DRP MP Alhan Fahmy says he will join MDP “if I join a party”

Former Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Alhan Fahmy has announced that if he becomes affiliated with another political party during this administration, “it will be the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).”

The MP for Seenu Feydho was suspended from the DRP after he voted against the party during a no-confidence motion against Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed, after he elected to renew diplomatic ties with Israel.

The party’s disciplinary committee suspended Alhan from the party for six months and requested he apologise to DRP members, which he refused to do. He was threatened with expulsion if he failed to comply.

Today Alhan told Minivan News he believed the country was divided between two major political parties, “and all the others are paper parties.”

He said he was not currently a member of any party, but added that it would “not be long” before he joined one.

”I haven’t decided when, but I will be joining very soon,” he said.

Alhan said he had no interest in joining the DRP under “the current leader”.

Ahmed Thasmeen Ali was yesterday elected DRP leader by default after no one else in the party stood against him.

DRP spokesman Ibrahim Shareef said Alhan’s “excuses” for expressing interest in joining MDP were “not acceptable.”

“He is still a member of DRP. If he is jumping to MDP he is betraying his party members and the people of the country” he added.

MDP spokesman Ahmed Haleem said the MDP would “welcome Alhan into our party”, adding that the jump was “very close to happening.”

Haleem said that Alhan was the DRP’s “best politician.”

DRP MP Ahmed Mahloof said that he would be “very pleased” to see Alhan join MDP, because he had “betrayed the DRP.”

”If he jumps to MDP that would make him a political prostitute,” Mahloof said, noting that Alhan was currently not a member of the party.

DRP MP Abdulla Mausoom said that everyone “has the right to join any party”, but added that he did not want to comment on this particular case.

MDP MP Easa said the MDP would welcome Alhan to the party, if he chose to join, noting that Alhan “was one of the best performers in the parliament.”

”Our parliamentary group will be very strong if he joins,” Easa said.

MDP MP Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik said that Alhan would be a major loss to the DRP.

”If the DRP think jumping from one party to another is a bad habit, why did they accept Umar Naseer?” he asked.


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  1. It won't be long before Mahloof will be let lose for being too big a liability. He is basically bad-mannered, ill-tempered and fowl-mouthed and rose through old DRP via favouritism and shamelessness. I hope he is ditched sooner rather than later.

  2. There is no doubt today that we live in a two party system. It is a shame however that the two parties continue to become polarized against each other. The Maldivian public is not so naturally polarized, and this kind of politicking is not good for our country or out people.

    Alhan Faumy seems to be a relatively responsible MP, however, that he was not able work within the mechanisms of his party is cause for concern. Nonetheless, no MP who ran under a party ticket, with party funds and support should be allowed to continue on to another party without relinquishing his seat.

    I would hope that the Parliamentarians - who are thus unchecked by any authority or power, would see the wisdom in putting limits on this kind of movement. It hurts the legitimacy of our government when these kinds of things happen (and yes, the Majlis is part of OUR government). People will lose faith in democracy and that cannot be allowed.

    Make no mistake, we are still at that cross roads between democracy and regression. Though I am happy the government side will have a little more authority to get their programs through, just be a little more responsible people. Don't gain parliamentary influence through sacrificing democratic principles.

  3. The Drp spokesperson says Alhan still a member and Mahfool says Alhan isnt. If Alhan a political prostitute those two are 'political jokers'.

  4. Perhaps he would be more comfortable among "one among equals" or "of the same calibre and character". And how fast the opinions change... do they. "one of the best performers inparliament...." this must be a joke.....

  5. Alhan will do well in MDP parliamentary group. This would be equivalent loosing a queen on chess board for DRP and winning one for MDP. Interesting to see how the politics unfolding in these testing times for MDP

  6. alhan, i think you are taking the right step> cos MDP has bring about a democracy and needs politicians who are young and willing to carry this forward in a meaningful way

  7. Editior,

    You posted my comment and very quickly removed it, I like that, freedom of expression is that. I know this is site run by MDP. You post comments you like. Well again thats your right isnt it? Dont worry sir, your ship is sinking, and it will sink soon. What good will it make with taking Alhan, after all he is a moron like any other guys in your ship.

  8. the police should ljust ook around the Majlis or the two leading parties for enough prostitutes 😀

  9. All kidding aside... I agree with Salim..Alhan should relinquish his seat at the parliament if he switch sides..becos his election bid was financed by his former party and along with his his constituents elected his former pary .Then there should be a bi-election called for the seat . Then he could contest with his new party and win the seat legitimately , and show that he has the support of his constituents ..This is the proper democratic procedure ..and keep faith in our system ... I belive even MDP , as a party that has fought long and hard for democracy in this country should , in my opinion sacrifice the easy way , for the betterment of this growing democracy . Or else it's just hypocracy ..."Gudho gudho"

  10. Alhan did the right thing. DRP did not follow proper procedures and went for a no confidence vote based on an unfounded accusation.

    DRP does not follow democracy and MPs like Alhan Fahmy deserves better than that. DRP's autocracy dictates that MPs also follow the party's dictatorship rather than conscience and working for the good of the people.

    Not surprisingly, Alhan was the only MP who got both sides of the story - he made an appointment with Hon. Dr. Shaheed and cleared any doubts he had based on evidence from Foreign Ministry's file on Israel. Since 1960s we have had relationship with Israel and Maumoon was playing both ways -- on the one hand getting aid from Israel and putting chilly sauce and forcing men to shave their beards, breaking bones of people in the name of terrorism and yet appearing to be a sheikh when he is out with Arabs. What a hypocrite!

  11. Reeko, DRP will be better off without Alhan, If you have slightest gut ask Alhan to quit his seat and go for a bi-election and see if he can win that seat under MDP ticket. Cmon, I know you are good actor, but dont act like a chicken, you are the house minority leader so act like a politician. Try that.

  12. HAHAHA. Ibrahim mavota shareef talking about switching parties! Such a hypocrite..! fine example of a first class idiot!

  13. My my my.....
    Poor Mahloof. I wonder what your education level is?

    You can never come closer to the status where Alhan is in currently. He is the most bravest of all Parlementarians in the Maldives.

    If you are calling him a political prostitue, then tell me what you would be calling to Mulla Umar Naseer (left IDP and joined your DRP), Mavoataa Shareef (left MDP and joined DRP), Imad Solih (left DRP, joined MDP, then left MDP and joined QP).

    Would you call them Siyasee D Rundin P

    Tell me please

  14. I echo the words of Suvadib, Alhan be a politician, go for a bi-election and show that your constituents dont care which party you belong to, all it cares is about you.


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