s the parliamentary commission on human rights, Zohreh Elahian, said the report was based on “politically tainted objectives and politicisation.”

“As was clear in Ahmed Shaheed’s draft document, the report is biased and serves political objectives since he had visited a number of European states and had meetings with the opposition and anti-revolution forces living abroad,” Elahian said.

Iranian MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi told media that Dr Shaheed was “a US agent”.

“From the first day that Mr Ahmed Shaheed was appointed as the UN [human rights] rapporteur, we suspected he was a US agent; but after he published a few reports [on the rights situation in Iran], we became certain he had been sent on mission by the Americans,” Boroujerdi said.

Dr Shaheed’s mandate for the post was narrowly approved in a UN resolution despite the opposition of Cuba, China and Russia. He told journalists he hoped the mandate would be extended.

“One of the most important aspects of this mandate is its capacity to give voice to those that believe themselves to be silenced by fear and lack of recourse,” he said.


21 thoughts on “Dr Shaheed’s report on Iran reveals six-fold increase in executions since 2003”

  1. Be extremely careful when dealing with these Iraninans... I am worried about your safety Dr.Shaheed

  2. No! He brings to light another shameful chapter of abuse of religion! Thou shallst not KILL!!!
    Nobody under no circumstances has the right to take life!!!
    Life and Death are in the hands of Allah!!!

  3. A great diplomat and future Foreign Minister (or Vice President?) when Nasheed is re-elected.

  4. Dr Shaheed as Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, elected by the Human Rights Council is the Maldivian to enjoy the highest rank at the United Nations-- a rank equivalent to Assistant Secretary General, while Dr Waheed was several rungs below at Director level and Dr Samad even worse at P-4 level. The angry outburst at him by the Iranians yesterday demonstrated just how good the quality of his work was, which even the current government in Male applauded! He has carried out his work with courage and conviction, and remains the most celebrated Maldivian international star!

  5. This guy is the devil on earth. How can he write reports about Iran when he is not even allowed to enter Iran. His reports are pre made and fed into his a***hole by the Americans and Israelis. The guys is well fed with dollars by them. Why do we need to have a UN Special Rapporteur only for Iran? Why not for other countries. Why not for America and Israel? They kills people whenever they want and get away with it. Is the life of a christian and a jew more worthy than the rest of the faiths and ethnics in this world. Woe unto Dr Shaheed, who works for those evil christians and jews. Amen.

  6. Have a look at Iran's response Dr Shaheed.

    Shame on you Shaheed. Its a disgrace you are a maldivian.

  7. Shaheed has very little respect in the Maldives. Indeed he is considered as an innate Liar among most Maldivians. He is a man who has no integrity and would sell his values for a reputed job. I am ot saying what Shaheed said bout Iran is wrong. It may very well be true. But when it comes from a man that we know has no respect among his own people and has no integreity then its difficult to take it coming form him.

  8. Iran like most pious muslim countries has a serious problem with drug abuse so I am not surprised at the executions. Your brothers in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan also are very partial to 'Afghani' and will gladly shove all of 'Columbia' up their hooters given half a chance..... I bet the beaches and alleyways in Maldives are littered with used syringes.....is it really true that 42% of Maldivian men are hooked on 'brown sugar'?.....goodness gracious me!!.....Male must be full of zombies.
    I see 20 people have been executed in Iran for offences against Islam. Did they insult the prophet? Did they disrespect the koran? Did they commit the grave sin of apostasy? Did they convert to Judaism or Hinduism or Mormonism or did they become Jehovah's Witnesses?
    I cannot remember anyone being executed in India for crimes against Hinduism.....ever.....but then we are a civilised secular nation without the silly religious laws of the Maldives.
    Its been a long time since your Islamic Ministry flogged a woman in public.....things are looking up.

  9. why not write a report on Shaheed's own country and how women are flogged, how religion is used to supress people?

  10. Dunya, Mahloof and Imran went on TV last year and condemned Dr Shaheed for accepting the post of UN Envoy for Iran. Wonder why this government of Dr Waheed, formed to protect Islam, did not condemn Dr Shaheed at the UN on Monday? Or has Dr Shaheed bought off Dr Waheed?

  11. @Yasir
    I am not interested in the link you provide... Hehe

  12. @Yasir: I am deeply greatful to Dr. Shaheed for revealing these painful truths about Iran.

    If Dr. Shaeed works with genuinely humanitarian intent, I am sure that whatever evil Shaheed has committed is being atoned for by his currewnt work.

    Yasir, brother, your hatred for Shaheed is hurting you more than it is hurting Dr. Shaheed. Brother, Dr. Shaheed no longer works for Maldives, where is all this unforgiveness and hatred leading the Maldives brother, please, for the sake of my kids, and your kids, and all our kids, the Maldives will not escape the cultural cycle of violence until we can all learn to forgive, please try and grow through it, I mean it with deepest respect for the pain you have been through. It is not easy, and I most certainly do not judge you, I am also learning to forgive, and it is damned hard! But PLEASE ask Allah to begin the process of transforming the energy of your pain and anger into compassion for all.

    We ALL need to do this if we are to see a brighter future.

    I promise I will pray for you all to succeed in this but please tell me you will pray for me also.

  13. @ Indira
    You are right..Drug is the major problem with us Maldivians..Syringes are everywhere..We are so uncivilized that we are to be executed for drugs..We should be following your "Civilized" way of life which is Gay Marriages,Killing our own family for lands,selling our daughters,killing them for falling in love and many many other such civilized things..
    Great advise from a great civilized person from a great civilized country..LOL..

  14. Ya! Sir!
    Applaud your view about the bit "Why not for America and Israel? They kills people whenever they want and get away with it.", very true! But the rest is just you!

  15. If the readers know what type of Muslim country Iran is they wont post negative comments on Dr.Shaheed.... Iran is a threat to the true Sunni Muslims of the world.. They must believe in Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) if they label themselves as Muslims!! I call the US to eliminate this threat as smoothly as they could!!

  16. Indira
    How retarded are you?? Oh Sorry, You are an Indian.. I guess I got my answer..

  17. I was very impressed with what Dr Shaheed has done with Iran. Even though Iran has not allowed him to visit the country, he has been dedicated and smart enough to still collect a truly explosive report on Iran. It does not matter what religion the people of Iran practice. But it does matter that they abuse their citizens, torture them, kill them and persecute them in other ways. Dr Shaheed must be very brave to take up this challenge. You can see how nasty Iranians can be. I think the hatred that is directed at him is simply petty jealousy and personal hatred. I am so glad to note that he alone among the non-MDP politicians have opposed the 2/7 coup; and he alone among all our politicians has consistently stood against Yamin.

  18. Dr Shaheed retired from Maldivian politics two years ago, and it is amazing how he still draws such high passions. Should President Nasheed be jailed by the current regime, would it be Dr Shaheed who would be most suited to be the MDP candidate? Surely he would pull more votes from the nation as a presidential candidate than Moosa Maniku, Dr Didi, Mariya Didi, Aslam or Ibu?


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