DRP requests EC to remove Umar Naseer from party membership list

The main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has requested that the Elections Commission remove the name of Umar Naseer, its former Deputy Leader, from the party’s membership list.

The calls follow an escalating war of words between Naseer and the party’s current leader, Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, over the former deputy’s dismissal from the DRP late last year that more recently led to violent clashes at a meeting held at DRP headquarters.

Acknowledging the DRP’s request, Elections Commissioner Fuad Thaufeeq said that Naseer has also sent a letter to the commission in an attempt to counter the calls to remove him.

“The commission is now considering the matter and will go for a conclusion today or sometime tomorrow,” said Thaufeeq.  “Most of the time, these matters end up in the party’s favour.”

However, as the case has not yet reached a conclusion, Thaufeeq said the commission could not say anything on the case.

Umar Naseer was dismissed from his post by the party’s disciplinary committee back in December after he attempted to conduct a protest that was allegedly unauthorized by DRP leadership.

Naseer said in September that Thasmeen did not want him in the DRP. The former deputy leader alleged that Thasmeen was therefore attempting to dismiss him after the DRP council voted narrowly to move ahead with a disciplinary hearing.

Tensions have risen within the party between supporters loyal to both Thasmeen and Naseer, leading to some MPs including the dismissed deputy to fly out to Malaysia to meet with former president and DRP “honorary leader” Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Gayoom returned to the Maldives last week in order to try and reinstate unity in the DRP along with assisting its local council elections campaign.

Gayoom described the disputes in the DRP as ‘disputes’ rather than the formation of faction.

So far, Naseer has not accepted the decision of the disciplinary committee, claiming that the decision was against the party’s charter.


10 thoughts on “DRP requests EC to remove Umar Naseer from party membership list”

  1. You guys and Mavota says " Honourary Leader" as if you are mocking him.. Lol and I like to think that way

  2. it is pathetic u guys even bring him on the news! he is no one! just a puppet of gayyoom and yaameen

  3. Maumoon's real title is Lobuvethi Zaeem. Meaning "Dear Leader". The same title used by Kim-Jong-Il in North Korea. Hahaha.

    Maumoon seems to have lost his perpetual smile. No money for botox injections from Singapore?

  4. Jazz.. u r right. Who, in their right mind, call Moyamoon "honorary leader" and not laugh? I can't stop laughing! Moyamoon lost to Chasmeen! Moyamoon had Umar (Moyamoon's Ace of Spade?)as his last card to play and it didn't work!
    Chasmeen is saying to Moyamoon that the meeting organized by Moyamoon, in the name of DRP, has nothing to do with DRP. Now, honorary Moyamoon will, for the first time, feel he is the real Moyamoon. Plus, recent polls from DhiTV indicated that majority wants Chasmeen to lead DRP. A whooping 100,000+ more SMS votes in favour of Chasmeen. That made Moyamoon feel he is sooo small.
    Way to go Chasmeen. You could also win beauty contests!

  5. Umar should be thrown out. Its people like him that gives bad name to politics and politicians. My advice to him - Join Adhaalath.

    Dear Mr.Gayoom,


    pl go back to Singapore.

    Thanking you in anticipation,


  6. Well said Ablho.
    Poor Mulla is like a cat which chased two mouse and could not catch a single one. History repeated again and it is advised to take such cases for the development of our morality. Some considered Mulla as the worm which destroyed DRP fabric. While he was in the army he break Maldivians back and now he is breaking the backbone of DRP.

  7. thanks for your comments..Adam Manik is the present president of Male Municipality and he is competing with those poor candidates who are not enjoying the same state facilities for their campaign as Adam Manik does..Do... you seriously believe he is competing in a free and fair election?Are we not talking about modern democracy?Are we not talking about free and fair elections?Are we not talking of social justice? Or have all these just turned into elusive dreams? Were those sweet words used to brain wash the public? Do you think you can brain wash the public again? do you think they are all fools? Think about it my friend..

  8. @Dhunmaari, you are not the only one concerned about these little "undemocratic" looking aspects of present government. But, given the opposition wants Moyamoon's Monarchy and people who are corrupt to their bones to be back in power, I will vote for MDP anyday!
    I am not a member of any political party. But the point I am trying to make is, those things can be improved, yet you must always focus on overall performance!
    If you want to pick on every bad aspect of a "child" (Democracy in Maldives is younger than my 2 year 4 months old), you will never say that the child is good!
    Compare like with like...and always choose lesser of the two evils...if both are evil!
    I will choose the person who faught for all of us to be so freely discussing democracy and human rights without fear!

    With my previous comment, under Moyamoon, I would be spending few months or years in solitary confinement! I might not be here to comment again! A friend of mine was arrested for "reading" Sandhaanu online!

    Rome was not built in a single day! Be patient, we will, Insha-Allah, get their and be a free country sooner than later! But I do not think we need to move in the wrong direction and once again give power to the designers of our 30 year old dictatorship!


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